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  1. Dai is spot on, the week on Ventura will be when Scottish schools are on holiday and also many public schools too in the UK. There will be children on board and maybe more than you think. Lots of connections with Norway in Scotland due to the oil industry and on each of the 3 Fjord cruises I have taken I found many Scots on board who had either worked there, married a Norwegian co-worker or just felt drawn to see a similar terrain. On the other side of the coin, out of interest, some tour guides in the Fjords were originally from Scotland, now living in Norway. Britannia, being bigger, always seems to offer more chances for avoiding crowds but its likely to have more children on board as the main UK school holidays will have started and the early ones not yet finished.

  2. Another newbie here. What do you consider latecomers. Those who arrive at muster at the last minute or those deliberately go over the time told to meet. Sure I'm not alone in hating stuffy overcrowded rooms so would like to go as late as possible without inconveniencing others.


    While I understand what you are saying if you want a seat you will need to be there early or on time. However there are those who think any time they like to drop by is the time muster should be. Now that cruise cards are swiped staff wait for stragglers for a while which is darn annoying.

  3. But what are you supposed to do if sitting on a table all alone ? Sit and stare into space ?


    Precisely. I tend always to eat alone and for my first solo cruise sat staring aimlessly into space for nearly 2 hours. I felt awkward and unhappy. Since then I have my kindle and read unless eating or others speak to me. Rather that then sit there again for 2 hours feeling hateful.

  4. If you want extras for having a suite then try Cunard. We had an upgrade last year, had 2 bottles of bubbly on arrival, fruit bowl in the room refreshed daily, chocolate truffles with turn down, 2 separate sundecks with the most amazing sun loungera- you were basically lying on a normal mattress! Separate dining room with a different menu to the normal dining room and also a separate bar as well. It was more expensive but you did get something different compared to what everyone else could use.



    Thank you for the suggestion. I have travelled in Queen's Grill many times with my husband or brother but it was not my favourite cruise experience. P&O may be seen as downmarket from Cunard for many but I have made it work for me and I enjoy sailing with them, albeit sometimes my fellow travellers may be a challenge but thats life in general I just adapt as required to ensure the holiday I want.


    Primarily I want more space as I spend much time in my cabin and want to enjoy it. I add on any extra touches by buying them in. As a solo traveller I just wanted to check what the perks might be given I would be paying 200% of the cost which may help me justify it. I do not want to pay even more for the Grills experience which I did not enjoy. Having understood the P&O perks are minimal I then decided to reassess against a land based holiday I also take regularly. It compares very favourably price wise so I have booked the suite.

  5. Thanks all. I just thought I might add a bit of context to my decision making process. My other love is musical theatre well all theatre but West End. I go for up to a week and see up to 10 shows. I have just booked my latest in June this year. By the time I factor in hotel (nowhere near suite level but it is the Savoy on a mega deal), travel and all meals and transport plus other entertainment I have accrued over £4000 for just a week. Must add I don't do McDonalds but I'm not eating at Michelin starred places and arthritis forces taxis or Uber. My Azura suite with premium economy flights will be £6000 for 2 weeks I will likely spend £1000+ each week in speciality dining and bar bills. So very comparable to paying for my musical theatre weeks. All in all I'm able and happy to spend that amount so willing to give suite life a go. I will report back.

  6. Thank you for all that information. I am going for it, maybe just the once, but will see how it goes. So Azura in the Caribbean 2019 aft suite I hope, waiting for a call back, and not too far from Epicurean for breakfast and dinner. I like the sound of free room service and maybe in suite dining occasionally. Plus the Butler can entertain himself with fetching my Peller Ice from the Glasshouse. I have tried the mini suites but found most came with bath and over shower which is a no go for me it has to be a walk in shower. A bath and I would require lifting gear.

  7. As a solo traveller deciding to book a suite at 200% cost is a big deal. I'm almost there in my decision making but need a bit more input from experienced suite bookers. I have taken over 40 P&O cruises and now book just Azura, Ventura and if pushed Britannia. I make decisions to eat only in the speciality dining venues - the MDR is too noisy with hearing problems and I now rarely leave the ship - mix of been there done that but also arthritic joints. So I spend a lot of time in my usually balcony cabin. BUT I like more space and I like the idea of the, for some, dreaded butler as he may be a useful resource. Breakfast in Epicurean is not an attraction as I dine there most days I get invited for breakfast. So what else might I expect?

