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  1. I do not see P&O as discriminating in anyway against your daughter but you may well find on the ground you will resolve the breakfast question. All you will need to do is speak to the Maitre d at Epicurean, they have control of the restaurant and can and do invite people to breakfast service. I was invited as I dined there almost every day but do not travel in a suite, he just popped by my table on evening 2 and asked if I would like to join them in the mornings too. It will be their decision but they are not always at breakfast service so if you decide to do that then best introduce yourselves the first afternoon/evening by popping in and asking them.

  2. Epicurean is rarely completely full. Formal nights attract the most bookings and they will be usually on sea days. Offers tend to be for early dining times, although it does depend on how bookings are going for that cruise. For such a special occasion I would book now and use on board credit for a spa/salon appointment and/or a special wine to further enhance the occasion.

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