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  1. Would anyone know if there is a shelf inside the Club Continent Suites on the Pursuit with the shower that we can put shampoo, etc on? I usually bring a small holder that sticks onto the tub or tile surfaces but if I don't need then that saves space. Also, I thought that Azamara had a video on their website of the various cabins, but I can't find it now. I thought maybe with a 360 video I could see for myself, but now I can't find the videos on their website.
  2. Just about to use Fer Tours the day after tomorrow - so far he has been very responsive and he fits the parameters for ticking by off ‘Support the People’
  3. I am on board the Veendam at the moment and we are getting a ‘share your thoughts’ card every three or four days - it is a tri folded card with space for three questions - - tell us what you like & we won’t change it -tell us what you didn’t like & we will try to make it better -tell us about our crew - did someoneone give you legendary service? I filled one out last week and both the crew members I mentioned thanked me and one apologized for the awful coffee on board (what I didn’t like). They read them for sure.
  4. I am onboard the Veendam, the merchandise has changed dramatically from the varied offerings that I saw in the shops on the Westerdam last year. And not to the better. There is one shop with just the logo wear - T-shirts and red baseball hats with I believe the Veendam embroidered on it, and then various merchandise with the dark blue standard logo on them - such as sun straw hats, bags, toiletry bags,etc. Then there is almost another entire shop with tons of branded merchandise (shot glasses, coffee mugs, T-shirt’s, note cards & journal books to name a few) with an almost indiscernible logo on it that says (if you look REAL close) -‘Haven’t been there yet but it’s on my list’ (memory may not be exact) - this and another saying that I can’t remember is on tons of merchandise. But if it does say HAL you wouldn’t known it, it’s not obvious which is why I don’t recall if it did or didn’t. Nothing in the shops tempted me to buy it. They also have a line of beach bags that are big enough to put a child in them. Bizzare. There is still a very small sundry/liquor shop and TONS of high end jewlellery shops. They are rebranding for sure.
  5. This is really odd, when I click on the link Kazu gives us, I get the same list that she took the screen shot of. How can I tell if I am on the old website or the new website? Neptune Suites
  6. Lynda S


    After many hours (days) of research, emails, & phone calls the above is the single most best piece of advice (and simplest) for those that have booked after June 16,2017 that wish to have a private guide experience. HAL will issue the VISA for all of the clauses (reasons for visiting) that you may tick off on the affidavit with three exceptions - if you are ticking off visiting family & Cuban born you must get your own visa, or if you are ticking off any of the clauses as a business person only, then you must get a business visa yourself, not a tourist visa. And of course if you are ticking off 'not disembarking' they will not issue you a visa. To clarify - anyone who has booked after June 16th, 2017 still has the right to tick off any of the reasons for visiting on that affidavit. If you choose 'Support The Cuban People Section 515-574' as an individual (subsection 4 - an individual) HAL will issue you a VISA and you are free to hire a private Cuban tour guide that you can find on your own. Two things to note about this - you must keep your documentation (affidavit & documentation for what you did & how you followed the rules for Support the Cuban People) for 5 years in case the State dept in the US asks for it, and you will also have to ensure for yourself that the tour guide you hired is willing to follow the rules and keeps to them. The rules are simple for this clause, you must ensure that you are 'supporting' the Cuban people - private tour guides - private restaurants - private transport - etc., not the government or other than the people themselves. All of the Cuban private guides I contacted were willing to issue an itinerary to me with a full day of supporting the Cuban people, and a statement from their company, or themselves that they are aware of, and would follow all of the rules that the US State dept has imposed. The only change to the rules after booking June 16th was that IF you ticked off the People to People Clause, you MUST be in a third party guided group program arranged and sponsored by a third party US sponsoring organization, or Holland America. But they do not say you have to tick off People to People. You are free to tick off Support the People. The other note of note is that it does not matter if you are US, CDN, Brazilian, or whatever - you must follow the US State dept rules as the ship is coming directly from a US port to a Cuban port. Will they ever ask us as Canadians? I doubt it, but it is up to HAL to tell us that we must follow those rules as well. And they could, you never know. I will keep the documentation for 5 years as required & it will include a journal & pictures as well as the itineraries & guide statements. I would not feel comfortable looking for a guide on the day we visit that will follow all of the rules, as that could waste lots of time, but it is very easy to arrange this before you go.
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