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  1. PZetz

    My cruise disappeared

    I read on another site that it is an Atlantis Events charter...just recently signed.
  2. PZetz

    Nieuw Amsterdam vs. Regal Princess

    You can't go wrong with either ship! The Regal is beautiful with good service and food choices. There are approx. 1000 more passengers on the Regal than the NA....the ship is huge and lots of walking involved to get from A to B. We had an Owner's Suite on the back of the ship....didn't think it was worth the extra cost (plus too far away from everything). I personally prefer the NA. It has a modern styling to go with all the HAL "traditions". I also prefer the HAL specialty restaurants to those of Princess. That being said, both of these ship are at the top of their league!!
  3. My group of four will be in port (Warnemunde) from 8am-3am.....so no worries about making it back to ship. We've scheduled a private bike tour in Berlin starting at 2pm for 4 1/2 hours. We're trying to figure out the best transport option to get to Berlin and maximize our time there. Does anyone have info on hiring a private taxi or transport one way to Berlin? If so, how expensive? We can return on the 8:45pm train for 40 Euro pp. The train schedule to get to Berlin might work bur leaves at 8:03am....3 minutes after ship arrival so not sure about that! Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
  4. Yes! It's on the MSC Divina....FEB 15-22, 2014 MIA..at sea...at sea...St Maarten...San Juan...at sea...Great Stirrup Cay...MIA Hope this helps!
  5. PZetz

    RSVP Med Cruise 2012

    Hey all! We're still looking for at least 4 more cruisers who want to do a smaller group tour (10 people ish) from Cadiz to Seville on Jul 2. We've got 6 signed up already. Cost is 79 Euro pp (approx $98)....cheaper than HAL offerings and more intimate. If you want to join us, contact [url]www.SpainDayTours.com[/url] and fill out the info to join the Seville excursion from the Nieuw Amsterdam (there is only one). Hope to see some of you there!! Philip
  6. PZetz

    RSVP Med Cruise 2012

    Seville tour will leave shortly after docking...probably before 9? Solo travellers will be great!! The more the merrier!!!
  7. PZetz

    RSVP Med Cruise 2012

    For anyone wanting to sign up for the smaller group tour to Seville, just go to [url]www.SpainDayTours.com[/url] and follow link to "Cadiz to Seville" private tour....fill out the info and they will keep track of our group. There is only one group for this cruise so they said will know that we're all together. We need 10-18 people total for the trip to be authorized at the 79 Euro rate...sounds like we may have 6 already...just need 4 more!!
  8. PZetz

    RSVP Med Cruise 2012

    Hey Med cruisers! My group of four is trying to organize a smaller (10-18 people) excursion to Seville on July 2. I've contacted Spain Day Tours... [url]www.SpainDayTours.com[/url] and they can do a tour that includes transportaion from the port, English speaking guide for 3 hour walking tour in Seville, free time in Seville, etc for 79 Euro pp. Total time of tour would be 7-9 hours. Check out their website and contact them if you would like to be included. We need at least 10 people to guarantee the 79 Euro rate....otherwise can do a smaller group for a little more money. Time to start planning!!!! Pzetz
  9. Anyone have any feedback from the post-dry dock Oosterdam? Would love to know how she's looking!! Thanks...
  10. PZetz

    Oosterdam dry dock....

    Thanks for the info everyone!!
  11. Does anyone have any specific info on what will be done to Oosterdam during her upcoming dry dock? I am sailing on her in October so am curious! Thanks!
  12. PZetz

    Tamarind's Rijsttafel dinner

    There is a minimum of 4 persons required to book the Rijsttafel. There were 3 in our group and we paid the 4 person rate (ie $80 total) in order to experience the dinner. It was well worth it!
  13. PZetz

    Pub Crawl anyone?

    Did the pub crawl on the Westerdam a few months ago. It was a blast!
  14. PZetz

    Glacier Bay on Westerdam

    Just returned....you can go out on the bow of the ship at the front of deck 4....they serve wine/cheese there during the Glacier Bay day....not too crowded and no obstructions.
  15. PZetz

    Whale Watching Recommendations

    Just back from Juneau on the Westerdam....as stated elsewhere, go with Harv and Marv if at all possible. This excursion was the highlight of the trip. The boat was new and Jay (Marv) was the best guide possible. Saw too many cool things to even mention.....highly recommended!!