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  1. Playing the safety video whilst you go to lunch, I too unpack whilst this is on, and so will Many others. And is EXACTLY why a Emuster in your room will not work ! And if the ship is in trouble, do you think there will be app for finding your evacuation muster point. Safety is a priority and should be practised. One word comes to mind , Concordia!
  2. Watch any YouTube video of your favourite ship if you get that feeling of "I wish I was there ". Then yes you WILL cruise again ,I certainly will and looking forward to it...
  3. Maybe p&o should be shutting down like the rest of the cruise lines for 60 days like everybody else !!! Just announced by all cruise lines
  4. Pandemic declared... now what for shares ?
  5. MSC Opera denied entry to Malta https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-asia-51764135
  6. MSC ship already refused 2 ports in Caribbean. ... 1 crew had a cold (flu) grand Cayman and another port (not sure)
  7. Costa Concordia incident Friday13th January 2012.
  8. Or put it back to the last website ,more user friendly and BETTER !
  9. I KNOW what I have seen and stand by what I have said ! People are lazy, if they think "they" have got away without washing there hands then they will not go looking for a sink. That's why there should be someone on sink duty at all times when entering the buffet area. They know who they are ,and we'll done to you if you do go looking for a sink. NOT washing hands before you eat in a confined ship environment is as you put it, "Ridiculous". If you have to line up to wash your hands for food safety and the rest of the passengers health, then that is acceptable or put
  10. Not surprised , we were on there 2 weeks ago and commented on the lack of sanitizing ! No one on washing hands duty and actually washed our hands on the way OUT of the buffet. many people just walked past the sinks going in.. Very conscious of our own hand washing on that cruise ,after seeing not much sanitizing after tables removed of plates ect ,in all areas...
  11. Not long off the sky ...I looked splendid in my Tuxedo and I was NOT alone wearing formal wear. and nice to see the ship create a nice ambiance ....(part of cruising imo) new ship and beautiful dresses and plenty of suits as well as tux's , a pleasure to see ....long may it continue !
  12. Most people have standards... We would dress for dinner and look presentable...
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