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  1. Last year I disputed a charge with Royal, a travel protection plan added without my consent (last minute cruise, booked on the phone). The dispute was ruled promptly in my favor and that credit card has not been blocked by Royal.
  2. Numbers of new cases are decreasing in regions in China and Korea and movement restrictions are being slowly relaxed. However the threat will still be present until the world has acquired some immunity one way or another. I don’t see how we can travel again any time soon.
  3. Well, let’s hope no bankruptcy.
  4. I experienced exactly the same thing today. Decided to book a quick getaway and the RCI rep was kind enough to let me know I had 2 options, either $100 balcony discount but no OBC or $100 OBC but no balcony discount, my choice. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
  5. Happened to me and I never received any email. By the time I realized the cruise planner was not just “having another glitch” it was too late. I was able to cancel without penalty but no price protection nor OBC. Very frustrating.
  6. It’s been fast enough for my work, which can be data intensive at times. I try to do the downloading late at night. The main issue for me is occasionally the ship goes into remote areas with no signal whatsoever. Happened in Alaska.
  7. We were in a similar situation, and I told my husband we needed to stop after riding twice. I could see other people were waiting. But then we are not children and we didn’t have children with us. Ultimately it is on Royal to figure it out how to please all their customers. They want big bucks from star class, and they also want regular money from non suites pax. Then they better set realistic expectations for all.
  8. Some of these sailings are very cool. I was hoping Royal would take the opportunity and give Empress some exotic ports and looks like I might get my wish.
  9. Independence, Explorer and Symphony all have sailings that go to both.
  10. Since you are mentally prepared to catch the ship in Mallorca i think you will likely be fine, barring a hurricane or other major issues.
  11. Happened to me too. It was a last minute booking and I did it on the phone. The invoice sent immediately afterwards was correct. But for some reason there was a second invoice the following day adding the travel protection charging. By then I had left for my travel and didn’t catch the error until I came back. After I came back I noticed a strange charge on my credit card and it was separate from the cruise. It took a few google search to realize it was travel insurance I never asked for. When I called I was told since the cruise was in the past so I had already “used” the travel protection and there was nothing they could do. I disputed through my credit card and got my money back. So far I have not had any trouble using the same credit card with Royal.
  12. You will need a visa to enter Russia regardless of who you book with. You can arrange the visa independently or through a tour company. I visit Russia for 3 weeks (not cruise) and obtained the visa myself through a company called 3G.
  13. I didn’t purchase it, but I am pulling for you guys. And I think the case to honor it might be stronger than what initially looked. First, for every person who bought at an exceptional value to them there is at least another person who otherwise wouldn’t have bought did so just because the price made sense. So the total revenue might not be all that different. Second, because the price is low and easy to get your money’s worth the heavy drinkers are less likely to go totally crazy. The moderate drinkers will just use it like a refreshment package with benefit. So the alcohol consumption may not be all that much more. In addition, if Royal admits glitch the only fair thing to do for each purchase is to revert back to whatever sale price it was at. Royal might not have that system readily built in. It would mean a round of over flooding their call centers. Not to mention, the much easier path to positive PR if they choose to honor it. We will see.
  14. They are perhaps still assessing the exact cost of this mistake to see if it’s worthwhile just to honor the price and absorb the cost.
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