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  1. I was worried about the carpet changes and had a cabin actually on the aft. I didn't experience much disruption other than when they refitted my deck when it became very confusing and difficult to get where I needed to be, missing my breakfast in Epicurean as it took me a while to figure out how to get there when I wasn't fully compos mentis. After reading a previous post  from someone who has fitted carpets on a cruise ship I had taken heart that it would not be too bad with adhesive smells. However in reality there was a very strong smell that did on 2 days trigger an aching head but thankfully not a full blown migraine. BUT as an individual I am super sensitive to smells.


    The whole cruise was just OK but the carpet fitting didn't make it worse. Ventura as a ship and the staff I met were fine. It was just I swapped from my usual Caribbean sunshine boost to this cruise for family reasons and ended up with a very grey cruise and not much sunshine. Lesson learned.  

  2. 4 weeks to go, a cruise on a ship i didn't expect to be sailing on i.e. Ventura. Its a maths cruise as they have taken away the on screen TV account and nope not going to get my account printed every day or few days as I can add up, there is no promised drinks package now and my toilet suction sounds at risk.


    Well onward into the breech. I love a problem, I am alerted to the need for brushing up my negotiation skills and loving the challenge, bring it on Ventura it will spice up my life/cruise no end.  Honestly I can't wait just to be cruising and now there is the potential for my sort of on board resembles real life activity even better. Never complained in my life but raised issues yes and then some. I do hope the OP will return to P&O, they did have a hard shot but seem to have been very understanding. 

  3. I am on a Ventura cruise departing 9/12/2018. Nothing strange about that. I originally was going as I usually do pre Xmas to the Caribbean but family problems meant I needed to be close to home so changed. All fine so far. Booked my usual aft balcony for single occupancy. Booked my select dining for every night always do. Nothing really very different other than I have posted a bit on the drinks package thread other than that not sure anyone anywhere would have known much less cared what I was doing.


    Today I have had a slew of emails citing problems with my luxury car transport (*****), my pre cruise stay (nope not happening), my post cruise stay (nope) and oh yes you have won multiple things on board. Also click here we have problems cancelling your Azura cruise (been cancelled weeks ago). Need to note that I am an experienced cruiser and very very internet aware if not always the most tech savvy. I know this is some sort of scam they all ask for confirmation of banking details etc. I would I think never get sucked into this but for it to continue in this relentless way people must. What do others think? I am very much aware that my sister would be easily scammed by this sort of email. She would not want to bother me or even think she needed to if the email purported to come from P&O it would for her be gospel and need getting to immediately. 

  4. On 11/1/2018 at 1:32 PM, Selbourne said:

    I have managed to get £300 OBC (£50 per passenger for each of our 3 bookings) which, on the face of it, sounds quite good BUT 5% of the cost of those 3 bookings would have been £700. It does seem deeply unfair that you get the same £50 regardless of length or cost of cruise. I did state this to the person who called, but they are clearly working off a script and sticking to a party line. I can't be bothered to take it any further, but it does leave a nasty taste in the mouth and makes me feel a little less loyal to P&O than I have been in the past.


    I agree. For my 3 cruises I am £475 down after the £50 OBC per cruise. I am sucking it up and going with these bookings but on considering everything at present I feel I am not likely to book again. P&O's offering suited me well over the last 10 years (37 cruises) but it has been a constant feeling of the experience being eroded, the offering being much more expensive and considerably reduced and more becomes an extra charge. I don't mind an extra charge at all and have paid a great deal over base price in add ons to get the experience i prefer. BUT directed by a friend I looked at Crystal, a so called luxury cruise line, and my final price per day balcony stateroom cruise with P&O can to my amazement buy me a matching AI cruise with Crystal.  I'm going to give it a go for late 2020 once my final booked cruise on Iona has happened. 

  5. I agree. My first flight I did every check I could with the airline and P&O. My main concern was that I own an on line business that as they say never sleeps so I needed to have various tech bits with me. Don't please comment on that I have heard it all before it is what it is or rather was, I needed to do it, it wasn't too onerous, I just needed the kit and that kit needed too be with me to ensure I could work. On 18 P&O Caribbean flights it has only happened to me once that my carry on has been checked, luckily this once it was fine I had retired, all 17 others it would not have been as I was working and would have had so much more tech stuff. No matter other than to reiterate my original message to the OP i.e. 9 times out of 10 they may not check, the other 1 they will and it will cost you if you disregard the airline terms. Be prepared for that and be willing to pay then you will be OK or recognise the stated terms and go with them. Routinely you may well be then very upset to see you complied but so many others didn't and got away with it. Thats the gamble.


  6. I have routinely taken a carry on in standard size plus a handbag and had no problem. However last year flying from Birmingham I just had one large handbag as I was not going to have to do any work from the ship so didn't need the carry on suitcase. Good job as it turned out they were being really strict and folks were having to reduce to one hold bag often by repacking or checking it in as hold luggage. Never happened before but something I will keep in mind for next year.

