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  1. we were unable to do it - book ATD on the hub summer 18 while on the pride.
  2. that is why I look for the most secluded area, away from the pool and music playing and find a chair.
  3. should I bring my own hairdryer????
  4. I am wondering about petty cash/ phone/ sign sail card. just a small safe would work on the beaches.
  5. can I bring this safe for the beach excursions. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFCKQYG/ref=psdc_705336011_t3_B077K3FJHC?th=1
  6. the pride did not have the option to do the hub for YTD. we waited from 20 minutes to over an hour.
  7. we did anytime last summer on the pride. it was a nightmare some nights . we had a group of 6. we are back on the breeze and will do early seating this time.
  8. our last cruise my son was 16 , daughter 14 both used the hub. worked fine. even my inlaws did too.
  9. people always forget you can use the spa for showers and getting ready.
  10. usually formal night is the second night. we did pride two summers ago.
  11. Does Carnival do anything for guests who celebrate Hanukkah? Royal Caribbean did a great job- potato pancakes / lit a menorah.
  12. where is there a good spot to get some sun, a chair but not crowded or too noisy. is deck 5 the way to go?
  13. I thought they got rid of the Mongolian wok?
  14. I need more expert advice from the fellow CCs- what is there to do? do I book an excursion through carnival? DH, 18 year old son, 16 year old daughter. - respond.
  15. taking family (DH, 18 and 16 year old teens) = which port is best for getting an excursion to ruins? I was told Mahogany Bay is best to stay in port- beach close to ship?? need my CC folks for help.
  16. is it worth it? YES!! we went on the pride last summer and had 2 teens, 2 grandparents plus DH and I. it made life soooooo much easier to communicate on the ship. I will use it again!!!!!
  17. if you could stay on board for either port, which would it be????
  18. has anyone done this? why does it say 15 minutes? do I only get 15 minutes per day? is it once a day?
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