  8. I would have to disagree with Solent Richard, the aft mini suites on Oceana have few problems and have a huge deep balcony. Having stayed in a midships one for a long cruise I found the balcony very narrow especially when entertaining. The full suites are very limited in number Dai says 6 but the corner aft mini is well worth a look as an alternative. Got 3 cruises booked in one.

  9. Sorry but I have never seen "a lot" wearing a lounge suit on a formal night. Sure you see a few, the same as you see a few in football shirts, but "a lot", no.


    The point is that a suit and tie is acceptable within P&O's stated dress code unlike football shirts etc. Your tone of the message posted seems to indicate that these are similar dress styles when in fact they are worlds apart. On some cruises suit wearers will be a good percentage of travellers, in others they may not. Who knows what defines the split on any one cruise.


    I'm in a position where my employment or rather self employment requires me to have multiple full on ball gown type evening dresses so I'm ready at nil expense for formal nights. I would never see those ladies who wear sparkly tops and trousers or cocktail dresses rather than a very formal full length gown as unacceptable so why the heck then should men in suits be seen as lesser beings especially if their apparel is deemed acceptable in the same way as ladies apparel in the definition of the dress code.


    I love formal but its not Downton Abbey at sea and whatever way you argue it P&O seek customers from everywhere and some will not have readily available dinner suits or ballgowns but may well have or be able to justify buying and being able to make use of less formal wear such as suits or cocktail items

  10. Having done the 14 day Caribbean cruise twice a year most years experience shows that you can get a lot of clothes into one suitcase if you choose well. I managed 14 evening/smart casual and 7 day time outfits and all the usual stuff last December as an example. If you chose premium economy you will have 28kg plus 5kg allowance so 2 suitcases required plus hand luggage per person (23kg max for one suitcase) If you are not concerned with the premium benefits you can arrange to buy an additional luggage allowance by contacting the airline direct, a much cheaper option.

  11. I can not compare anything with the MDR or buffet as I never use them. Do not hear too well so choose a smaller environment. The Epicurean I like on all the ships it is on and the breakfast and dinners are great but need changing more regularly especially for those who cruise often. Afternoon tea was one major fail for me. It seemed rushed and not quite balanced.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the one I did a couple of years ago. There will be a display of costumes worn in the show. Dance lessons on sea days were with younger professional dancers who were still competing and who did some great demo dances in the evening. There will be the on board strictly competition for passengers (taken very seriously I thought) and some folks on the cruise just for that. There are talks and interviews with the professional couple(s) and judge from the show. Then the demos in the main theatre by the show professionals which are ticketed so everyone can attend. In addition there are sales of shoes etc. I found it enjoyable but could easily avoid it if I wanted to as I rarely go to the theatre which is the venue most affected by it.

  13. I noticed the decrease in measure for each glass and an increase in price for some old favourites but on Britannia in December there were more than 5 choices and some cheaper flights seemed to be available than when I was on Azura in 2016.

  14. Surcharge flight prices from Birmingham to the Caribbean had risen to £100 when I booked, double from my previous cruise flight but those booking a late saver had an offer of no surcharge. Didn't mind the cruise price drop, its what can happen if you book early, but flights - that seems to rub salt in the wound especially as Gatwick is no surcharge but when I flew from there the flight was longer so what is the surcharge for, I'm puzzled.

  15. I booked on board on 21st December 2017 for the £50 deposit for December 2018 and the girl there couldn't believe the Select Fare was lower. I waited expecting it to ping back but nope it took my deposit and its been confirmed at those prices by email since I returned home. Also its less than I paid this year by a few hundred too but although its the same grade cabin its Azura not Britannia in 2018 so that may explain it but I prefer Azura so win win.

  16. Birmingham outward bound 2 weeks ago was very rigid to 1 item hand luggage and 5kg max,likewise on hold weight limits. The line ground to a halt while folks got rearranging their stuff and putting extra bags inside others so they only had one bag and paid for additional weight or rearranged hold stuff. First time I had ever seen that. Add to that problems with their computers and scales and premium priority took me almost 1.5 hours to get through, just annoying as my darn bags had been triple checked at home and stuff left behind and still all that waiting - sometimes you can't win. Coming back folks had multiple heavy bags inside the plane and no-one at Barbados was worried.

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