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  1. My opinion, I would cancel, and take the money and run! You can always rebook a new cruise later on.
  2. If you have CNC, why not just book it now, you would have nothing to lose. ( I don't know what the deposit is now, if you don't use CNC). If you book now, you probably would have a choice of any cabin you want. The deal they have going on now is pretty good, although they have raised the prices. You have almost two years to make any changes or cancel. I like booking early, because it gives me something to look at, lol.
  3. lol, I thought the same thing. I doubt they have someone standing in the bathroom, blocking the exit, until they see you wash your hands.
  4. Where did you ever see everyone on a ship "follow proper hygiene'"? Have you've ever used the public bathrooms on a cruise and see people coming out of the stalls and walk right out the door without washing their hands? Plus a host of other things. Some people will never follow proper hygiene. No matter how careful you are, there will always be someone who could care less.
  5. I agree. OP, if you're before final payment, I personally would cancel and get a full refund. There's too many ifs. Waiting, and possibly getting a FCC, that has a an expiration date, is just too much of a gamble, in my opinion.
  6. Is it worth the extra money for the Haven on the Jewel class ships, particularly the Gem? Is it as nice as the larger ships? Thanks
  7. I never knew about this site. It's great, very helpful. Thanks for posting!
  8. Good Luck to everyone with cruises coming up. I hope everything goes well, and this will all be behind us. 🙂
  9. That's what I meant. You will be out the extra money, as it will go to FCC, so in reality, you will be out that extra money, as NCL will have it. So, you're taking a chance on being out more money. I should have worded it better.
  10. Our last two cruises, in 2018, and 2019, Caribbean out of NYC in January and February, the upgrades were sent out around 80 days before the cruise, and were accepted within a couple of days. We did not sail in 2020, so things may be different now. My personal opinion, and it's just an opinion, I have no facts to back it up, but I would think they would try and sell the most expensive cabins first, then upgrade as soon as possible. Then, if the cruise is cancelled, FCC credits will be given out, so that's more money NCL has. So, it's just a matter of how much money you're willing to
  11. I think you may be wrong on this. If you bid on upgrade, and say you pay $1000 for your upgrade, if it is accepted, you will be charged for that extra $1,000. Then, if after that upgrade, the cruise is cancelled, you indeed will be out that additional money.
  12. We were on the Epic in 2010 with friends. It was a brand new ship then. The worse cruise ship we were ever on. We were in a Balcony cabin. The cabin was small, the shower was small, the toilet area was small, the sink in the room was small. If you're traveling with other people, hope they don't knock on your door when you're sitting on the toilet. Who thought putting the entrance door to the cabin in the middle of the "bathroom" was a good idea? Also, certain set ups of the cabin are horrible. Our friend's cabin was opposite ours. She said when her husband got up in the middle
  13. Yes, I corrected my post. I misread the original post. I was thinking of platinum benefits. Sorry for confusion. I confused myself, lol.
  14. From the answers, I don't think that's what the OP was asking. I think she was asking if they have to use two credits for one meal. I don't think you can use a dinner for two, for two separate occasions if only one person was dining. Such as, SOLO travelers cannot use their SDP twice, because only one is dining. Actually, I'm correcting myself. I was thinking of free platinum dinners for two. Not individual SDP that you purchase.
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