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  1. I reckon I could still do that and still not need the package!!


    Of course you could and from your posts will, perfectly understandable you know your routines, spend and intake. But for some the package will, when analysed, be of value to them and their spending habits. Without all this nonsense being constantly stated about 15 alcoholic drinks as if that is the whole package and so everyone who buys it will be prone to ensuring they have them to get value for their money and as a result be likely to be drunk and rowdy.


    As a quiet 64year old I can't wait to see if I suddenly morph into this stereotype just because I have bought a drinks package because for me it represents value for money.

  2. I have found on the Eavesway coach I use which comes from some distance up North (I join at the last stop Northampton) that unless there is a major hold up the coaches start to come in at 1pm even though it says 3pm on the information. The latest our route ever arrived was 1.45pm. Road hold ups of course make things change.


    The buffet is horrendous on embarkation so very busy. The Glasshouse will be serving and there should be something you will like there, although they do offer small burgers (sliders). There is a lot of choice on the 3 small plates menu where you mix and match from approx 9 choices for I think £6.95 now.

  3. I’m smiling because that’s exactly what people say about P&O!



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    Precisely and who knows what will happen when that dastardly drinks package gets rolled out to Arcadia and Aurora next week? How many will succumb? Because if they do then they had better watch their fellow passengers attitude. They will need to start getting to it early doors to get those 15 alcoholic drinks down them that is seen as the only reason for having the package. By late afternoon things may well start kicking up a notch or two as heads swim, tempers flare, let the fighting commence. Oh and best get funds in place just in case of emergency disembarkation


    Or will some give it considered thought, see more options all round, opportunities for trying a mocktail or cocktail, having an extra glass of wine and just try it, generally going about their usual holiday pattern.

  4. It is definitely a hiding to nowhere saying that you feel for you the drinks package will be a good thing. It doesn't matter how many times you outline the maths the majority of posts are all about alcohol and how that will be lowering the tone of P&O and everyone will be drunk trying to get good value for their package. So that must mean no-one, like me, will have an extra costa or 2, buy more water, not feel faint whenever the waiter brings me a large diet coke and I realise that I could have almost bought 2 litres for that at home. 15 alcoholic drinks a day - might do rarely but spend more than £39.50 on all that is included alcoholic and non-alcoholic yes in a heartbeat do it every cruise whether its a sea day or port day.


    Do I care they may stop passengers bringing drink on board at embarkation? why the heck would anyone? The room service spirits are cheap, fat lot of good 1 litre of wine will do to bring major savings for a week long cruise let alone longer. Will P&O raise drink prices to make the package attractive? Well if you follow the majority of posters logic why would they because the whole shipload of passengers will then be half cut all day making the most of their "alcoholics anonymous" drinks package and recreating that poor maligned resort of Benidorm. Fuel costs will soar as the Captain will be always diverting to disembark drunken Family X or Y


    If it isn't worth it for you don't buy it. If you feel it is make your purchase but please let those of us that do not to have to feel that we have to constantly be looking over our shoulder at disapproving fellow passengers who from previous posts it would appear are going to label us as, at best, as having a drink problem.

  5. I'm on the Ventura in December only my second time. Both times had to change from Azura due to family things. First time in the Caribbean in 2013 I liked it but it seemed "old" and not quite right. I always enjoy a cruise but am feeling a bit deflated before I go. Already its going to be a maths cruise keeping track of onboard spend as they have removed the ability to see it on the TV. Drinks package may help that. Metropolis screens out so just a quiet bar. Hmnn excitement level falling.

  6. I used to think that I was a moderate drinker but, having seen how much many posters drink, I've realised that I'm actually a light drinker. When cruising, I'll have a glass or two of wine with my dinner, and maybe if it's a sea day a cocktail during the afternoon, but that's about it. So purchasing a drinks package does not appeal.


    Its not just an alcoholic drinks package but I think that one should add in soft drinks and coffees before you make your decision as that would be the true price calculation. I seem to remember a large costa something or other costs £3.90ish, a diet coke £2.50ish etc etc. Personally I will buy 2-3 each of those a day so almost half the package accounted for before alcohol. Of course no-one has to buy anything on board at all its all individual choice.

