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  1. You are right!! Sorry! I forgot we did 2 sea days before Roatan. So yes, Cozumel on Friday was our Elegant.
  2. For us it was Monday, our first Sea Day and then Cozumel on Thurs. We had a Sun-Sun cruise.
  3. Yes, I know. Just letting people know that room 2442 didn't have the noise some people say the Family Harbor rooms have. If you are up closer the the lounge you will be under the galley.
  4. Our first Sea Day, Monday, was elegant night and then Thurs. (We sailed Sun-Sun)
  5. Yes, the Imax is $7. (I see somebody wrote they were $13. I thought they were $7....We didn't watch any movies but we did look into it) We ate the BBQ at lunch during sea day with no extra charge. Our cruise they played alot of football at the pool but they also had movies during the week!
  6. We had a deluxe oceanview, so we had the split bathroom. Lots of storage too. I didn't think the lounge was congested at all. We were always able to find some place to sit, even if it was just a couch. We didn't hear any noise from the lounge at all, you can't even hear it in the hall outside the lounge. We ate there for breakfast on port days and it was mostly the same stuff as upstairs...eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, french toast, waffles, meats and cheeses. Cereal, pastries and all the fixings. It also has a cappuccino machine! We got coffee from there all day. We never ate lunch there but they would do snacks like finger sandwiches, fruit, cookies, dessert during the day. We were in room 2442 and heard NO NOISE at all from the galley upstairs. I think it was worth it. It was nice to have someplace to get a decent breakfast and not go all the way up and then back down to get off the ship.
  7. I don't know what this is so I have no clue! 🙂
  8. We know what they told us but not sure its the real reason. They kept telling us 5-10 more minutes and we would be going, and that the tender boat was having a hard time as there was rough seas. We looked out the window and the seas were as calm as could be. After the third "5-10 mins" (which was always more like 25 mins) they cancelled. Our excursion met at 11:30 and it was cancelled around 1:15...we just sat and waited that whole time.
  9. Also we stayed in the Family Harbor Rooms. Forgot to add that!
  10. Aquaman National Park The new Spiderman and I can't remember the others. Sorry, we didn't do the IMAX!
  11. We had early dining, 6 pm in Reflections Dining room. Didn't do YTD. :) Check in/boarding was a breeze! We were even early and we went right through the line no problem. Got to boarding area 5 and waited to be called. It was easy peasy. Disembarkation on was a little more chaotic. We had to self disembark as we had a early flight. As usual people didn't listen to what they were being told to do, so that made it crazy, too many people getting off at one time imo. We were deck 2, so we shouldn't have had too many going when we did. Anyhow, it went ok....just slow and we almost missed our shuttle at 9:15.
  12. Yes, the salad bar is open on sea days. Not sure of the gift. This was my first Carnival cruise!
  13. We did not do the imax. We did do the Thrill theaters and had no problems. I didn’t hear of any imax shows not being available from any other guests.
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