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  1. we did the pride two summers ago and two connecting rooms. for the breeze we had 4 in one room . the couch turned to a bed and the pullman came down from the ceiling above the couch/ bed.
  2. NoNo was the CD on the winter 2019 cruise out of PC.
  3. yes the iPad recognition was working in December off of Carnival breeze.
  4. we had Dr. E on the pride and NoNo on the breeze. much much different and more engaging with Dr. E
  5. we had FTTF for our trip to half moon cay. since we had FTTF we had the first tender off the ship. if you did not have FTTF you had to get up really early and fight with others to get the first few boats off. my father in law had to wait almost 2 hours before he could get off the ship due to a late tender time.
  6. it was the 5th night on the breeze. I brought glow sticks and packed my favorite Def Leppard concert shirt.
  7. arrived dec 30th to Port Canaveral. EASY PEASY
  8. you many to uninstall .that was what I had to do from the pride to the breeze.
  9. tender. for this port alone I got FTTF!!!!!!
  10. I had it on the sea day brunch. so good.
  11. our excursion in Cozumel was canceled day of. the monies went back into our sS account.
  12. you can text via the hub for 5 dollars only on the ship you are on. I believe. it would be too hard to do it from another ship.
  13. we actually did this on the second day. we had a 100 dollar gift card. however, when our excursion to Cozumel was canceled and they reimbursed us- they used the reimbursement first bf the gift card and would not let us "cash" out at the end. why would you use money from day 4 over day 1? we did get it our money back. we had 110 back from what we did not spend for the week. guest services was very good.
  14. I booked daily spa day about 3 months before we left. got hubby a massage when spa had a sale.
  15. it was just frustrating that some people did not show up until about 20-25 minutes into the drill. we were all waiting nicely but they had to keep calling out names to see if those showed up. It just makes the embarkation day a bit longer.
  16. we waited over 20 minutes for straggers. It held up the muster drill. please don't .
  17. we did port Canaveral from Delaware . Arrived one day early .
  18. they did not do veggies burgers this time. on the pride they did. so no guys this time.
  19. unless you are FTTF, you are lugging your bag. for me my wine bottle broke and I had to carry a bag with broken glass in it
  20. Day 3 Cozumel!!!!! This was a day I waited for since we booked the trip . We booked a catamaran/ snorkel/ beach day. It was a 1:00 excursion so I figured this would give the family a chance to sleep in and relax- also, I told them to have an early lunch since we would be getting off the ship around 12:30. Well…. Needless to say… the excursion was canceled. High winds. Now carnival should have informed us that morning. I could have booked another excursion. Now we were only in port for another 4 hours. I also spent close to 350 for that trip- yes, four adults. I was told it would go back on my SS card. We decided to do some cheap shopping. So back on the ship to enhance my tan. Haunukkah again. This time we “lit” the electric one in the atrium and then to the library for latkes and wine. Dinner in MDR. DS loves to get the most obscure food. Evening activities: Went to the ocean plaza and found a band that was AWESOME. (so good we saw them every night)- Sea Sharps with the Surplus of Diggity. ( I mean soooooooooooo good). Another night of limelight comedy. The “R” one.
  21. you can do it when you on the ship . put in airplane mode when on ship . the app will show you what to do. guest services can help too.
  22. no need for the fun times. its so easier on the phone.
  23. never did magic but the breeze was great. live in DE and PC was an easier port than Baltimore and Cape liberty. Easy on easy off. plus the hotels near PC are great.
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