  7. Last year our flight was at 5pm from Barbados and we left the ship at 1pm. It seemed like I had barely sat down in the airport lounge before the flight was called to board. P&O do this brilliantly. Plus you can spend money on the ship right up until you leave. It will be in addition to your final account amount that you see on your last night so don't be surprised by a second deduction on your card if you do buy something.

  8. I agree that choices are what makes any experience personal, my only concern is after seeing drink prices escalate dramatically on Celebrity after they implemented a similar drinks package, maybe the same could happen on P&O.

    In which case low volume drinkers will be the ones who lose out.


    I hear you but that is like anything in life someone somewhere will not be in the target audience for the so called "deal" or "package" and potentially looses out. On a cruise as a solo thats me in respect of the fare (yet my on board spend is more than a couple spends in 2 weeks from posts on here) and the offer for "Free child places" - no do not have children. So it goes on. It is unfortunate but it is reality. Hopefully low volume will mean that the increase will not be huge.

  9. I won't be taking them up on it. Although I like a drink or two while on holiday, I think it is too expensive!


    I do not think you will be alone. Everyone is different in many ways eg amount drunk when where. I travel solo but for me and my habits I will see it as worthwhile. Many seem to be focusing on alcoholic drinks, their cost and consumption but the package covers much more. I drink at least 3-4 Costa coffees a day, multiple soft drinks, wine at lunch/dinner, pre and post dinner drinks and a minimum of 2litres of bottled water. From my previous bills £39.95 a day will be a saving but more importantly it will be a known figure that I can budget for, even better if like speciality dining I could pay in advance or better still if offered as a "perk".


    As I say each to their own and its is for individuals/groups to decide what best suits them and their needs. BUT it is not a bad thing just because it doesn't match an individual or group needs it will certainly match others and no they will not all be closet alcoholics. Why not regard it as the similar to the cabin choice if money was everything then we would all travel in the smallest cheapest cabin. But some like light space position on the ship etc etc and will happily pay for that as it meets THEIR needs. You makes your choice and you pay your money. Job done.

  10. As I understand it they are beginning to roll it out, which implies it is a gradual process. Maybe they will let already purchased packages stand. Or, they will be doing it ship by ship, and not reached your ship by the time of your cruise.


    I am on Ventura in December and usually buy wine in advance (not the wine packages just the order what you want from the pre-order list, pay in advance and it gets delivered wherever you want it.) I wanted to know if I could still do that for this cruise or if the drinks package would have been finalised and on the ship by then and could it cancel this out? I was told yes the package would definitely be fleet wide by then but they didn't know if this would affect pre-order wines. Not sure customer service is ever 100% gospel for information but just going to wait and see as wine can be pre-ordered up to about 7 days before sailing I think so plenty of time yet but I will have the package if it is available.

  11. £28 on top of what you have already paid in the cruise fare is a lot of money.


    Yes it is but it suits me just fine so not a problem whereas apparently appearing to be standoffish and aloof because I just cannot hear what people say in the MDR is not something I want to repeat

  12. I always use the Epicurean every night (too loud in busy places for me) and have seen it busy but never full. Their offers are usually round the eat early and have a free bottle of wine. I suspect they will be open to added individual incentives as the staff come round the ship usually each day to try to encourage you to book. I think its a good price at £28 so even better with free wine or at a discount, however as there is only one of me they don't apply so I book on the personaliser before I go and request a specific table - never been sure I will get it but usually do.


    Hope you enjoy it if you book oh and if you get a bad meal, it can happen anywhere, just send it back they always try hard to get you something you do like. The service and the menus are a bit pretentious but I cut through that by saying that I don't want the servers waffle that goes with some courses (heard it a zillion times), never have the amuse bouche now or the explanation that comes with that and cut my way through the menu by just requesting what I like with what. If they can they will do it but I know that as I am in there for at least 14 nights on a cruise they may make more effort but I have heard others make similar requests.