  7. How long will the injection be delayed for by the cruise? If its just a few days then ask your GP re having slightly later or earlier. Patients do not always hit the exact time span for example if it falls at a week end or bank holiday. It is time sensitive but not to the exact day. Its not like a normal injection but and insertion of an implant however its an easy procedure so although it will be chargeable they should be able to do it for you. 

  8. Book on board but if your lady or you want a specific time on a gala night you will need to book asap. I use the spa a lot. Its a key part of my holiday. On gala formal nights it is well used and unless you are happy to go anytime then you will need to book. For example I do not want my hair do etc at 9.00am. So I do book these days before I board. Other visits I wait for offers or am happy to go as and when.

  9. Well that only applies if you like Marella cruises, when you prefer P&O they charter the plane they call the shots. It is what it is and after paying a single supplement, £299 for premium, then £100 to fly from Birmingham and on top of that £30 each way to book a seat its a darn good job I do like P&O.

  10. As with all drugs it is not the user with whom I find fault but the supplier. This "deal" encourages over consumption with all its possible negative results by virtue of the price. For one to "get their moneys worth" moderation becomes secondary. True, how many passengers purchase the plan and how many suffer negative results is none of my business. But the consequential negative effects that we the passengers are subjected to as a result of over consumption is our business and that is why we voice our displeasure of the plan to the cruise company.


    Please re read my previous post for you are just doing exactly what I said there yet again focusing on uptake being a decision to increase consumption of alcohol. Getting my moneys worth will not be based on making sure I drink 15 alcoholic drinks rather it will cover what i usually buy when on board and by that I mean a good number of costa coffees, a lot of soda and yes wine at lunch, dinner and maybe a mocktail or cocktail or two. I am sure I am not alone in this we will buy the package based on it being worthwhile against what we pay on board now or as some have said knowing what you will spend on board.


    Will some over indulge? Yes they may, believe me as a 4-5 times a year cruiser on P&O I have seen it in individuals/groups on every cruise but it is in no way endemic. Will the package encourage others to aspire to those levels of alcohol to get their monies worth? Maybe a minority but they will not be from the demographic that posts on here, the majority of those posters are very unhappy about the cost and definitely would not buy it.


    P&O is very late to the party as a "drug supplier" as you see it. Many other lines charge much more for packages and have no alcohol limits or others include it in the fare. If it was a horror for shipboard life I am sure whatever additional revenue it produced those cruise lines would have stopped it.

  11. I think some of the arguments being put forward by proponents of this new drink package seem to support the notion that too much drink addles the brain.;p:cool:



    As a firm supporter of the drinks package for reasons clearly stated previously, none of which are massively alcohol related, may I ask you to expand on that statement? Because it definitely appears that you are accusing me and other potential purchasers of having a brain addled by drink. It only underlines what I have also written previously on this thread i.e. that many 'opponents' to the package are fixated on the alcohol element.


    Should we supporters "good naturedly" see your comment as written in jest just because it has one of those daft emojis alongside it? For me no I find your comment tiresome and offensive. My own brain is just fine and has stood me in good stead over the years. As has been endlessly said if the package is not for you for whatever reason then do not buy it but do not start accusing people who do of being alcohol dependent or having diminished sensibility.

  12. Paying to choose a seat is still optional, P&O will book you in and allocate if you don't want to pay. Perhaps thats why they don't mention the supplement as it is optional. They make the surcharge very plain in respect of regional airport departure charges as there is no choice if you fly from those you will be charged for it. £299 is a lot to pay for premium but I like it for the small package of extras, I do pay for a seat as I need to be on the aisle, if I didn't I wouldn't.


    However P&O flights to the Caribbean get a major tick from me for the way they are bonded flights and you just check in, fly, arrive, get on a bus and travel to the ship where your luggage magically reappears and repeats in reverse when you depart. I would pay much more then £30 for that service to be offered on a scheduled flight. Many horrendous memories of using BA scheduled from the Caribbean post cruise as Thompson did not fly over Xmas, never again.

  13. Gosh things are getting curiouser and curiouser!



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    Too true. I hope they get themselves sorted out soon, although in all fairness the trial only ended 4 days ago so you can allow a little leaway for reflection and decision making time. BUT it is time P&O got one unified message out about it. At this point I feel that it should be "we are considering and an announcement will be made on............".


    My feeling is a package is coming and various staff have confirmed it to some who enquired but that, as yet, it is not decided on the form it will take. My feelings are they had enough of an uptake during the trial to see it as viable but there have been issues or feedback which make them think that they can capitalise better on the package by making changes to the trial e.g. ability to combine with a non-alcoholic package or maybe to keep offering the costa and soft drinks cards alongside.


    Whatever get to it P&O 9.12.2018 is fast approaching and I need to get my plans in order, that wine won't order itself if there isn't a drinks package.

  14. Who’d be bothered with all that wheeling and dealing on holiday?



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    Might they be the people who in a previous thread went to great lengths to discuss the various ways you could smuggle additional alcohol on board ship when the limits were introduced? Just a thought.

  15. I think on my forthcoming cruise in October I will have what I fancy whenever and pay as I go then see how much I have spent at the end of the week to see whether the package would have been worthwhile.


    YES YES YES that is the voice of reason right there right now

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