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  1. So far I am not able to access check in on the APP - but have done ALL my check in, on the RC website - my SeaPass says "Expedited Arrival" - no clue WHY - and my cabin mates do NOT have "expited Arrival" - we are all three checked in . I think you get your SeaPass cards At your Cabin Door (read that somewhere - but it's MY first RC Cruise ~~?) Sailing in 16 days 😎
  2. Thanks for the INFO ! I had no clue ! Well - I had planned on really hitting the casino, as URComped required me to state my intended "bankroll" - I do hope to be a better comped cruiser after this one !
  3. Oh well YIPES for ME - Have my FIRST Royal Carib cruise late in Feb 2020, so I GUESS IF I earn anything I will have to JUMP on the next offer ~ drat ~ good to know (sorta !)
  4. Good info - I am taking UP Cruising again, and have a "Practice cruise" of 4 nights, next week, on Carnival Valor out of NOLA - ~~ but in Feb, have an RCL 7 night cruise, booked thru URComped, and am really looking forward to IT ! I am getting on that one with the #Rudies Fan Club, of BCSlots Youtube designation. BCSlots got the deal together thru URComped, and I got a NiCE Deal, not full comp, on a balcony, with 2 roomies. I threw them every land based casino comp I could scrape up, and the price was MUCH lower than "starter price"! Pleased! Oxymoron11, is Scarlet Pearl affiliated with Carnival? I wil be spending a "free night" at Harrah's before cruise next week. Not been to the coast since Scarlet Pearl opened, and would love to get signed up with them ! I really want to be awarded some of those FULL COMP cruises !! LOL ! T Y I A !!
  5. Thanks, SeaSideMama ! 😎Great Info ! Yes - I have ENCOURAGED my companions to SIGN UP for EVERYTHING ! They may, may NOT - - hey they're OLD WOMEN ! LMOAO ! As am I - but I believe totally in accessing ALL Avenues ! In 2 weeks, going out on a Carnival (other Travel Agent found) cruise - 4 night cruise, and will not spend *Quite* as much as I PLAN to spend on OASIS in Feb. But HEY I want to BE a COMPED Cruiser !
  6. Interesting topic, as I have recently gotten my 1st "deeply discounted" cruise for myself thru URComped, Elizabeth K my host. Myself and two other "over 55" gals are heading out of Miami in Feb '20 on OASIS, in cahoots with a YouTube star's player event. Brian Christopher Slots is running the onboard event through URC, including his fan club members only group pulls and slot tourneys, and more. -- my not being a Large player, and having no cruise OFFERS, I uploaded every land based offer I could dredge up. Free play, loads of free rooms, going online on MGM and Caesars websites, seeing just WHERE I might get freebies -- and there were MANY ! Sheesh !! My companions are bigger players, and probably could have gotten us better rates, but they were too busy, bless'em ! So elizabeth went with just my info, and got a very decent rate for a balcony (chose my own), 3 in room, under $700 each, 7 nights ! as far as I know, that is ALL I am offered, so far though. No free drinks or comped meals. Maybe after This, my first thru them, I will get better offers. I really WANT to Cruise more ! At least one of my roomies on that Feb Cruise is ready to get onboard another one, and SHE is the biggest player of the 3 ! Stay tuned for Results !! Might be interesting !!
  7. Nice information, all, many thanks!. My BFF and I will be going on Carnival Valor out of NOLA on Oct 3, with Cozumel on the 5th. Short cruise, and we considered doing TULUM, but with the distance, and time in port, we have decided on a Beach experience, possibly with a bit of snorkeling, weather and water clarity permitting. I really appreciate the information on Nachi, Sanchos and Paradise. We won't have any of our kids with us, and she is really looking forward to this, her first cruise. I tried Sancho's (I think? 2012?)on my first cruise, and was not HUGELY Impressed. My roommate on that cruise stayed in her beach chair while I rummaged about in the water (yeah, OLD heifers !!) She was harassed by roaming souvenier, clothing, and even πŸ™„ PORN Drink Cup vendors. Oh and Jewelry vendors, roaming up and down. I am more interested in the idea of Paradise beach, since it sounds a little more sedate and private. I will pitch that to her tomorrow. I had told her about Sancho's and she is interested more in this type experience now. Thanks again, to all, and stay tuned ! Sailing in 22 days 11 hrs, etc !
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