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  1. Can you scan your passport photo on to the computer, then upload it to NCL?
  2. Wow!! What a great review. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
  3. I agree with you regarding the point levels. Once you reach platinum, getting to platinum plus gets you hardly anything more. And getting to ambassador status is almost impossible. There should be another level in between platinum plus and ambassador, that gives more benefits. Maybe some OBC, or another free speciality restaurant.
  4. I'm stirring the pot to instigate arguments?? You're the one that blasted a poster for asking a question. Obviously, if you are bothered by what I say, you can scroll by also. Have a nice day!
  5. So according to you, no one should ever ask questions on this forum, just make statements. Guess I should have said, "often DIFFERENT people get different responses from NCL." Geez, nitpick much?!! It's helpful to hear other people's experiences. No one ever said don't verify.
  6. Yes, it can be easier, but often people get different responses from NCL. It would be beneficial to hear if people have received responses from NCL, and see if they differ. This is a forum to discuss, and hopefully share experiences. No harm asking here.
  7. What happened to some of the posts on this thread? I know there was one that was very rude, but there are others missing, which were just general questions?
  8. Curious to what would happen if someone does not have an email address, or a smart phone. I'm sure there are adult children that book for their elderly parents, using their email, but what happens if the elderly parents are cruising by themselves, and arrive at the port to check in for the cruise, but do not have a smartphone? Hmmm
  9. Maybe you could book a cabin for your parents and a cabin for your SO and yourself on the Breakaway. If the Sky doesn't sail, you have this cruise to go on. If it does sail, have your SO be a "no show" on the Breakaway? I don't know how much more this would cost you, but that could be an option.
  10. Ok Thanks so much for the info. We always use the same CAS agent, and he is very helpful. I just never booked more then one cruise at a time, because we always just waited until we got home from a cruise to book another. We have a cruise booked for February, 2022, but because of the way things are now, I'm thinking about maybe booking a cruise for later in 2022, or 2023, in case this one falls through. Thanks again.
  11. I have a question about booking multiple cruises through CAS. You said you have four cruises booked. Are they all the same type of comp, for example, all the same category cabin? What if on your next cruise, you don't gamble at all, will you lose the future cruises booked? We always get free cabins through CAS, but I have never had more then one cruise booked at a time. We only cruise once a year. On our cruise, I purchase CNC, so after we get home from a cruise, I book our next cruise with the CNC. I never inquired about booking more then one cruise at one time. Thanks for any info.
  12. I'm sure you disagreed with me. But, hey, all's good. We all have different opinions.
  13. Sorry, not trying to be curt, but I don't understand what you are trying to say.
  14. Just stop already with the politics! It was Harris that said she would never get the vaccine. I would say 90% of my friends are Republicans, and they have all received the Vaccine. People will do, what people will do, because they do what they feel is right for them. Trump has nothing do to with people not wanting the vaccine. Stop already!! Please
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