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  1. I submitted the request before we cruised and it was denied.
  2. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. ANYTHING different could void that guarantee. My example: we booked an ATV trip in Puerto Rico through Carnival. I found it online for a lot cheaper if we just reserved with the same place. Carnival did not consider it a match because they included transportation and the price at the place did not. We could have used public transportation (or a cab) and still saved a lot. I understood that the excursions were not EXACTLY the same so I didn't bother to argue. Turns out we skipped Puerto Rico to avoid a hurricane so it didn't matter anyway.
  3. Cannot be used on the ship per Carnival website The following items may be brought on board, but can be used off the ship, while in port only. All items must be stored in the guest’s stateroom. ........... Umbrella
  4. When we cruised out of New York on the Carnival Horizon last September, my son's friend (18 years old) showed a COPY of his birth certificate during embarkation. The person checking insisted on seeing the real thing. Fortunately, I was carrying that too because this was the first time we tried to use a copy. I'm not sure what would have happened if we didn't have the real thing, but guaranteed it would have been stressful at the least. Yes ... could have argued and showed them what the website might say but why chance it. If you have the original take it. Afraid to lose it ..... order another copy for about $10.
  5. Assuming the 5th day of your cruise is not debarkation day, you will have PRIORITY on your boarding pass and can check in as soon as they open the port. You will board after the weddings and diamond cruisers. If your aunt is staying in the same room then she goes with you.
  6. I have been platinum on 11 cruises so far and I am excited to be platinum for every one. Getting to board earliest, some ports with a special waiting room and pastries, chocolate covered strawberries. I always whisper to my husband "it's great to be special". YES ... it doesn't take much to make me happy!!
  7. The sign on the doors said 2:30 last week. We are platinum so we could ignore the signs and I don't know what time they actually let everyone else to their rooms.
  8. On the ships I've sailed the soap dish is in the corner near the soap dispenser and knobs. I guess I bend down with my back to that. Otherwise I would hit the other stuff before the soap dish
  9. I am wondering whether my 19 year old son will have anyone near his age on one of these cruises. Do you see any young people (late teens, early twenties)? He is great with all ages but would really like to meet someone closer to his own age to hang with once in a while.
  10. Thanks MaryRed. We always get to the Baltimore port early (9:30 to 10:00) and 3 of 5 times we were among the first in line and just waited for 60-90 minutes to be let into the parking lot. That works great for us. We have our music and books. I'd rather be sitting there than in a hotel or at home waiting to leave (and pacing). I can see the ship and feel CLOSE. The problem came the last 2 times when they would not let us line up anywhere inside the fences or on the road. We HAD to leave and come back at 2:00. We tried a few times before 2 but were still turned away. Then at 2:00 EVERYONE who wanted to park was there. At that hour there was no staggered checkins. It was a mess and there were no cops directing any traffic coming from at least 3 lanes (some made a fourth) and merging into one to get into the port. I never mind waiting if the lines are orderly and I get my turn based on when I got in line. But there were a LOT of "special" people who zipped by everyone else and cut into the line right at the port entrance.
  11. Best - Baltimore when the previous cruise arrives back on time. Tampa was painless also. Worst - Baltimore when the previous cruise is late, they won't let you line up for parking and when you get back the time that it should open the traffic is backed up for miles with everyone trying to merge 3 lanes into one. (wouldn't be so bad if people understood merging but some people are just so much more important than the rest of us)
  12. Did you park your car OR were you dropped off? I am also trying to decide what time to arrive at the port for parking.
  13. Sorry no lobster anymore on 5 day cruises
  14. I have nothing to offer about what B2B will do. But I was curious about this one too. So I looked at the May 3rd out of Miami and it doesn't leave until 9:00pm so that's how they can do the turnaround. Good luck with your B2B and if they let you stay on the ship that would be a fantastic time on an empty ship.
  15. Is that for Travel Agents? Because 8 years ago Carnival changed it's program to use cruise nights, not number of cruises, for regular passengers. So I was confused about what 1 vs 2 cruises would do for us.
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