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  1. I have no experience with Oasis but I have been on the Getaway twice with a 10 year old who hates the kid clubs. The Getaway has been his favorite ship of all (including Disney). The family pool on the Getaway is not bad at all, ironically it's the adult pool that is noisy. The family pool was fairly quiet. The slides are fun. The upper deck with the ropes course, mini golf, spider climb, trampoline, and basketball are all super fun. The arcade has a mini bowling and pool, darts and games (that area for an extra fee). The shows were good though did not impress him much. The magic show dinner was amazing and great for kids. There is a ton of food options which he loved. The Getaway is a gorgeous ship with plenty to do for kids who hate the kids club. The staff are wonderful (especially Isaac the rooster guy). I imagine the Oasis is just as good though so I'd say pick whatever suits you best or is cheaper.
  2. DCL and NCL have free Bonine at the medical station on a jar for grabs. I'm assuming RCCL would as well. Anyone know?
  3. I want to go on Harmoney SO BAD! No matter how I look it up its just crazy expensive and out of my range. I hope you enjoy, I'm jealous!
  4. I would love if this were available from day 1
  5. TY! I love discovering neat little areas on the ship like this.
  6. Cruise ships have been pretty amazing for us. My kid has far fancier taste than I do. :D When we went on our first cruise, he wanted to order something fancy off of the adult menu in the MDR. I was like, SURE, we can always stop by the buffet after if you don't like it. He's never looked back since and won't be caught dead eating kid meals. I think cruise ships are a great way for them to try new things. If he could actually do the chef table I think I'd pay just so he could experience. He's so quiet and calm and never disturbs anyone.
  7. That's not the same as 150 right? I'm thinking of taking him there. He would LOVE to do a chef's table but I don't think I have seen any of them allow kids.
  8. I vary. I prefer to book directly through the cruise. However, sometimes it's cheaper with travel agents and diff OBCs. My last cruise with NCL I got the cruise about 40% cheaper through a TA! My upcoming RCCL in March was a couple hundred cheaper. But also, which I found interesting...I'm on the Oasis and wanted a Boardwalk balcony. On RCCL, all they offered was a couple rooms far away near towards the front or one balcony near the aft that was several hundred higher. I checked with the TA just to see what they had. She got me one right next to that room and it was a couple hundred cheaper than RCCL offered, plus she had an OBC so I went with that. If the deal isn't better with TAs then I go through the main site. I don't know if all TAs are the same, but I just have two online ones that I use. I can still make my reservations to shows and restaurants myself. Any changes to the actual cruise, they have to do.
  9. Is there an age restriction on any of the restaurants? My 11 year old is a foodie and loves anything upscale and fancy. I was thinking about 150 for him.
  10. Every ship I have been on, the upscale Italian restaurants have not been great. What's good about Giovanni's? You have me curious to try it now. I will be going for the first time in March
  11. I usually being a power strip extension cord so I can have my device in bed. So far lucky enough not to confiscate. I tend to bring a pharmacy with me. Last time I needed Benadryl and had to buy in ship and it was double cost. I don't do the over the door thing either but it's just me and my kid. I bring markets to highlight activities. I try to know the ship before I get on so I know what things I want to do. My kid likes to play board games so I try and find the library. Other than medicine I don't go too crazy on the packing either.
  12. I will have to check that out. Tulim looks interesting and obviously very popular. I keep thinking it would be too hot. We are gonna stick with Xplor I think and maybe try Tulim next time. Xplor, Xcaret, and Xel Ha all look amazing. I picked Xplor because it looks for adventurous and I have a 10 year old who I think would love it. I almost want to do the Secret River again 😘
  13. Well, I was desperate to try the Secret River excursion. I didn't do it my first trip because the reviews scared me for the ferry. It was rough but we didn't feel ill at all. Kind of enjoyed it actually. Although I did prep with a Dramamine. When we arrived I immediately noticed how pretty the water and that resort area was. The Secret River excursion was amazing and I highly recommend. This time I'm going to try Xplor park which looks neat. The first time at Cozumel we did Nachi Cocum. I found it just okay. Question, Tulum has a beach?? I've put that off thinking it would be too hot.
  14. I doing DRF to be a little strenuous. You do need to be able to go up stairs so if you have bad knees it can be harder. I did fine but some of the steps are steeper. People always help though so it wasn't really an issue. The photo posted above really shows you. If you can handle stairs then I would suggest doing it. It was really neat and beautiful.
  15. The ferry is indeed rough but we weren't bothered by it. The kids thought it was fun. But we did take pills as a precaution lol. I prefer that side to Cozumel any day.
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