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  1. I got the beverage package last "black Friday" for $6.99 for my Mariner cruise next week.
  2. I was thinking that, I just wanted to see if anyone new for sure. I hate calling RC because it seems you get a different answer every time you call.🙄
  3. I'm sure I can count on CC'ers! I thought I read something recently that said children 12 and under, that can't be vaccinated, would be tested getting on the ship at no expense. I know there is a fee for unvaccinated people that are eligible to be vaccinated. I just talked to a guy at RC that told me my two grandsons, 3 and 5, don't have to be tested, BUT if they want to go to the kids club they have to have been tested before getting on the ship. Or they could be tested on the ship and have to pay for the test. Does any know? Thanks for any help!
  4. Good question! I have never sailed with Carnival. We have only sailed with RC and NCL. I have always said I would not sail with Carnival. I just thought it was the Walmart of cruise lines and heard bad reviews. Of course, this was many years ago. I decided I shouldn't think so negative about Carnival if I have never tried them. So, my husband and I decided to try Carnival and give them a chance. By doing some research, I had read so many positive things and they seem to have some great itineraries, different from the others. I booked a Bermuda cruise on the Pride out of Baltimore in August, which of course got canceled. I am going to try again with the Magic going to islands I like and out of Port of Canaveral. One of these days I will get to sail Carnival, and then I can eat my words!
  5. Thanks to all of you! I feel so much better. I am so excited about this cruise now. Now if it would just get here. Enjoy all your future cruises!!! Nanners
  6. Thanks everybody! You've made me feel much better. I did book for November 2022. Looking forward to it, thanks to y'all.
  7. Thanks for your opinions. I did read the CC reviews. I know not to take the negative reviews to heart, but I kind of like to double check.🙂
  8. Hey y'all! Can I get your thoughts/opinions on the Magic? I've read some reviews that aren't great. Other ships seem to be pretty positive. Also, I read one article that says the Magic is in dry dock until September. Does anyone know if that is accurate? I haven't sailed Carnival before, so I don't know what to expect. I keep trying to test Carnival out, but the cruises I book get canceled! Looking at the Magic for next year. I should be safe then, fingers crossed! Thanks for any help!
  9. Thanks, y'all. That's kind of what I was thinking. I am so tired of my cruises getting canceled.
  10. I am somewhat confused. According to an email someone posted on here, it listed ships that were getting ready to sail. I am looking at a Horizon cruise in October. The email said something about the Horizon sailing July and August. Will they keep sailing after that? The impression I got was it would sail those two months and then they would see after that. Do you think once they start, they keep going? I hope I haven't confused you too. Thanks any your thoughts and help.
  11. Cruise canceled! Thanks for all the answers, a big help. Now if I can find another Panama Canal cruise, I will apply this information to that one. Thanks again everybody. Nanners
  12. Thanks for your answers. They have all been very helpful. Hopefully, I will be able to experience this. Fingers crossed our cruise doesn't get canceled.
  13. Will the ship have the narrator on going into the locks at 5:30? Or going back out? Thanks.
  14. Thanks so much for the footrest idea! Shaving legs in those tiny showers is hard, that will make it so much easier. I can't thank you enough for that brilliant idea.
  15. Unfortunately I'm in an inside cabin. Great idea, though.
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