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  1. @AlohaLivin Thank you so much!!.. even though we are slightly concerned that PR may not be ready for us when we arrive in 6 months, due to all these recent earthquakes??😕😕
  2. try my business gmail account: admin@metalsalesco.com . Thank you.
  3. @AlohaLivin can you please send this tour to us as well. We will be in SanJuan with the MSC Seaside in a few more weeks and this would certainly give us something to do. But we don't get there until around 5:00pm EST. Can we still do the items on your map in the evening hours? Thanks again for all you've done here. You've provided a service to us all👍👍 email: bernadetteaddison @ msn . com Thanks again !!
  4. Those pictures are awesome!. Looks like it's pretty windy there according to those trees...
  5. beautiful - looks like you had a terrific time. Thanks for sharing pictures👍
  6. nice...will be following. Can't wait to see real life reviews.👍
  7. yeah...those are weird hours to port. We are sailing MSC Seaside and it gets there from 5:00pm - 1:00am. We are still thinking if its even worth it to get off the ship? will it be dark already? is it safe?
  8. When the Breakaway was still in New York, we sailed it 3 times in a row.....and they had “Rock of Ages” every time. So we know first hand that the entertainment can remain the same for a few years😎
  9. Funny you should ask....I was also looking for an answer to this question regarding the Escape. I don't see any photo packages there either. Did the do away with the photo packages altogether??
  10. We are renting the boat from H2O for 5 hours. I’m wondering if we’ll have a place to dock and have lunch during our 5 hour self-guided stretch. Is there anywhere on the island where you can “park” a boat for an hour or so to get some food?
  11. That’s ridiculous... I thought one of the many perks of paying for yacht club is to enjoy the freedom of dining whenever you want as a YC guest. Are they taking that away from us now ? So what happens if neither of those dining times works for you 😳😳
  12. Amazing how things change so quickly. I booked our group in Dec. 2017 - needed to give everyone more than enough time to save up. We got: - TC is 1 for every 7 cabins and 14 people booked. - UBP included and 20% gratuities waived - Prepaid service charges - No cocktail party even offered - No OBC offered. Wow....😲😲..what a difference a year makes....
  13. Hmmmm....we got no OBC. 🤨 And - yes - the Studios and the Insides are definitely getting the best deal by being in a group cruise.
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