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  1. Self cancelled on March 12th for a month long cruise that was to be yesterday (May 9) and nothing seen yet - anxiously awaiting it the credit card still. We took Orlando up on the 50% refund and 50% FCC. But nothing yet.
  2. You can certainly buy it within an RRSP, no problem there. Ours has been there for years. Any listed equity, stock or bond can be purchased within the RRSP.
  3. Thank you both for the replies, much appreciated!
  4. When we booked a Vista Suite last year (for this May) on the Veendam I thought I had read somewhere on HAL's site that there were some perks that come with a Vista Suite. When I search now though I come up with nothing extra. I don't recall exactly what I read, but I do think I remember a one-touch concierge that we could call as well as other benefits. Was I imagining things, or is there any benefits to booking a Vista Suite?
  5. Would anyone know if there is a shelf inside the Club Continent Suites on the Pursuit with the shower that we can put shampoo, etc on? I usually bring a small holder that sticks onto the tub or tile surfaces but if I don't need then that saves space. Also, I thought that Azamara had a video on their website of the various cabins, but I can't find it now. I thought maybe with a 360 video I could see for myself, but now I can't find the videos on their website.
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