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  1. You can also go online and book a docent tour. We did that last year and had a 90 minute guided tour by and english speaking docent. It was very inexpensive too!
  2. We just returned from an RCL cruise and one evening at the buffet (RCL buffet is another rant for another time) the guy next to me drops the tongs ON THE FLOOR! Now at this buffet line people were acting like they had not seen food in days, shoving and pushing their way in. So this guy drops the tongs on the floor, then bends down picks them up and tries to put them back in the food! I actually said something to him (a bit loudly) about how they were just on the floor. The man behind the counter was quick to take the tongs and replace them with clean ones. I guess that pax had a three second rule about food or utensils on the floor... It was gross!
  3. Sorry, just returned form another vacation. We paid $10 CUCs one way and $15 CICs on the way back. But you are probably back already, I hope you had fun!
  4. Drinks were 5-7 CUCs in early March. A small bottle of Havana Club 7 year was 8.75 CUCs the white Havana Club was under 5 CUCs , cigars were varied. We didn't see any t-shirts, there are plenty of handmade items in the squares sold by locals.
  5. Royal Caribbean uses HavanaTours. We were on one last week and it was air conditioned, however this is their winter. I'm not sure about efficient it would be in their summer months.
  6. We were just there on the Empress. Yes, the cars are taxis and they will negotiate a drive. We asked our tour guide what a reasonable price would be to take us from the terminal to the Hotel Nacional for a sunset cocktail. It was easy and he was okay with the short trip, and would have been just as happy if we wanted to spend more time (and money).
  7. Hi, Thank you for reaching out for feedback, this is very nice! My feedback is: I would like to see it mid day on the first sea day say between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Regarding prizes: Since we never win anything I would appreciate more giveaways. If there was at least one free drink coupon for every one attending, that would be nice. PLUS additional "bigger" gifts for winners. I like the idea of wine and champagne bottles, specialty restaurant vouchers, drink tickets, internet vouchers.
  8. Thank you for the review Lori, we are on this cruise in 2019 and your review is very helpful. We are in the very same cabin as you, I appreciate all of the views out the windows and the views of the tiny room and water closet. . I have a quick question, how much room is there to store luggage? On past cruises we have stored luggage under the bed, is this a possibility in this room? How about the closet? Any helpful suggestions are appreciated. Thank you again for all of the work you put into this review!
  9. SO.... Has anyone been to Cafe Taberna? I don't think that has been answered yet 🙂
  10. Can we talk about the other taboo subject? How are the rum runners working on RCI?
  11. I have a quick question, being new to RCI. Can you bring soda in bottles or does it have to be cans? My DH drinks root beer and his brand comes in bottles. It would be great to be able to bring some aboard!
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