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  1. Is there any rhyme or reason to how they are processing refunds? It seems like I'm hearing people with sail dates beyond mine saying they are seeing money back. I'm asking because our sail date was 3/15/20 on Liberty. RCL / CDC cancelled our cruise on 3/13. On 4/10 received FCC email. On 4/14, we received email saying our cruise planner purchases were cancelled / refunded but here on 4/27 still no money back to my Credit Card. No mention of Royal Up refund and none of those dollars back yet. My travel agent said oh give them time they are working on it. She also said they are processing the cruise fare refunds first then the cruise planner when cancelling out the room/reservation. Well, FCC issued 4/10, refund email for cruise planner 4/14, so seems the money is lost somewhere. What is left for them to cancel out on the reservation? I called Royal today and was told something new and disappointing. I was told it would be 30-45 days from the 4/14 cruise planner cancellation email to receive my money back. REALLY? So now, that is basically Royal telling us to wait 60-75 days from sail date for refund of cruise planner items. Thanks for any insights!!
  2. I don't see this anywhere official. Can you link me? We were actively packing to drive to port tomorrow... Thank you!!
  3. Howdy! We just got upgraded (via Royal Up) to a Grand Suite. When we had a regular balcony we had booked the Key. Is there any reason to keep the Key? I am thinking the only difference that Suites does not get us that the Key does is 1 - Chops Boarding Lunch and 2 - Internet. Am I missing anything? If those are the only two benefits we don't get with the Suite, thinking it will be better to book internet and Chops separately, but just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything, it has been a few years since I've sailed Royal. Thank you!!! Melissa
  4. Oh my gosh, $8?!? Ugh. We defected to Disney (b/c of having a toddler/little girl) and the up front price is much more but you are not nickel and dimed for nearly as many things. I remember long waits for room service delivery. Is it at least quick now with the fee? Thank you!
  5. What's new? I haven't cruised Royal in about 4 years. What's new or changed since I last cruised? (Besides new ships. I mean things I might want to be aware of when cruising in a few weeks.) Thanks! Melissa
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