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  1. CaliforniaDon, I hope you get the lower price. Yes, it is "unfortunate." Cruise pricing is a mystery to me. Another mystery--airline fares.
  2. Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate them. Greg, thank you for the info on the Sun/Sea ships. I found some photos of the Sun, and, yes, the mini suite looks great; the balcony not so much. Polmcs, I agree with you. We had a great price/perks on the Golden. I'm not sure the Sun is going to be a comparable experience. It looks a bit dated. Adstz, thank you for the suggestion of checking the Princess site regularly. Who knows? Maybe something will pop up. Kamloops50, good points about prices going up and smaller ships having higher fares. AtlanticCruiser72, my TA sugested booking a balcony and getting on a wait list for a mini. I didn't know there was a wait list available for sold out cabins. We may try that. This cruise was going to be our 50th anniversary celebratiion. It was leaving on June 27, our anniversary, and we had cabin #627. Also, Alaska was the first cruise we ever took. We usually take cruises that are port intensive because I am a sight-seer at heart. This one had/has 6 sea days, so we thought it would be a more relaxing vacation than our norm. The extra sea days made the mini suite more desirable for us. More room, a comfy sofa, a larger bathroom (and shower especially!) and a large deck to relax on. Bit by bit, this anniversary cruise is falling apart. We'll see what happens. We're looking at other options, but so far we haven't come up with "the one." Again, thank you all for taking the time to give me information and suggestions!
  3. Our June 27 Alaska cruise, round trip from L.A. was cancelled. At that time, I checked the 2021 Alaska cruises, and there were none from L.A. My travel agent told me yesterday that they have been added. There are four scheduled, and all of them have the mini suites and suites sold out. Doesn't that seem a bit odd? All the other cabin types are available. I've been reading that cruise lines would have to slash fares to get people to book. The fares on these Alaska cruises are not particularly good, yet all the suites and mini suites are gone. Any thoughts about this?
  4. Thank you all for your replies. We don't drink a lot, and we would never pay the exorbitant rate for the package, but it is a free (or perhaps I should say, included) promotion. I think my husband figured it would be a good chance to try some new drinks without having to actually pay for them; however, the $500 OBC would buy a lot of drinks, and we could also use it for things other than drinks. I wonder if having the package would encourage us to drink more, just because we have the perk and we can. Haha. I hadn't heard that passengers can now pay the difference for more expensive drinks. That's great! Again, thank you all for the information.
  5. We have booked with a Premium Beverage Package. We don't drink all that much--wine with dinner, maybe a cocktail occasionally, but we'd use the bottled water and maybe coffee. It's been a few years since we've sailed with Princess, and I was wondering what drinks cost. The package caps at $12 per drink. I'm assuming that would cover the house wine, but any others? My husband likes bourbon and 7, and I might have a Pina Colada at some point. Would those drinks be $12 or less? I wish Princess would allow passengers to pay the extra if the drink is higher, but they have to pay full price for a more costly drink. We're looking now at the current offer with paid gratuities, a lower fare, and $500pp OBC. Btw, I'm not seeing a search feature for this board, just a general one. I tried searching for this topic, but got all kinds of answers, not necessarily related to beverages, nor to Princess ships. Thank you for any light you may shed on this topic!
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