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  1. Does the same rule apply to Canada? Does the passport have to have more than 6 months if a port is in Canada? The person doesn’t drive yet and doesn’t have any other government ID.
  2. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Thank you. My existing reservation has gone up in price by much more than $200 so if I have to cancel and rebook it will not be worth it. I think I will stick to the original plan and transfer to Oasis on the same dates.
  3. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    You are right, that’s probably the way they do it.
  4. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Does anyone know if the $200 obc can be moved to an existing reservation?
  5. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    I got my emails and will probably switch to Oasis. It doesn’t need price protection because the same room is available at the same price. Was hoping to try a different ship since I have been on Oasis before but Oasis is much easier in terms of logistics for us.
  6. Kruzer Zuker

    Shore excursion sale

    And then there are those of us who are good at pricing all aspects of a cruise and know to avoid unknown.
  7. Kruzer Zuker

    Shore excursion sale

    It would be made easier if Hal publish prices before hand.
  8. Kruzer Zuker

    Shore excursion sale

    Hal doesn’t have discounts for excursions often. In addition Hal doesn’t show you excursion prices until you book the cruise first, and I can now tell you the excursion prices are on the high side compared to other cruise lines. I’d plan private excursions whenever possible when using Hal.
  9. Kruzer Zuker

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    So where is Anthem going? Any idea yet?
  10. Kruzer Zuker

    Mixed Between RCCL and HAL

    HAL has little class distinction so if you don’t sail in suites they are a good choice. Each cruise line has their favorite Caribbean islands. Royal and Celebrity go to St Maarten much more than St Thomas and some other lines do the opposite. Variety is always good.
  11. Will there be a 2020 TA that goes to Iceland, Greenland etc? I started researching for the 2019 too late and now the price is through the roof.
  12. A lot of the time I cruise with friends who are not diamonds. I prefer to just get a drink and relax in an all can access bar with my friends.
  13. Which date is the 9 night Adventure cruise? Somehow I can’t find it on Royal’s website.
  14. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    I know right? Symphony is much more expensive; besides Sunday departure works better for one of my friends who will have to fly down, even though I prefer Saturday departure myself.
  15. Kruzer Zuker

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Just my luck. Just booked a March 2020 b2b to cruise with 2 friends, each one can only cruise on her respective spring break week. Suppose we can move to symphony.