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  1. This is personal preference but I would certainly try for a Q4 aft suite on deck 8.
  2. Hi Austcruiser 84. Is it really 5 years ago this week? Totally agree - travelling solo is certainly not about being alone. Certainly I meet, chat, eat with more people when travelling solo than when I am sailing with my wife and/or family. It sure is a problem to travel when one does not know the rules pertaining at that time. Sept 2022 gives you plenty of hopeful opportunity for the rules to change. All my trips to Vancouver in 2020 after February were cancelled. I'm booked for February 2022 in the Pacific but its "a family affair" so my concerns are less than yours.
  3. Personally, I would always go for the aft Q1 suites. As you say the balcony is great (although not as deep as I would like compared to some ships) and the whole set up works well. I was last in the Rostron on deck 7 - magnificent.
  4. The old POSH rule for travelling across the Atlantic is certainly valid and I have had several sailings even in January when there has been pleasant sunshine portside on deck and indeed on one's balcony when it is very nice to sit out with that G&T or other tipple - so I too would be inclined to stay portside. That said QG is a very pleasant place - I remember one solo sailing in 10005 (starboard) which was wonderful (the butler was great, tablemates delightful and Osman never failed to satisfy) but I did miss the sun on my balcony!
  5. Trouble is - life could become even shorter!
  6. Cunard Grills certainly suit my requirements although on QV & QE I am not over keen on the PG cabin layout - it is a bit "long and thin". Grills restaurant on the 11th floor of the QV & QE is delightful - just a shame the lounge is a little small. "Perfection" for me on either QV/QE is an aft QG suite and the most forward table in the restaurant.
  7. Just a word of warning - I upgraded my BA flight to Vancouver from Club to First, when it was cancelled they refunded but KEPT £600 because as an upgrade they suggest I changed the T&C and therefore had to pay a penalty!!!
  8. I'm pretty sure that HEPA filters would require a stronger air flow than non HEPA. I do not know about ship's A/C but the use of UV C light can be used to good effect but requires careful installation - I am sure others will be able to elaborate.
  9. Things may have changed - last time I was in a Q1 everything was pretty normal, the only difference being that you get a card at check in and then when you board the ship your butler is there to carry your hand luggage and take you to your suite and show you round (if you haven't been there before). My biggest recommendation is to get to know your table guests and have a pre-dinner get together with them in your suite - the butler will do everything for you.
  10. I see also that the Noordam is on its way to Manila. Could that be for crew purposes or getting in position for cruising later in the year?
  11. I think she is missing a few aft cabins!!
  12. The difficulty with choosing a balcony cabin on an Alaskan cruise is that there will be occasions when you need to observe both port and starboard sides eg passing whales or dolphins, a bear seen on the banks etc. One way to get some view of both sides is an aft balcony - but you will pay for the privilege!!
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