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  1. I am trying to figure out how the interruption insurance pays out and I can never get a human being at AON that can answer my questions. Has anyone here had an interrupted cruise and what was the formula they used to refund you? Thanks
  2. UPDATE: I was reimbursed by my Aetna policy for the money I paid up front in Jamaica, which helped greatly. I am still awaiting Royal Caribbean to send me documents (waiting for 1 month now) so that I can get everything to AON to finish up with them. We are going on 3 months post cruise. I knew this was going to end up dragging into the summer, even before the COVID issues.
  3. Thanks, feeling a bit stronger every day. I now feel obliged to tell everyone to get it! Check with your health insurance, your visa cards, and make sure you are covered. I count my blessings now that I am home weeding through all of this, hoping that the bulk of it gets paid in the end.
  4. I didn't have to pay in Florida, but Jamaica was an entirely different beast.
  5. We called home and had relatives send us the money. Now that we have paid the Jamaica hospital, they sent my detailed bill and I can now send to the insurances that we have to hopefully be reimbursed. I can tell you it was very scary. Opened our eyes for sure.
  6. The Jamaica hospital insisted on the money up front. I am actually calling the insurance company tomorrow to figure out how to get reimbursed. We also paid for the jet transfer up front. I think it just depends.
  7. We are back from the Oasis of the Seas cruise that started on Jan 26th. Yes, you read that right, Jan 26th. While on the cruise, day 2, I came down with the Flu that was diagnosed in the ship's doctor's office. I received tamiflu and instructions to stay in my cabin. The following day I was not feeling better so I went back to the doctor hoping for an inhaler. What occurred next is your worst nightmare. The doctor on the ship freaked out a bit and decided I needed a CT scan to rule out a blood clot, which by the way I did not ever have. So in Jamaica at 4:00 I left the ship thinking we would be back for 6:30. Well that never happened! We ended up at the Jamaica private hospital where they proceeded to tell us that we needed cash otherwise, they would transfer us to the public hospital. By the time this was all straightened out money wise (no they did not take the cruise insurance or our Aetna) the ship had sailed. They finally were able to get me to Florida via lear jet on 2/1 where I stayed at Broward International hospital until my return home yesterday. Let me say being in Jamaica was scary and the treatment was subpar. Even the EMT's from the jet knew something wasn't right and had to tell the doctors what to do. The staff in Florida were top notch. Unfortunately by this point the Flu turned in Pneumonia with a few other things thrown in. Moral of the story......get the insurance, because my $2,000 cruise has turned into a $30,000 disaster that I am sure is going to take many months to fix. Without that insurance though, I don't know where I would be right now. Get the insurance, it is worth the $200
  8. disneygirl2


    Has anyone just walked around Falmouth for the day? We are thinking of just doing that versus beach or adventure. Is it worth it? Thanks Cheryl
  9. Who did you book the bar hop through? Thanks
  10. ABQrobin; who do you book the bar hop through?
  11. We fly in and out of FLL and cruise out of Miami. I am going with SAS at $15 for both ways. Thanks
  12. I went searching but could not find this: how do most of you get from FLL to the port? We are actually flying down a day ahead and staying at a hotel in Miami the day before. We are thinking UBER at this point, but can't book ahead so I am a bit nervous. Thanks Cheryl
  13. I am following along, we are on the same cruise last week in January and just starting to plan stuff.
  14. I have a question. Is seltzer water available all day like water?
  15. We did with them 4 years ago. There were 6 of us so 3 to a buggy. We had a great time!!!
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