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  1. Who knows what they will do. But this is totally different than having Noro or the seasonal flu. And how would they determine if you falsified info on the questionnaire regarding being vaccinated?
  2. I would think that when it gets closer to your cruise that NCL will have a form to fill out ( release of info) allowing them to get the info from CDC on your status of being vaccinated. Here in NJ whoever received the vaccine is in the states immunization system. I have my CDC card as well as my husband and adult son. I also got 3 individual letters from the state with the state seal showing where and when we got vaccinated. Now - yes all this can be forged. So I expect that a release of info form will be given out or it will be added on to the NCL contract when you are allowed
  3. I understand that, I posted that as well. post 10 However , like some have said some countries require the PCR. So I guess they are cruising to countries that would accept the antigen verses the PCR. But as Birdtravel stated she is going to Bahamas and they require a PCR. Now you can get that done here prior to flying to the Bahamas. But flying back to the US do you need a PCR once you disembark? Or will the antigen test that NCL is doing going to be accepted on disembarkation for entry back.
  4. So they didn't say which ones they were doing. Antigen verses PCR.
  5. Can you tell us more what they said, I did not see the show.
  6. So how does this work now , Since most require the PCR. And NCL has the antigen test they are going to do. Since they list that under their plan for testing. Cost is cheaper for the antigen test so that is maybe why they went route, But it does not meet requirements for some countries.
  7. If they need a lab test within 72 hours the antigen test is ready anywhere from 15- 45 minutes. Although not as sensitive as the PCR test.
  8. I found this PDF from NCl stating they will test prior to disembarkation. UNIVERSAL TESTING FOR ALL GUESTS & CREW All guests will be required to take a COVID-19 antigen test, administered and paid for by the cruise line, prior to boarding and receive a negative result. In addition, a second COVID-19 antigen test will be administered prior to disembarkation. https://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/1aa87896-aae4-4475-85cd-77a231290dc6
  9. Who knows when things will reopen for them. I do know there are is a lot of people that live close to port and do not want to fly to another port for a cruise. I am referring to the US ports. Its just so convenient to get in your car and drive there.
  10. Well this article that just came out: Pfizer, BioNTech request emergency authorization to vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/547391-pfizer-biontech-request-expanded-emergency-authorization-to-give-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR1fn7ux8C8RHy7bh3BRfTPeuCBCTaWz4DJCpgdabbIdITcioaEGg864qKc
  11. Well, I know of people personally who were vaccinated in the last 2 months that have come down with covid since being vaccinated. So it does happen and yes testing positive for up to 3 months. Testing positive after you have had covid and not being transmissible is relevant. For those traveling and have to have a neg test prior to boarding. But we all have our opinions.
  12. I don't understand You mentioned you never heard of anyone testing pos for 3-5 months. Its right here on the CDC website that you can test + for up to 3 months but not be contagious.
  13. I would urge everyone to look at the FAQ section under the Safe Sail page on NCL. link provided. Many of the questions can be answered there. https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe#sail-safe-faq
  14. On the Sail safe FAQ it does mention refunds but that is up to the Oct 2021 sailings https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe#sail-safe-faq If I Already booked a cruise or have a FCC and don't want to get vaccinated , wild the cruise line provide a refund for my cruise? Yes, if a guest has an active reservation as of April 5, 2021 for a cruise with a vaccination requirement (currently all sailings through October 31, 2021), that the guest is unable to comply with; guest will be permitted to apply the full value of all amounts paid to a new future cruise credit or, at their  discretion, be
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