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  1. hihilo

    Itinerary Change

    The one time I experienced a itinerary change, it was to eliminate Tunis, Tunisia. This was about 4 yrs ago on the QE. And they made it clear it was due to political unrest. Was there no explanation, no reason given when you were given this information? It Will be interesting to read the follow-ups on this.
  2. hihilo

    Is it just me..........

    Interesting that the ONLY one to like the new format is the paid host, Host Hattie. That says a lot. I'M with the majority! Don't Like It !
  3. hihilo

    Any Cunarders sail Royal Caribbean?

    I am a CUNARD ' addict". But I have sailed on Serenade of the Seas, and also Radiance of the Seas. They both have the 13 ? / 14 story tall atrium in the center. Its lovely to look at. However..…. with the casino doors open constantly as people come + go, and smoking is allowed in the casino, the " wonderful " atrium acts as a chimney and the smoke goes everywhere. This was a HUGE negative for me, on both ships. If you don't mind 2nd hand smoke, it won't be a problem. All other aspects of both ships were fine. (Neither are anywhere near as elegant and fabulous as any of the "Q" ships, but you already know that. )
  4. hihilo

    Hawaii Pride Of America - Swimming Pool at Ports

    The Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island has interesting pools. You'd need a rental car to get there from the ship, when it is at Kona, for the day. I think the day-pass, per person is a lot of $$$$. You can't just "" go there "" and decide to flop into the pools. Security will be onto you, quickly. Look it up, on line...…. or view MANY of the old versions of Wheel-Of-Fortune to see what it looks like.
  5. hihilo

    Median Age of Passengers on QM2 and Young Adults

    I've done a lot of "Q" cruising ( & feel very lucky .) I don't think I've even seen anyone in the 18 age range, although 'Xmas time' cruising is not what I've ever done. All the "Q" are fantastic, but from the perspective of teens / kids..... I'm not so sure.
  6. hihilo

    QM2 TA advice needed.

    BEST place, to sit and watch..... Commodore Club.
  7. hihilo

    How does a back to back voyage work?

    I've gotten the new keycard the evening before arriving at the port. As has been said, you can do any tour ( that you choose to sign up for ) at the " transit" port. You go off the ship with the 'old' key card, and enter the ship with the 'new' key card. The stewards do all the moving of your stuff, you can leave hanging items on the hangers, + it will be moved to the new cabin. Just pack up your items from the shelves and drawers + bathroom, and those cases will be moved for you. Its amazingly simple and easy.
  8. hihilo

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    I would guess, that with FENNO's flight being at 5:45 pm..... using the day tour ought to work. ((I know I know---- it says 6 pm flights or later.)) We are talking about a tiny 15 min. difference. Missing seeing neat stuff in NYC , & instead---- *Killing * time @ an airport , sounds dismal. However-- Whatever you do----- ENJOY! I've done the NOV. T/A's a few times.... they are fabulous.
  9. hihilo

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    FENNO---- If you take the CUNARD day-trip….. the luggage rides around with you, under the coach.... as you visit the various stops/points of interest. Then its unloaded at the terminal at JFK when you exit the bus.
  10. hihilo

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    CUNARD will most likely offer a ' day tour' of the city that ends at JFK. You can also take a taxi, or UBER to the A/P but that sounds like a L O T of boring time to hang around the airport.
  11. Big Mike...# 2 I'm with you. With the ka-jillion choices on board~~~~~~what could you possibly want from some local 7-11 or corner junk store ?
  12. hihilo

    Soft Drinks Package

    The soft drinks are from the bar-man's "Nozzle"... right ? Its not a soft drink from a pop-top can, is it ?
  13. hihilo

    Extremely disappointed

    Its a dull night, here at home..... so I read all 28 of these insane posts!!!!
  14. hihilo

    Time it takes to get through US security.

    The 2 x we did a R/T crossing, and disembarked at RedHook, the lines were L O N G, --- and very slow moving. This was Nov '16 and again in Nov '17. The only "FAST" lanes were the ones where families / groups utilized the services of a porter with a big, flat, wheeled cart, for their multiple luggage pieces.Then you would zip thru very quickly, ( it was well worth the 5-10 $ tip.) BUT, for you, to disembark for only a day trip.....sadly this strategy won't work. So be prepared for long, long, slow moving lines. sorry :-(
  15. hihilo

    Guaranteed cabin

    ssFRance # 5, sad ( sorry ) to disagree. There A R E rubbish cabins. I booked an inside guarantee on QM2, for 1/2 of the world cruise this past March till May. I was given 10071 which is 1 thin wall away from the place where the hard working crew washes/ bangs/ crashes all the metal serving carts, during the night. After 2 miserable nights, I let the pursers desk staff know of this awful stateroom, and was immediately changed to a FAR better location. I guess if you are stone - deaf, 10071 is fine.