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  1. I can post on my tablet but not on my laptop. Emoji shrugs
  2. Mom and her virgin ultimate bloody Mary. The waiter was shocked when we ordered the virgin version. LOL!
  3. Go to Mi Tierra for a meal. It is a bakery/restaurant open 24 hours and has been there since 1941. There is a strolling mariachi band in the evenings. Very romantic. Or annoying depending on your mood. Just don't let it ruin your vacation. LOL! It's a San Antonio institution with good food! Of course, go to the Alamo, stroll the Riverwalk at night, but Mi Tierra is an oft-missed gem. Enjoy your trip!
  4. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! And thanks even more so for all the positive feedback to my mom's "brief" review. Picture of Marty at Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica. I love that he had his NCL tshirt on - "Let the Sea Set You Free". I think he had fun (as he always does!).
  5. I think I was born around 4:00 or 4:30am central time (Dallas). Maybe my mom remembers better than me. As she should! LOL! So we're still a few hours away but thank you for the birthday wishes. I'm going to try to get her set up on a blog soon. Musings of a Nonagenarian. Or whatever she wants to call it. I'm checking out cruises and leaning towards the Mexican Riveria cruises on the Bliss once the 2021 dates become available.
  6. Marty and I had laundry done late in the cruise. It wasn't until we got home that we discovered he apparently lost about 75lbs on a cruise! I feel sorry for the guy who got Marty's shorts. LOL! So, he lost a pair of shorts. We didn't let it ruin our vacation. ☺️
  7. Great review, Mom! I've been telling you what a great writer you have always been. I've been meaning to be more active in this thread but I'm also having a tough time adjusting back to "real life". 😉 Funky Elephant:
  8. mimmy52 asks: If I’m not being too nosy, can you share Aprille’s age? Or about what is is? Aprille's age will be 62 in 5 days. My husband Marty, will be 65 in October. We had a great time on this cruise. Mom and I don't even get off the ship. Marty gets off at every port and usually snorkels or just walks around the port. He climbed Dunns River Falls this year and I think his age is finally catching up with him. He was whooped and man enough to admit. Loving the review so far, Mom! Keep it comin' and I'll comment along the way.
  9. Where did you go for muster drill? Not a big deal for most but we had a bad experience on the Bliss while staying in the Haven. Our muster drill was in The Local and it was packed like sardines. I'm in a wheelchair and my 90 year old mom will be with us so I'm hoping for a place where we can comfortably sit down and have room to breathe. Also, how was the traffic around the cruise terminal? I recall reading a few months ago there was a lot of construction in the area causing some back-ups getting to the terminal drop-off. Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much for the info. We set sail on the Getaway on Feb 7th for a 9-nighter with my 90 year-old mom who is flying from Amarillo TX to NO by herself! Hubby and I are driving from Houston. We're in a 2BR family suite in the Haven. We've never sailed out of NO but glad to hear it seems to be as easy as the other ports we've sailed out of while staying in the Haven. I've read some conflicting posts on the ease of finding the Haven check-in at the NO port but I had assured my mom to just follow me. LOL! Also glad to hear the complimentary lunch on embarkation day is still availab
  11. It was a price drop for a total of $860. And you're right, I never would have known about it had I not been looking for the shore excursion promo. I also lost $100 OBC but with the price drop and an additional $50 shore excursion per port (5 ports) it was a no brainer. Thanks to tallnthensome for posting yesterday. And this thread should get more people the additional promo so thanks to LaCal too!
  12. Bummer! I would try to call once again and hopefully get someone who will apply it to your existing reservation. I had a significant price drop on mine which I never would have seen had I not been looking for the extra excursion code. Both were applied to my existing reservation. Saved $886!! Plus the additional $50 shore excursion promo. WOOT!
  13. Not on NCL but once on RCCL. We packed a few bottles of WATER in our luggage (which was allowed at the time). Hubby went down on embarkation night when we hadn't gotten that one piece of luggage. They didn't open the suitcase until he showed up. They checked the bottles to make sure they hadn't been opened and replaced with booze. Once it was determined it was just water he was able to take the suitcase and the bottles of water to our cabin. No biggie but makes a good story. And my parents were with us on this cruise. LOL!
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