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  1. We have just had our Celebrity cruise around Japan and the following cruise to Vancouver cancelled, I went on line to BA yesterday just filled in form requesting a voucher, we brought the tickets direct from BA in June, within 30mins had two vouchers back, no questions, they have to be used by May 2022. We were on the flights from Heathrow to Tokyo then returning from Vancouver to London. Hope you have better luck next time. Jan
  2. Glad to hear you have received your promised cheque, we had an email from Anna Barnes, Guest Services on 11th June, saying that the cheque has been requested and will be sent in due course. I feel yet another telephone call coming on.... I would like this refund to be sorted as we have a cruise booked for November which I expect will be cancelled as its due to go to Australia. At the moment I am chasing two P &O cruises, one Hollandamerica cruise and this Princess one.
  3. I have been reading all the above and hoping that I would have some good news soon, we were due to take Coral princess from Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale on 19th March, we heard whilst enjoying the sights to Buenos Aires that our cruise was cancelled, made our way back to the UK finally. So far we have had an email from Princess accepting that they owe us for the extra for our return flights and taxi, £530+ and that we would be getting the cheque in due course, didn't mention weeks or days etc. also had a FCC which is wrong, three different people at Princess admit that the amount is wrong
  4. Just found this thread, we were due to board Coral Princess in Buenos Aires on the 19th March, we were there a week before when we received a text to say cruises cancelled, we had to get back to UK as our flights were booked back to the UK from Miami, where the cruise was supposed to finish, as we couldn't get in touch with BA we purchased 2 flights back home, so far we have had an email from Princess saying that they have agreed our claim for the difference between our original flights and the new ones, the difference being £600.00 and that the cheque will be following, we hope, as regards to
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