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  1. JYD Hawkeye

    Galveston Texas

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. No one has anything to complain about as far as RCCL goes. The ones who left did so of their own free will with the information they bad at the time. Situation changed and they were given a window of time to change their minds. They still got a refund + some. I cruise out this coming Sunday. I almost bought passage on this cruise this week to do a back to back. Still wish I would have. They knew when they left they were, A. getting a refund B. had the opportunity to stay on the ship and enjoy the amenities for free C. obviously still had the time available because they would have otherwise been on the ship anyways. No one is wrong for the decision that they made, they just gambled wrong.
  2. JYD Hawkeye

    No Limes on the ALLURE!!

    Guess I'll be stopping by the supermarket for a couple limes before I board on Sunday !! Last year Mariner didn't have lemons on it for drinks or tea.
  3. JYD Hawkeye

    bar hop / party bus to the eastern side

    I will be doing the Bar Hop next week. Tom has been great and quick to return emails or just to send an email to say hello and he is looking forward to meeting me. There are a couple videos on Youtube to look at. I will be writing a review when I get back. Also, the more people you have in a group together, the cheaper it is.
  4. JYD Hawkeye

    3/23 Navigator Cruise Cancelled

    Navigator did get a Flowrider during it's recent refurb !!
  5. JYD Hawkeye


    I sail next Sunday, hopefully. Haven't heard if it may possibly get cancelled also. I was about this far from booking the cruise this week when the price dropped over the weekend. Wanted to do a B2B. Glad I didn't now.
  6. Nos at pier now and Magic on it's way in.
  7. JYD Hawkeye

    55+, military, and EMS discounts Question

    Actually, I did not get any 55+ or resident discount when I booked because it wasn't offered then. When they finally offered it, I called TA and asked for them to check and see if could could get a discount applied to the fare that I booked at, because the current fare in total is more than when I paid for cruise. TA said they could not get me the discount unless I cancelled and rebooked at current rate. No deal there.
  8. We also cruise on NOS next week. Extending our vacation and going down on Wed. to stay in timeshare on the island a few days.
  9. JYD Hawkeye

    Galveston - getting there

    Don't really think they will be driving in from UK !!
  10. JYD Hawkeye

    Johnny Rockets now $5.95?

    About $4 from what I was told.
  11. JYD Hawkeye

    Handicapped junior suite

    x2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. JYD Hawkeye

    Handicapped junior suite

    The one bad thing about them releasing the accessible JS for anyone is that it takes away the only chance someone in a AX Balcony has for an upgrade.
  13. JYD Hawkeye

    Johnny Rockets now $5.95?

    I do hope you dont have to pay the cover charge to just walk in and buy a shake ??!!
  14. JYD Hawkeye

    Johnny Rockets now $5.95?

    It's six bucks for all you can eat !!:eek::eek: How much do you pay when you go to Furrs or Golden Corral ? Twice as much.
  15. JYD Hawkeye

    ATM Fees and maximum withdrawals

    I think the ATM fees on the ship is $6.00 plus what your' bank charges. You can also take a check to the casino once for $200 or $250. I would stop on the way to the pier and use your' banks ATM if there is one avail. or take the cash with you and just not carry it all around with you in NOLA. I use a belt, like a regular pants belt, that has a zipper on the inside to put cash in.