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  1. laktex

    Transatlantic advice on flights/hotels

    Unless I am using miles/points Cunard have always given me good deals on oneway flights and their upgrade cost can also be quite reasonable. I have always stayed more days and sometimes flown from different locations. They have considerable purchasing power. As for hotels - Never!
  2. laktex

    QV Grills

    Having the butler prepare your breakfast table whilst you are still in bed and the gentle knock to say that everything is ready is very pleasant. Having the opportunity to have a gathering in your suite prior to dinner, especially if you are on a table of 8 is good fun. Being on the aft of the ship is always the best place, in my opinion. The wrap around balcony is a nice feature. Personally I would not miss the opportunity.
  3. laktex

    Dress code enforcement.

    Wonderful. Should be a walk the plank penalty!!
  4. laktex


    Once again it is all down to personal opinion. For many, the addition of Britannia Club will be what they want and I have to say the Club dining room is absolutely delightful and in my opinion surpasses Queens Grill from a decor point of view. Personally I am happy with the refit - I just want to sample the Q1's.
  5. laktex

    Mini Cruise

    This is quite a popular "after Christmas" cruise which we have done several times. I know several passengers who have done this many times too. Embarkation is pretty busy as per normal, what is a little different is that there may well be a good number of German passengers embarking in Hamburg on the 8th for the World Cruise as V910 on the 28th April will/can return them to Hamburg after the final leg of the WC from Capetown. They can also move ship to the QM2 on the 10th Jan. Both Oriana and Arcadia are in port on the 6th so do not expect a quiet day in Southampton.
  6. laktex

    November Crossing

    I have been on several TA's when the weather predictions have been such that the Captain has chosen a more southerly course. On one occasion we got pretty close to the Azores. I do not know for sure but this is more likely on the QE and QV rather than QM2.
  7. laktex

    Stateroom Choice Advice Please..

    I would agree, flexibility and enhanced dining and a decent cabin would be my preference if Queen Grill proved a little excessive.
  8. laktex

    Single Supplents too high.

    My experience is that it will be best to check this out with Travel Agents rather than Cunard direct. There is no guarantee that you will get a deal but it is certainly worth asking. I have done transatlantics in Queens Grill as a solo at some very good prices - one of them I booked six months in advance. It maybe worth a try. Best of luck.
  9. laktex

    First time Queens Grill QM2

    If you suspect you may not be happy I would suggest you get to the restaurant asap on embarkation lunch to check it out.
  10. laktex

    Queen's Grill Mini-Bar Question

    At those measures - That’s how the balcony divider goes missing!!
  11. laktex

    How Was My Weather?!

    Well I was not on the ship for that crossing but was encouraged to reply because of your words " in comparison to usual". I am not sure if there is an actual "usual" - the majority of my TA's have been in the winter months (particularly January) and I don't think there is a "usual" - the Atlantic Ocean can be anything at any time - and for me that really is the JOY of an Atlantic crossing - the unexpected!!
  12. laktex

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    I could not agree more.
  13. laktex

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    No it is not all inclusive. Queens Grill offers a couple of bottles of spirits or wine plus the minibar included into the price for consumption in ones suite. Princess Grill nothing.
  14. laktex

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    Is that totally the price or the changing demographics of those sailing.
  15. laktex

    Queen Victoria post refit - Queens Suite or Penthouse?

    Personally I would always opt for Q6 aft suites but the Q1’s are wonderful if the budget allows or the upgrade fairy visits.