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  1. used it on the pride two summers ago. it was awesome. the grandparents loved it and so did the two teens. best- if you meet someone who has the chat- you can chat with them.  so worth the 5 bucks.  no wifi needed. keep in airplane mode. 


    sometimes it worked fast sometimes a few minutes slow. it depended. still worth it. 

  2. 11 hours ago, xitappers2bx said:

    I've cruised a few times during Hanukkah; there's no candles allowed--they will take your menorah and your candles.  I just got a nice battery operated menorah on Zion Judaica's website for like $40 that i'll toss into my front window next year.  They do have a giant menorah in the atrium they light each night.


    I also found some amazing ugly Hanukkah sweaters ('lets get lit" and "oy to the world") and some stupid cute hannucats shirts to wear with my teenager on Etsy.  


    What Carnival ship are you on?  We're doing the Magic out of FLL.

    Port Canaveral - breeze. Happy Early Hanukkah

  3. 4 hours ago, Luvstobike said:

    We were on the Breeze for the same Halloween cruise...   Our first time on this ship but have done about16 cruises on Carnival.  We also were disappointed about the lack of movies by the pool this trip!!   

    We were very happy with the free food choices on the ship.. we ate in the Blush dining room each night and except for a bad Flat Iron Steak one night, liked everything we ate!  Our favorites for lunch included the Blue Iguana Cantina (burrito), The BBQ place on deck 5 (yumm!), the Wok in the Lido buffet area and the 24 hour pizzeria on 10 Aft!  On a previous cruise on Dream we LOVED Guys Burgers and Fries but the burgers on Breeze were not nearly as good; that was a surprise and disappointing since I made sure this ship had that option on board.  We had breakfast each morning in the Lido buffet and have no complaints there... plenty of bacon, eggs a variety of ways incl made to order omelets, sausage, ham,pancakes, french toast, grits, oatmeal, several dry cereal options, hash browns and home fries, multiple pastry choices and bread/bagels, fruit options and even sliced meat and cheeses. Mostly the lines moved well.  Our only complaint was the desserts offered at lunch were pretty much limited to a slice of cake(s) so we miissed the previous variety. 

    We generally don't go to the "pay extra" restaurants since the other options are very good.  We did like the area on deck 5 that offered specialty ice creams, donuts and cakes/cupcakes for a fee.

    We were on Deck 8 aft in 8425 - an inside cabin.  We usually get an inside to be economical and BC we don't spend much time there!  But our cabin this time was smaller than most of our previous rooms...many times there has been a "couch"  next to the desk but not this time. We DID have a refrigerator which was great to keep our sodas cold.  We liked the location of our room since we were close to the aft stairs which two flights up was the buffet and the aft pool area which was our favorite - quieter music playing, less kids running around and almost always an available deck chair.

    The things I did find disappointing was the obvious wear on the outdoor deck areas, the stained dining room chairs (upward of 60% had obvious stains), carpet in cabin in need of a good cleaning and two of the main shows in the theater were the same ones we saw on our 2/2018 cruise.  The quality of the other 2 shows in the theater was less than stellar, unfortunately.  We did see several good comedians while onboard.  We missed seeing some specialty acts like a magician, etc. like on previous cruises.

    We enjoyed some of the music in the Atrium in the evenings.  Our favorite was a trio of trombone, saxophone and trumpet.  We also joined in playing trivia with some others we met there.  Music trivia and the Halloween mingle in the Atrium were also fun.   The Halloween deck party and costume contest was wild and an obvious favorite as it seemed like over half the guests attended.  We had a blast dressing up and giving out treats to the kids onboard.  We decorated our cabin door too which was fun and made it easy to find our room each day.

    The Breeze has 2 water slides, one of which I loved!   The other is just ok.   They also have several kiddie slides and other fountains, buckets to get/keep you wet.  Just above the Splash Zone is the adult only section of the deck - Serenity which has a lot of lounge chairs, and sitting areas.   Since we always found space near the aft pool when we wanted sun, we never really spent any time in Serenety this trip.


    Would I go on the Breeze again? Probably, but my first choice would be to try out one  of the newest ships in the fleet.


    I am happy to try to answer questions about other stuff I didn't comment on..

    thank you so much for the update. we are excited to try out the breeze. we did the pride two summers ago and loved it.  hoping the almost 18 and 16 year olds love it too. DS only wants food- DD only wants to get a tan. so I think both will be happy. I need a quiet spot to rest and read but in the sun but not near the loud pool deck music. suggestions???


    4 hours ago, Luvstobike said:



  4. 52 minutes ago, Butterbean1000 said:

    All in all, it was a great cruise. I think the Breeze is my favorite ship. The crew was fabulous.  The ship was very clean and showed little sign of wear.  So my main complaint?  The World Series.  They showed it on the big screen every night.  I really missed the movies. We had picked out 4 movies we wanted to watch.  We didnt get to see one.  They were playing the game on the casino and Red Frog TVs and there wasn't that many people watching. Didnt ruin my cruise,  but I was disappointed.  Oh well, on to the next cruise....

    please do a review... 🙂

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