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  1. Saw someone mention this in another thread. Got me wondering has anyone ever gotten this to work? Or know any statistics? I can't imagine Carnival eating the cost and flying you home after 24 hours for free? Seems like they would find loop holes. That being said I would never use this. I make the best of any vacation. It is better than a day of work. Just got me thinking. Any one have input?
  2. I have never eaten in the Buffet on any Cruise Line for Dinner. I want a nice long sit down dinner and to enjoy my travel companions. If the MDR ever went to fee only. And the buffet was the only "Free" option I would stop cruising 100 percent.
  3. Haven't done NCL in about a decade. So can't remember how Freestyle dining works. Taking a cruise with one friend. We would like to not be eat alone just the two of us each night.Part of the fun of a cruise is eating at a table with others. If a friend and I go to the dining room. Will we be seated at a table for two automatically. Or will they seat you with a group sometimes like in a Traditional dining room. Or are the large tables just for large groups traveling together. We are best friends but can eat just the two of us anytime on land. Like to eat with a group on a cruise. Please advise guys thanks!
  4. Staying in Old Town Pre- Cruise. Want to know if there are nice beaches that one can walk to? Or should we take taxi/uber to another part of San Juan. Is it necessary to rent a car and drive to a better beach further away? Just some questions choose to stay in old Town Because it is easily walkable to see forts Capital Building etc. But now regretting it because the beaches seem to be further away. Suggestions please!
  5. Never been a Norwegian Fan. The ships seem to big. The Free Style Cruising gives me fears of long lines and wait times. However, been looking at the Escape and I think I might give it a try again. Any one cruised on her. I am intrigued by many things. Taste and Savor and The Manhattan Room intrigue me the booth look beautiful and the menu seems great. The entertainment is the one great thing on Noreweigen so looking forward to that especially the Jazz show. How is the pool situation... Norwegian to me always seems limited on pool space compared to other lines. Is it overcrowded on a 4,000 + Passanger ship. I enjoy my pool and lounge time. What is it like on this ship? Just a few questions and anything you would like to add let me know!
  6. It is hit or miss. The Bahamas will most definitely be to cold to actually get in the water. However, the air could be in the high 60's low 70's. That is nice enough for me to lay on the beach coming from PA in Jan. In the DR and GT the temps stay pretty consistent throughout the year, you will be inthemid 70's to low 80's def warm and the water ill be too! ENJOY
  7. I don't think Half Moon Cay Feels Crowded at all.
  8. Sorry I don't know why I said food. I mean drinks being covered. On Royal you can use your Drinks package on CoCo Cay. Not the case on Carnival you have to buy those drinks on their island.
  9. USE SAS I think if you use Carnival they will want your flight information, and you might have a problem going back to the airport the next day!
  10. Good to know! I also l like the one Norwegian owns where the ship docks right their and you can easily go back on the ship to grab lunch Can't think of the name right now. The one down side to Carnival's/Holland America/Princess Islands are is that food isn't covered. That seems to be the case for Norwegian at least.
  11. SO i guess my question is. If I am not in a hurry to be the first off. Let's say the ship docks at 8 am I want to enjoy breakfast stroll off at 10 am. Do i need to bother with the sticker thing?
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