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  1. I am currently on Grandeur, this is what I posted to Facebook, I am in a special bind because I was returning to my Orlando home on Friday, and now I am flying into it just in time for the hurricane. I have shared the letter we received for those curious. We have also received complimentary bottle of wine in the room. They are treating us very well. Dinner will go on tonight and they will stagger us off the ship so we may retrieve our bags. Please keep all of us flying out in your thoughts. It is a different turn of events, but was handled best possible way by RCI. I am curious what this means for the next sailing and for the ships future. We typically sail Celebrity, so I guess with the credits we will be looking at Royal again. ————— We set sail out of the Port of Baltimore on the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas. We were headed towards Bermuda. 30 minutes into the trip I noticed we were turning around and heading back into dock. We docked at 4:45p. There was not any announcements so we were unsure what was going on. We did not know if it was medical, police, weather issue. At 4:52 the captain announced that there was a propulsion issue and they were working to remedy. He stated that we would not be underway until it was fixed. We went about business as usual, dinner at 7 was great. 8:08 the Captain announced that unfortunately they were unable to remedy the issue and the cruise would be cancelled. They opened the gangways and let everyone know they could disembark until 11pm, but would have to carry their own bags. Everyone else who did not disembark would be able to Sunday evening (today) between 6pm-9pm. We were able to rebook our flights, Delta even waived the charge (they are the best). We will be flying into Orlando Monday, just in time for the hurricane. It looks like we will start our time at our Disney house a week early. Royal Caribbean has been very accommodating. They refunded the entire cruise, gave the same amount refunded as cruise credit for next cruise. Offered to refund cost of hotel tonight and airline rebooking fees. It is an unfortunate incident, but I commend Royal Caribbean International for choosing safety over revenue. This doesn’t tarnish my love of cruising nor my loyalty to RCI branded lines.
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