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  1. Great feedback and advice everyone. First time Seabourn SIN-HKG Ovation Dec 21Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. We had 11039 on Riviera which is mid ship and no noise issues. Will just be a little careful when choosing the location on Marina. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Mura. I thought as much. Location on these is not really an issue for us. But what I save in the difference between the PH1 & PH3 will be our Prestige Beverage Package !!!😁 🥂
  4. Recently completed our first Oceania cruise, Venice to Barcelona (Nov 18) in a PH1. We LOVED it!! Could not fault it all. One of the best cruise experiences I've had. So much so that am now looking at a Sth American trip for the end of this year on Marina. Can anyone confirm, apart from location on the ship what the differences are between the PH1, 2 & 3? There is a slight price difference but is it something as simple as your priority for restaurant booking etc? Thank you
  5. We were on the same trip out of Venice (disembarked in Barcelona) and like you were first time Oceania. We booked a PH1. Also like you could not find fault with Riviera and the crew. The ship is beautiful, tastefully decorated and very stylish. The crew were amazing and we can only sing their praises in regards to friendliness and service from the butler to housekeeping to food & beverage staff, even the maintenance team painting around the ship were always pleasant and chatty. I'm glad you mentioned some of the behaviour at the buffet. We found a lot of very rude and arrogant people in here, pushing in front of you, speaking over the top of you when you were been served and frankly extremely rude the way they treated and spoke to the friendly staff serving them food. In fact it put us off eating in there several times !! Overall I can't fault our first Oceania.
  6. Doing it as we speak on Riviera. Why wouldn't you ?? Weather fine. A couple of grey days but otherwise perfect. So much better in port when you are either the only ship. Can actually enjoy the sights with the hoards of people during peak season!!
  7. newtoit

    Blue Book

    Thanks Linda. I'll get onto it. Was struggling to get to the roll call as per your first suggestion.
  8. newtoit

    Blue Book

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll give O a call. Hopefully meet some of you onboard.
  9. newtoit

    Blue Book

    Thank you. Waiting by the letterbox !!:D:D
  10. I hear a lot about the "Blue Book'. How far out from the cruise should I receive it? Cruising 1st November from Venice.
  11. Love how you retain your name "Newbie" even after your 15th cruise:D:D
  12. Hi Darcie, I too am on the Nov 1 sailing and booked our La Reserve 2 days after booking the cruise back in June. There was a tab there to book but I can't see it anymore either. I would call Oceania direct if I was you. Wouldn't want to miss out on yet another great meal !! See you onboard Clint
  13. I find it interesting that people that pay a premium for the likes of an Oceania cruise are wanting to sneak a glass of wine of their own into these beautiful restaurants !! Don't you just want to enjoy the beautiful surrounds and actually have a holiday !!!!??? If you can't afford the odd glass of wine during the cruise I would suggest you book something cheaper on another line and then you may be able to afford their beverage package and enjoy yourself. Perhaps Oceania is not for you.
  14. Thank you so much everyone for your responses and most of all best wishes. I contacted Oceania and yes all your advice is correct they can't perform ceremonies which is a shame. Never mind won't let that effect our experience. Was just a bit of a last minute thought. We've waited 16 years I'm sure a few more weeks won't hurt !! Thanks again.
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