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  1. we have been mostly loyal to NCL, and have recently jumped over to MSC Seaside. But we are happy to leave NCL in the dust to sail with VV. We are waiting for longer cruises, tho. 7 -9 days is our sweet spot! Do you think they will offer status matches❓ No matter - we are happy to sail with them any which way we can 👍
  2. kba1988

    2019 Harbour Nights to begin April 17

    The site says April 17th to April 25th?? Is this really only for one week😨😨
  3. kba1988

    When will 2020 sailings be released?

    Wow....MSC is certainly doing well with their Yacht Club cabins 😳
  4. kba1988

    When will 2020 sailings be released?

    Brian, good to see you here. We got a YC for May 16 - 23, 2020..so we could extend the Memorial Day weekend 👍🏽👍🏽
  5. kba1988

    When will 2020 sailings be released?

    Yes...it was a long wait, but we finally were able to book for May 2020!! 18months in advance....very nice !👍
  6. kba1988

    Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

    well...we just booked for May 2020, so hopefully it will be open and in full swing by that time.
  7. kba1988

    New ships in 2026 and 2027

    wow....nice. But I wonder if the mega-ship trend will ever die down. We've sailed quite a few and would definitely be interested in smaller vessels with more personalized touches. Perhaps even a ships with ALL SUITES and ALL INCLUSIVE !! Now THAT would be terrific!
  8. kba1988

    NCL Escape Menu and Food Pics

    Thanks for taking the time to share. We don't sail Escape to Bermuda until 2019....so it's awesome to be able to get a sneak preview. :-)
  9. kba1988

    Escape NYC to Bermuda 5/13 Trip Report

    Very nice, detailed review. Thanks so much for sharing. Can you tell us how far is Art Mel's from the Caves? Is it a long bus ride? And do you have any food pics? LOL!! Thanks again.
  10. Can you use the basic features for free, with out the SMS/texting plan?...(ie. - checking dailies, checking room balances)
  11. Not into gambling, and don't want to take a chance with booking what we DON'T want, with the hopes of bidding into what we DO want. We don't bid, and we don't book guarantees. We just go directly to the cabin we want, on the deck we want, in the location we want - and then we book it. Oftentimes we don't even bother to keep checking for lower prices or better deals. If it's affordable on the day we book it, then that's the end of that! :D:D
  12. kba1988

    When will 2020 sailings be released?

    Lol... 🤣🤣🤣 Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  13. Interested in booking our next MSC cruise for August 2020. Does anyone know when those sailings will list? Right now, I can only see up to March 2020. Thanks in advance.:):)
  14. kba1988

    Losing my points

    Great! And does this sailing reset the 3-year countdown for us....so we would have until May 2021 to sail again before losing all our accumulated points, right?