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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. That would probably be cheaper too. How was the drive? Does it snow in the higher elevation? I’m from California so driving in the snow would freak me out. Also how did you book the dog sled with Michelle?
  2. I was wanting on taking the bus/combo ride but unfortunately the train ride seems to be unavailable for the day (July 16) we are going to be in Skagway (either full or not operating). I had initially booked with Frontier Excursions half-day but now I'm reading very good reviews about Dyea Tours. They offer half-day and full day but not quite sure if there's a difference in the stops between the 2 companies. Anybody here with ideas or have been with either company? Which tour did you take, what specific stops, etc. Just trying to weigh my options and trying to figure out which company is better. I read Dyea Tours uses small buses which is always a plus.
  3. Thank you for posting the picture...gives me an idea of its beauty. I wish I had more time to venture out.
  4. I'm debating whether to get the half-day vs the full day tour with the difference being the long tour going up to Emerald Lake. We are docked for 10 hours in Skagway. I was initially planning on taking the half-day tour because I also wanted to do a little hike. But I am willing to cancel my hike to Dewey Lake or Reid Falls if Emerald is a sight. In your opinion, do you think Lake Emerald is a MUST considering our time is limited and I want to do a hike as well.
  5. So have to figured out if the Rigid power adapter fro Home Deport posted by MasterDrago is approved. I'm starting to make my list now for our trip in July.
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