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  1. Kids! Lol. My wife loved them. One of the highlights of the cruise for her.
  2. Our room steward was amazing. Every night it was a wonderful surprise. Now its like returning to a Zoo lol
  3. The Fabled Dragon towel animal lol
  4. Sport 24 is the provider. Since its a Sunday game with no other Kick off at that time I would think it will be on. YNWA
  5. Way too many posts to read lol When do you get charged for upgrade? When they accept your bid do they just automatically charge your Credit card? Do you have to confirm the charge ? How do you find out you won? Email? phone call?
  6. I agree with the OP. Its great to be able to retreat away from the crowds and enjoy what is usually a peaceful place. Nothing wrong with that. We all do it everyday in our own lives. Man caves etc .
  7. Does anyone happen to know if NA beer is included in any of the packages ?
  8. Oh I did in Bermuda which was great. The internet was usable onboard while in port. That wont help me in Panama lol. Again if Royal can do it Ncl should be able to. They should at least stop saying they can and charging like they do. Just because its internet people are like "what do you expect". I expect if someone is going to sell and charge me a premium for a service I should get what I pay for. If it was the UBP and all the beer was warm would everyone say "well its the middle of the ocean what do you expect".
  9. While I do need internet for work. I also enjoy going online and reading articles, checking the news and sports. Scrolling through Fb. I look at it the same way as reading a newspaper or magazine. I don't buy the whole phones are bad and nobody communicates anymore argument. All we do is communicate and share. When was the last time I cut a newspaper article out and mailed it to someone? Never...maybe once or twice in my lifetime. I used to maybe get a picture of my cousins kids once a year for their school photo. Now I see them almost once a day. I grew up in a different country and I can honestly say I have a family member make me laugh at least once a day.
  10. I know. I was signing in and out in the hope it would make it faster and on the advice of the internet manager. I also cleared my cache regularly. As mentioned above I have an iPhone X
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