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  1. Thanks, folks. I'll check those ideas and keep looking.
  2. Royal Caribbean is trying to entice loyalty members with discounts. In an email to Crown+Anchor members, RCCL touts "exclusive" prices. I tested the deal with some 1-week cruises from Florida ports. The great prices are only for inside cabin & they choose the cabin. Want to choose the cabin? That's about another $150 _per person_. Want an oceanview or balcony? No savings ($1000+ /week/person). Again, with an upcharge for choosing your cabin. ... No thanks. When there's a real sale, I'll think about it...
  3. HAL apparently removed the Canada section of its travel advisory. It now ignores the port closure.... Now, that is dishonest. Maybe they wanted to cut down on calls about it.
  4. Yesterday, Delta waived the change fee & gave us a credit for our Euro flights. That means, no more Summer travel plans... except only our cruise on 5/23. I think HAL is waiting for peep to cancel themselves, so to limit their pay out. Not gonn'a happen with me. . .
  5. I would hope that they'd offer a full refund, given the change in destination. But with their right to change ports, maybe that means they'd stick with FCC only.
  6. From what I've read elsewhere, "use" means book by - not cruise by. I would think you could book any available cruise. Delta, OTOH, says use by 12/31/20 and travel by 12/31/20. . I prolly should've canceled when only my deposit was on the line.
  7. ... We're scheduled for 5/23 Boston - Montreal. I'm trying to be patient, waiting for HAL to cancel the rest of May & June. They're certainly taking their sweet time about it, but its inevitable.
  8. I'm waiting for them to cancel a 5/23 Boston - Montreal cruise. They'll delay announcing as long as possible, hoping that we do it early. Or maybe they're hoping that Canada changes it's mind and let's us in. . .
  9. We are scheduled for the Zaandam on 5/23 from Boston - Montreal... No doubt it will be cancelled, but waiting on HAL to do it, instead of ourselves. Naturally, they'll take their sweet time and try hold our $$ as long as possible. Maybe they think Canada will change it's mind. We submitted a cancel request with Delta, as their 'puters wouldn't do it. It'll take 1 - 7 weeks to process, and all they'll give us is a credit, anyway. I'm hoping that doesn't screw us up, but we'll see. .
  10. We are likewise waiting on HAL to cancel our cruise for a refund. ... I'm trespassing from a Boston-Montreal cruise set for 5/23. For us, the tricky part is that Delta has not extended change fee waivers past April 30th (May 31st for international only). So it's contingent on that. .
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