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  1. You can get the RX10ii with a 24-200 lens for $998, and it has most of the features of the RX10iii, except for the 600 mm zoom lens. If you don't need the extra reach of the 600 mm lens, I think the RX11 is a better value. It also has a built-in ND filter, which I'm not sure the RX10iii has. I've had RX10ii for about 6 months, and love it . . .
  2. The tracking is definitely out of control. It is impossible to do a Google search of a product for pricing comparisons or reviews without being inundated with ads from Amazon, etc. I tried to delete Cookies, but found that all of my auto sign ins were also deleted . . .
  3. There are a number of memory cards available with different speeds, capacities, etc. What is your preferred memory card for photos and/or videos?
  4. I appreciate the responses. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a full-frame camera with a fixed zoom lens, like the Zeiss 24-200 lens on the Sony RX10ii. It looks like most of the full-frame fixed lens cameras have prime lenses. Would a fixed zoom lens be compatible with a full-frame camera?
  5. Maybe I'm delusional, but I would love to see a full-frame fixed lens camera. I currently own several cameras, including a Sony DSC RX10ii with a Zeiss f2.8 24-200 lens and a 1-inch sensor. I love the camera and the lens (I don't need the 600 mm zoom lens on the RX10 Mark 3 and 4 cameras). I know there are a few fixed lens cameras with APS-C sensors, but I already own a Sony Alpha-65 with an APS-C sensor and a couple of zoom lenses, so I don't need that. Is there any possibility of Sony, Fuji, or any other manufacturer introducing a full-frame camera with a high quality fixed lens, or is the idea of a full-frame camera with a fixed lens simply a pipe dream? I realize that the combination sounds incompatible, since both features appeal to different types of photographers, but still . . . Any thoughts?
  6. I became interested in photography watching my father, who took thousands of Kodachrome slides during his lifetime. He was the historian of our family, recording family get-togethers and events such as marriages and graduations with his images. Occasionally, he would venture out of his comfort zone and take photos of flowers, and when we went on family vacations, he would take photos of the sights along the way, including the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., etc. But slides offered little opportunity for creativity -- the slides basically recorded what he saw. When I started taking my own photos, I experimented with prints in my darkroom, which gave me some creative options. With the evolution of digital photography, I find my greatest enjoyment is in post-processing, when I am able to enhance my images with a variety of impressions and expressions. I am able to take the image I captured with my camera and turn it into whatever I want, from a sepia-tone textured image to an impressionist-style painting. I share my images for others to see on Flickr, but my greatest enjoyment is in manipulating the images with digital imaging software, letting my imagination run free . . . I am also having my father's slides converted to digital images, so I can be creative with them. I only wish he was still here to share my enjoyment in re-imagining his slides . . .
  7. It looks like the price of the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX10ii has finally dropped. Amazon, BH Photo, and others are now selling it with a 24-200 mm lens for $998, which is a $200 decrease from the long-standing price of $1198, (what I paid about seven months ago). At this price, it might warrant serious consideration, since many reviews stated that the previous list price was one of the major drawbacks of the camera.
  8. On our 5-night Brilliance of The Seas cruise last November, we were told there was no MDR lobster on cruises less than 7 nights . . .
  9. You might want to check out the Sony DSC RX10 or DSC RX100 series of cameras. Technically, they are considered point and shoot cameras, but they have a lot of pro-type features. I recently purchased a Sony DSC RX10ii with a fixed 28-200 mm zoom lens, and love it . . . However, the RX 100 cameras are much more compact. The RX 10 cameras are similar to DSLR cameras
  10. Dave and Havoc315 -- Many thanks to both of you for your thoughtful comments. After reading them and thinking about them, I decided I am both an enthusiast and a hobbyist. I have a few friends who thought they could make a decent living as professionals doing weddings, senior portraits, families, children, etc., only to hang it up after a few years for a number of reasons. I'm content to post photos on Flickr, enter a few local competitions, give canvas prints to friends and family members, and travel to places with great photo opportunities -- Greek Isles coming up next summer with a 4-hour photo excursion in Santorini.
  11. Dave -- I read your article and enjoyed it very much. A quick question -- In your opinion, is there a difference between an "enthusiast" and a "hobbyist"? I'm trying to decide which one I am . . .
  12. Just got off the Brilliance this morning following a 5-night cruise out of Tampa. I was surprised to find no lobster on the MDR menu (apart from the additional charge offerings). I asked about it, and was told there is no more "Lobster Night" on cruises of less than 7 nights . . .
  13. If you haven't already done so, please join the Roll Call for the November 3 cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa. Lots of good information on the Roll Call.
  14. Call me a Luddite, but for me, a phone is a phone and a camera is a camera. I still use a flip phone and will probably never own a smart phone. I have a laptop, a tablet, and three Sony cameras (a65, a3000, and DSC-RX10ii). My grown kids like to impress me by showing me their smart phone photos, but still ask me for canvas prints of my Alaska and Hawaii panoramas to put on their walls. (They have to ask, since they know I don't text . . . :)
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