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  1. Be careful if you are considering Viking. Nothing against the Viking experience, but their longboats are not allowed to dock in Paris because of the size of the boat, so they dock in a town outside the city. They do provide buses to take people back and forth from Paris, but the trip can take an hour each way. Much nicer to actually be docked in Paris; less time spent sitting in traffic and we could see the Eiffel tower from the deck of our ship during our Avalon cruise! Also the Viking longboats only went as far as Rouen this year; most other lines go at least as far as Caudebec. I believe Viking will introduce 2 new ships in 2021 that will be small enough to dock in Paris, so if you're set on Viking, make sure to choose one of the smaller ships.
  2. Yes, it was Vantage; i received the same brochure.
  3. Do a search for Teeming in this forum. I believe that FuelScience did a tour with them and left an extensive review that you may find helpful. I have seen various reviews of Gate 1; you may also find information on them by searching this forum.
  4. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. Right now I'm leaning toward Zurich, with possibly a day trip to Lucerne. First I'll have to find out how many extra days we can add to our trip. I do know how expensive Switzerland can be 😲.
  5. I am taking an Avalon Rhine river Christmas cruise ending in Basel in December with my sister and two friends. We will spend an extra day or two at the end of the cruise and I'm looking for advice on which city to visit. None of us have been to this part of Switzerland. Besides the Christmas markets what are the attractions of these cities in December? I'm leaning towards Lucerne as I've read how beautiful it is, but what is it like in December? I'm hoping CC members who have been to these places in December to share their thoughts! Thanks!
  6. My TA gives me a 15% discount that comes off the price of the cruise along with any Avalon discounts and Globus Journeys discount. We've only sailed with Avalon, so I don't know if the same discount is offered for other cruise lines.
  7. The TA I use gives me a 15% discount off the cruise line price in addition to any discounts offered by the cruise line. We use a cash back travel credit card because we don’t want to be tied to a particular airline. Used to use a United card but the company’s policies for redeeming miles have become more restricted and we now avoid booking with them whenever possible.
  8. Does Viking only allow the TA discount to be given as OBC? Discounts we have received from our TA were deducted from her commission and applied directly to the Avalon invoice; at 15% of the cost it was a great discount!
  9. We have done 3 Avalon cruises and used the same online TA. She gave us a 15% discount off the price of the cruise (in addition to Avalon discounts), so for us it was well worth it. Not sure if you can get the same discount on a Viking cruise.
  10. Just to clarify...did Viking provide any excursions during the three days you were moored in Roth? How many days were you able to actually 'cruise'?
  11. I would add Avalon to the list of lines that cater to active cruisers. They offer active Rhine and Danube cruises that include things like kayaking, hiking, etc. Although it wasn't marketed as an 'active' cruise, Avalon had an activities director (i think that was what he was called) on our recent Moselle and Rhine cruise. Every morning he led a yoga or cardio class in the lounge and most days there was an active excursion option like a vineyard hike or bicycle ride. Avalon does have an 'evening snack' which we only had once; usually we are too full from dinner. We found the food to be excellent with healthy options available at each meal.
  12. Hi Notamermaid, Yes, we are taking the Avalon Canals, Vineyards, and Castles cruise. This will be our third Avalon cruise. Pre-cruise we will be spending a few days with friends who live in Munich, then visiting Berlin with them. We leave them in Berlin and take a train to Trier where we have rented an apartment for 2 days before the cruise. We won't have much time to visit the region, we mostly plan to see the sights in Trier, do laundry, and relax! The weather looks cool and rainy but we will pack accordingly and plan to have and awesome vacation..
  13. Thank you Notamermaid for keeping us up to date with the Rhine water levels. We are doing a Moselle and Rhine cruise from Remich to Amsterdam starting on June 6. The weather forecast shows many days with showers; hope there are enough dry days to keep the river from flooding!
  14. Thanks, Fuelscience, for this extensive review. We are taking our third Avalon cruise in June, Canals Vineyards and Castles. We love the Avalon product but they have become more expensive since they switched to the Panorama suites. We have friends that are interested in doing a river cruise with us but Avalon is out of their price range. I think the only thing we would miss is the tours as we have enjoyed the tours we've done on Avalon. But I suppose we could arrange for our own port tours. Does Teeming let one know the port times in advance so that private tours may be arranged? Looking forward to your Nicko review!
  15. Brita makes water bottles with filters. It would be easier to take one or two of these instead of a pitcher. Just Google 'Brita travel water filter' and you'll see lots of options.
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