    The Glass House is different it is a chargeable venue and you pay by individual item(s) that you order just like on shore. They so special tasting menus in addition which are fixed price. I have not seen offers in here but I have lunch here not dinner.

  13. Although I have cruised the Fjords many times I love them. So fingers crossed after much thought and advice from CC on this board my TA got my go ahead to get a suite for solo travelling to a £££££ on IONA Not yet top tier but will be in December so no advantage this year. Just one of my friends has just been asked re making his contract as a manager on board and 2 of my friends kids are hoping to be head liners on board, they are currently headliners on a Cunard ship so sucking in my breath and jumping - when my husband died I thought for a while life had ended my brother roasted my backside and said get on with it. Know what I have and did. 2020 Iona new experience well out of my comfort zone but just holding my nose and jumping in to deep unexplored cruise waters. If I hate...I doubt it..... you live and learn..as my Dad always said stay at home stagnate.

  14. I can only answer in respect of The Epicurean. There is usually just the one veggie option as far as I can remember. Not sure if you eat fish but there are a couple of fish options. There are 2 separate menus that rotate every 3-4 days. My advice would be to go and speak to the manager once on board explain and ask if there are any other options. They are usually very good and should help.

  15. I’m bored of this as it’s just going around and around in circles, so this will be my last post. I repeat that I am fully aware that not all disabilities are visible. I also repeat that absolutely anyone has every right to use a lift whenever they see fit. But it is naive in the extreme to believe that every passenger who uses a lift in preference to a visibly disabled passenger has a hidden disability and this old chestnut gets thrown up time after time.


    A few weeks ago, we waited ages for a lift on Arcadia after muster. A group of 6 people, aged 30’s and 40’s, all got in a lift, even when a lot of disabled passengers were waiting - and had been for some time. Now it may be that all 6 had ‘hidden disablities’ but I’d bet a decent wedge of cash that they didn’t.


    The problem with a wheelchair is that it takes up a load of space with the footrests etc and, as John was trying to explain, you need the full length of the lift. Whilst I do sometimes let my wife travel on her own and I use the stairs to meet her, it’s sometimes not practical to do so when trying to reverse in or out of a packed lift safely. Again, those who don’t have to use wheelchairs will be oblivious to these issues. When I do travel in a lift with her, I squeeze into the space between the handle bars pressed up behind her, which a stranger wouldn’t do!


    Again, without doubting those with genuine hidden disabilities, the attitudes of some passengers are laid bare when it comes to assisted embarkation and disembarkation. It’s amazing how many passengers we see who march around the ship day after day and walk miles ashore in the ports, yet when there is some perceived advantage to be gained by assisted embarkation or disembarkation, they suddenly need a wheelchair and pusher.


    In conclusion, I genuinely hope that those with hidden disabilities don’t find that they progress to full blown visible disabilities, especially if that results in being in a wheelchair, as life becomes a constant challenge and sadly, as evidenced in a very small way on this thread, an occasional battle.



    Selbourne you may well not be posting more on this thread but may be reading. I usually respect all your posts but this time you are way off the mark with your last paragraph. Many with hidden disabilities will have their illness deteriorate rapidly but never progress to these being visible disabilities on a cruise ship. For example many with end stage cancer or heart defects which eventually may need wheelchairs, only 2 of "hidden disabilities", will never get insurance to travel as their condition worsens to that stage. True if they do you will have no problem recognising them they will be the ones trailing all the kit to help them breath such as O2 and that equipment will need to be in the lift.


    Indeed your remark implies that visible disabilities are more severe and thus most worthy of lift usage.Yes of course those who can should use the stairs, there are those who would not follow any request or rule known to man (P&O is full of them) but no-one can do more then hazard a guess even based on age who is able bodied and who is not. Being a wheelchair user is challenging (I know) but you cannot simply see our lot as the worst possible scenario. It may be in mobility and lift usage but a visible disability is just that it is not one that wins hands down in the lift stakes, there are many other non visible illnesses that will "trump" it for want of a better word in terms of severity or even threat to life span. There are so many struggles for those who are mobility impaired but in my view time spent on a cruise ship is one of the better environments. It may be frustrating but in time a lift will be available, on shore there may well not be a lift and despite all these years of disability acts etc many many spaces are closed to wheelchair users as they have poor accessibility.

