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  1. I have lost count how many times our 2019(!) Spring break Oasis cruise has been moved. So now we won't even get to do it in 2022! Explorer huh?
  2. Way too much. 2 cruises, 5 digit each They better not go bankrupt!
  3. Yeah I don't think you get 125% on top of 125%.
  4. Shoot I miseed this thread and asked my question in another thread. Lots of people share the same question. I have cruises booked a while ago at great prices and don't want to rebook. It would be awesome if I could apply the fcc to existing bookings Got a feeling this is try calling-multiple-times-until-an-agent-agree-to-help scenario
  5. My spring break b2b is not meant to be. First round it got cancelled by Royal and I rebooked at protected prices with OBC. Not the ship I wanted but ok. This time it is cancelled for good and goodness knows for how long. I already have 2021 spring break b2b booked, at pretty good prices (prices have since gone up more than $1200) with obc, cabin I want. Really dont want to have to cancel and rebook and lose the good prices and obc. Can the 125% fcc be applied to existing bookings?
  6. Booked a Cruise for Springbreak and Royal canceled our cruise and gave us $200 as a compensation and we moved to another ship at a protected price. Now my cruising buddy changed job and won't be able to go. If I go as a solo, will I keep all $200 OBC? Because if not, I'd rather move us to another sailing when both of us can go and get the full $200 OBC but that will be one year later. The booking has a refundable deposit if that makes any difference.
  7. How do they compare to other lines top suites?
  8. Prepay locks in the gratuities' rate which seems to be going up every year. Otherwise it is only beneficial for those who have the need to budget for their cruises.
  9. Yes they will. Economy of scale is hard to beat in this business. People talk about how they are willing to pay extra in order to support the current way of cruising but in action they do not.
  10. I did it at tickerfactory.com. They will create a gif based on your input and a link to the gif, and you just copy and paste the link into your signature
  11. If you enjoy it and it makes you happy why not? Just don't use anything you are attached to because things may get stolen.
  12. Dress however you feel comfortable. If you want to dress up dress up. If you dont, don't. Cruise lines have learned not to impose much. I always wear tshirts and convertable cargo shorts with legs in pockets to mdr with the intention if they ask for long pants I will whip the legs out and zip them on right there. So far no need. I see anything from tux to gym wear in mdr. You will be fine.
  13. Look up NA IQ10043 or 10044 as an example.
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