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  1. No sorry me neither I have done either 2 or 4 weeks starting and ending in Bridgetown. Hopefully someone else will pop along to answer re St Lucia. Obviously no Caribbean transatlantic for me this year. I haven't booked for 2021 yet just seeing how it goes but I do usually do the sail back if I can every year on Azura or Britannia. You will, I suspect, like it its a great winter break
  2. it is very good. You can use the ship until fairly late in the day, dependent on the time of your flight. They have screens around the ship that keeps you informed about the flight. Some go into Barbados on that day others relax on the ship. I do salon appointments to get me tidy for going home and fill my time. Then a last lunch in the Glass House. The hand luggage can be left in a secure place if you don't want it with you until you leave the ship. There is also an alternative to take a scenic trip that then drops you off at the airport. From the ship the bus takes you to the airport your ba
  3. Have been reading but not posting. Today I received a refund for my aft suite booking on the Azura transatlantic. I have already been credited for my flight (booked separately I choose to fly BA because of credits) but not my select dining which as I eat in Epicurean every night is a large amount. Hopefully that will come soon. I make my own arrangements off ship and they have been refunded many weeks since.
  4. The most vulnerable people have already "self isolated" without any government advice, decisions on their part or any choice. They are the elderly (or not) who have issues health or otherwise that keep them isolated, have no family or friends or the means or desire to get out and about. They I admit will be most unlikely to be considering a cruise but who has been tasked with caring for them?
  5. Anyone booked one? What are the perks? Do you get breakfast in Epicurean like the main suites? All full suites are showing as sold out for the November 2020 cruise I'm looking out so wondered these include.
  6. For sure but I hate it. How many more hate it? How long can a cost centre validate being there? I for one have expressed my dislike to Crystal in polite but uncertain terms. I am by no means a major Crystal customer with only 10 cruses 112 days on board to my name. So very unsure how many more feel the same. As yet I am very open with where I spend my dollar.I weigh up a lot of things overt photography is a minor issue. I doubt Crystal will concern itself with me.
  7. I hate it. On mainstream lines I tried to avoid it here I never thought it would be part of a "luxury" experience you live and learn. Done 10 Crystal cruises in 3 years and love the product but this is one aspect I hate.
  8. I have now moved to Norfolk and have just about solved transfers to fly out to the Caribbean, taxi door to airport, which seem fine. My problem is that return I usually do both trans atlantics. I previously have used Eavesway but I suspect Cruise Connect may be the same. As yet I have never had a coach transfer that was not delayed up to and beyond an hour by passengers not meeting the bus departure times. It is not the end of the world and I and most passengers want to get home asap. Is there anyway round this that others have found? There are no direct rail links to Norfolk so my leave on de
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