  16. Interestingly, Ventura is our least favourite ship out of any we have sailed on to date.

    We did a 17 nighter last year and are still trying to work out; if it was the cabin we did not like (not at all keen); the fact that the weather was not good (despite it being August); the fact that we really disliked the Captain; or the endless sea days.


    There was just something that we couldn't put our finger on. Ironically, we have booked to go on Azura to the Fjords in April 2019, but we have avoided her sister ships on Princess for a special anniversary next year as we really did not enjoy her that much at all.


    Didn't gel with the crew either coming to think of it --- and we usually find that we have made some lovely 'friends' by the end of a cruise.


    Very strange


    I understand what you mean. In 2013 my 60th Birthday came up in December but in a mass of other business events so no holiday or cruise booked. Very close to sail day they suddenly offered a balcony cabin at £999 no single supplement. My TA took this offer up herself and drew me into it. Never been on Ventura before and not since. The cruise was fine but not Azura fine but she and I did have a great time. My overview was concisely Las Ramblas is in no way a Glass House It was uncomfortable but the staff made it OK. Costa Coffee has more space but did not hit the mark. The White Room where I ate every evening could not have cared less and for me it was not a shadow of I7 on Azura.


    So fast forward to this year 2018. I should be on Azura 4 weeks in the Caribbean Nov/Dec but my nephew and his partner have suddenly decided to get married. Azura cruise dates do not work. Did Britannia last year nope not sailing there again yet and a first time awful jet lag effect after 16 caribbean cruises plus wedding dates influence choice of 2 week cruise early December which works out to Ventura Canaries. Once again my TA is also on board.


    Am I worried... well no I always have a good time BUT yes in that last year on Britannia many small changes meant the costs were much higher, room service charges now applied and Glass House charges were so much higher than 2 years previously. I spend a lot extra on board but suddenly I am sucking in my breath at the costs. Balcony cabin for single occupancy, speciality dining most nights, do not like MDR so lunch costs also. It is probably me and i will get flamed down but hey ho previously I could make my choices with P&O and it was still very affordable. Now certainly not so much so. I never sought a premium experience just the ability to buy an experience suitable to me at an affordable price over and above P&O usual pricing. For me I see that as gone. I will not moan or worry P&O they have just adapted their offering so I no longer see it as meeting my needs, me and cruise budget will look elsewhere yes with a great deal of sadness. I enjoyed my time on P&O and am very sad to say goodbye but needs must.

  17. I have done 4 strictly cruises just because they were on the ship I wanted at the time I could sail not because of the dancing although I like it and the Strictly TV show. However I did feel it altered the cruise quite a lot. Costumes were dotted about to look at but that had minimal impact. What did have impact however was that on all of these it was apparent that a large number of cruisers were sailing because of the dancing. They were often on board to take part in the passenger competition and lots of conversations were about the dancing first, cruising etc second. There was a great deal of emphasis on the dancing in many ways and it took over the large venues for lessons and shows. If you go with that in mind and are OK with it then you will be fine but I certainly feels it does change the cruise a lot.

  18. Just won't work for me not because of price but the fact so much I like to drink is excluded and I cannot pay for it before I board. I save hard for my cruises and have been very happy recently to be able to pay for speciality dining and order and pay for wine before the cruise. I know many argue the money is better in my pocket than P&Os but my pockets have a nasty habit of developing holes and allowing money out on a whim. Paying in advance assures all my cruise treats are secure. This package just doesn't fit although the amount per day if allocated differently would have meant some significant savings for me. Never mind my liver is grateful

  19. I do not see any problem here if people just accept you get what you pay for. Select fare you get the dining you wanted. If there are places left then why should saver fares not be allocated to that dining option? However to book saver with the belief you will certainly be able to swap is naive, if there are spaces you will be able to, if not well it should not be a problem you got what you paid for. Instead just standing in the corridor to the MDR for a period of time I have seen some great tantrums when folks can not get the dining they prefer and they get very abusive towards the staff. No need no reason.

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