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  1. As EmmasNana said, I will want to use it on the most expensive cruise. A few more cruises and I'll start thinking about it. Does anyone know if the 25% is for cruise cost only for the person hitting 25 cruises? I assume so but wouldn't it be nice if it covered the whole room and port fees. YUP ... I'm getting too greedy.
  2. I agree with this statement for Belize but definitely not Cozumel if you just want to enjoy a beach. You don't need a Carnival Excursion. I was there last week and went alone to Chankanaab Park. Simple to grab a taxi. It was $12 for 1-4 people. I felt completely safe all day. Would be similar for the other "resorts" like Paradise beach - grab a taxi ($17 I think). Check out the Caribbean Ports of Call for lots of information about the different beaches.
  3. No shuffleboard, foosball or the other "games" (e.g. swinging ring). We missed all of that!!! Nice bar, food and entertainment but not the bar atmosphere to me.
  4. I sailed on Celebrity, Disney, RCCL, NCL, Greek cruiselines and some other no-names. We started sailing on Carnival for larger family cruises (not our choice) and found that we really liked it better than the other lines. And Carnival is always cheaper - two cruises for the price of one Disney! But we stay mostly with Carnival because we like the other passengers (really down-to-earth and friendly people), the crew and the food (Guy's burgers, great pizza, burritos and so much more). I don't think the shows are as good as I remember on the other lines but we enjoy the bands and string entertainers.
  5. Sailing on paradise in 2 weeks. Was it cool and breezy every day or just first and last days?
  6. EWWWWW. I hate hoverers who pee all over the seat and the floor. Good for you. Bad for the next people trying not to step in your mess. I KNOW .. it isn't you that does that. YOU have perfect aim. But it is hoverers.
  7. I can answer a few of your questions Anytime Dining - each night you can choose to sit with others or just the two of you. We love it. You may have to wait if you go when everyone else wants to eat (7:00 usually). If you go at the early dining time (6:00) there has never been a wait. No reservations ever. Coozie - won't help. You will get beers in cans, bottles, plastic cups (outside) or beer glasses (inside). If your friend wants to board earlier then get an early check in time. You are allowed to board after your check-in time. You can't board before it so selecting 1:30 restricts you both to 1:30. I haven't cruised on Paradise (yet) but on other ships we didn't have to check in together.
  8. Has anyone used the Carnival shuttle to Tampa Airport after the cruise? Was it a long wait to leave the port - waiting for the shuttle to fill? Just one person this time so taxi is too expensive. Or do you know if there are shuttles (not Carnival) that charge per person?
  9. What is the best way to get from the Port of Tampa to the Tampa airport for one person? Do they have shuttles (not from cruise ship) that you pay per person? Or do I have to use a taxi or uber?
  10. Yes ... adults are a big part of the problem. What I saw/heard on the Horizon a couple weeks ago Family shows up with Mom, 3 walking kids and one in a stroller. Dad shows up a minute later and asks one of the kids if she pushed the elevator button 6 times ( Mom + Dad + 4 kids = 6). The kid says "No ... Mom said to push it only once". I guess Mom didn't want the kids "playing" with the buttons. Our elevator was stuffed full and stopped at another floor. The 2 people there could not get on and had to start all over. There were several groups in the elevator and I'm guessing some did not enter the number of people. OR - the elevator says it holds 18 people and the system believes that 18 adults can fit ... NO WAY. A lot of times there was no one for the elevator when it stopped on a floor. The people probably decided to walk. These were not busy times so they didn't wait more than a few minutes. If you are going to walk if you don't get an immediate elevator .... then just walk. AND ... on day 3 or 4 there were still people asked "going up?" when we were getting into an elevator. Answer: Yes .. we are going up. Whether or not we are stopping at your floor is another question.
  11. Entertainment on Horizon - the best: Lennox Lust - excellent duo (guitars). They are great and seemed to love what they are doing. Show: Celestial Strings. SO good. Even my DH loved it and he hates musicals. Be sure to see the after show in the atruim. We watched that after both shows it was so great.
  12. There was a handicap button on the elevator floor section pole. I didn't see anyone use it but my guess is that when you use it you get your own elevator or one with just a few people in it.
  13. if you do self assist you need to be able to handle your own luggage!! that means stairs and escalators and taking it through crowded hallways. elevators are always a problem on first and last days because they are taking luggage and everyone is trying to get to the same places. no different with new elevators except you can't do the i-am-more-important move of going up when you really want to go down so you get the elevator before others
  14. First week of NFL on the Horizon. Lots of football games. Thursday (9/6) - game on in sports bar. Didn't check anywhere else. it was crowded Sunday (9/9) - at least 3 games on in the sports bar. We didn't stay. 2 games on in the casino bar (no sound), 2 games on in the Pig & Anchor (with sound). Monday (9/10) - both games on in the sports bar. Didn't check anywhere else. No games on cabin TVs Generally they would not change the games that were on - needed to call a "technician" but I understand completely because they can't put on ALL the games and someone would always be disappointed.
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