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  1. I have now moved to Norfolk and have just about solved transfers to fly out to the Caribbean, taxi door to airport, which seem fine. My problem is that return I usually do both trans atlantics. I previously have used Eavesway but I suspect Cruise Connect may be the same. As yet I have never had a coach transfer that was not delayed up to and beyond an hour by passengers not meeting the bus departure times. It is not the end of the world and I and most passengers want to get home asap. Is there anyway round this that others have found? There are no direct rail links to Norfolk so my leave on de
  2. Great blog hope there will be more to come in the future.
  3. It is impossible to predict just based on my experience. For the last 10 years I have done a single booking of a balcony cabin 3 times per season primarily on Azura but latterly 3 times on Britannia. I have done 3 sail backs and 2 sail outs but mostly I have done the last 2 week cruise where you return in time for Xmas then 4 weeks ending in the sail back to Southampton. I did one Xmas cruise where I flew back on Boxing day that did not work for me. My best price was when P&O sold per cabin not per person which was in late Nov/Dec. 2 weeks was £999 and I booked a month on board Azura retu
  4. Another vote for BHX. Gatwick itself is a nightmare so very busy. I booked the lounge at extra cost and both times no seats available at 6.30am and almost nowhere to sit in the waiting area. Birmingham is much more civilised and if you use it the extra pay lounge is lovely and always room. Flight is usually 9.30am so you will need to check in from 6.30 to 7 so unless you like to drive you may need a hotel. There are a few available very close. I have used the one on the airport itself and did a stay and park booking.
  5. On my last 2 cruises it rotated every 4 days too.
  6. I love P&O. I am a retired NHS professional, I have purchased the drinks package from its introduction and have posted how fed up I am that people think it is just a reason to over imbibe and become abusive. I have never seen a fight on P&O maybe has been one but never seen. 2am in the buffet is not my gig and I suspect few others. I agree with a way back poster in the 21st century if others were there why were there not pictures to support. Every man and his dog seem to snap away at everything and post on line. Just a thought. Will it put me off P&O? No way
  7. Ventura in late September not sure how many days.
  8. 30% discount on my last 2 cruises for the first 3 nights. Also a free bottle of wine for 2 if booking before 7pm for the first nights which seemed to become a lot of nights as Epicurean was never overbooked or even 1/4 full on that cruise. Just as an aside I always eat in Epicurean and pay before I go via cruise personaliser. The Maitre D cancelled my pre cruise booking and refunded my card and then charged me on my cruise card at 30% off to ensure I benefited from the offer. He also made sure I had some free wine on other nights when that offer was on - I had bought the drinks p
  9. Really and how did the response do that?
  10. OK and yes you have but did that make your initial comments right? Taking all that as you state - just how would anyone know your post "was in jest?" Did you say so? Did you use any form of emoji? No you did not and instead I have challenged those remarks or in your description "2 words". Further I went on to say I valued your input to the forum but no that was not recognised - instead incoming folks defending you based on you giving great advice etc etc - did I say you didn't? Instead now you sum up my response as "extreme and unwarranted" . Yes fine. All I will say in conclusion
  11. Selbourne - I am not not sure how one would determine this as a tongue in cheek comment. It was equally very telling that after my response others posted in your defence that you post helpful comments that were much respected and useful. I never questioned that, I have a great deal of respect for your input to the forum. I also had a response that pointed out the WHO guidance on caffeine intake and questioned my comment re buying 4-6 coffees on the package given my statement that I am a retired healthcare professional. It really is no good at all trying to engage on this board. As I responded
  12. Fully aware and they are decaff coffee
  13. Sorry but this reply has just made me see red. How many more times do we have to read this sort of defamatory comment. The drinks package is not and I repeat not just economic for borderline alcoholics and I really resent this sort of post, especially as a retired health care professional who has bought it and found it cost saving. I drink and pay for at least 5-6 large costa coffees a day so lets start the package there. Mocktails, juices, smoothies and soft drinks through the day.. and oh yes wine and spirits but borderline alcoholic ????????????? please!!!!!!!!!!!!. Alcoholism is a very pe
  14. 99% of the time it will. The only time it ever differed in 42 flights from Barbados on a P&O cruise was when I flew home from the Caribbean on Boxing Day. Then it was BA. Suffice to say it was an experience I never wanted to repeat.
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