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  1. Ok, going to book it for our 3 nights post cruise in Oct. There is an offer from Amex platinum that gets us early checkin/late check out, room upgrade if available & 2 free massages! Thanks! They also have a hotel in Prague (our pre cruise), but they don't have those same options, so strange.
  2. Is it on the Buda or Pest side? Have seen the name pop up a few times for our post cruise. Thanks.
  3. That is good to hear as I believe we booked the same cabin location on our cruise next fall on the Mahler.
  4. Thanks so much for the links! You are the best😊
  5. We booked a Vienna to Budapest river cruise on Crystal for Oct. Is there any where else on these boards for any other feedback- seems to be sparse info on their river cruises. Thank you CORAL for posting the shore excursion itinerary, that was helpful to see timing on things so we can do morning & afternoon tours.
  6. For those of you who did the Melodies of the Danube, did you do the day or 1/2 day Salzburg tour? We are thinking about the 1/2 day since that will enable us to see Linz in the morning. Also, after revisting Uktog's journal of their trip, it sounds as through the food on the ship is well worth having dinner on board. Did any of you choose to dine off the ship in any particular port for lunch or dinner? ReaderGirl57, when you did chef's table, was that night #2? Just starting to get into intense planning mode, we are on the April 12th AmaLea from Budapest. We are spending a few days in Belgium, then arriving Weds in Budapest for Fri cruise. Post cruise we hired a driver to take us to Czesky Krumlov en route to Prague where we will spend 4 nights. We have booked dinner at Caviar & Bull in Budapest & also an Eat & Meet in a local's home for dinner our other evening pre cruise. Has anyone tried either of these dinner venues? This is our 1st river cruise, but it is also the 1st time we will be bouncing around this much. We usually go to the port city for our ocean cruise & spend a few days & then come home directly after. Plus the weather will be chilly in April, so it is going to be a very different experience for us & packing will certainly be a challenge. Anyone been on the Danube in April? Thinking I might need a warm jacket for the evenings & layers during the day.
  7. Thank you so much for this review, we board the AMALea in April for the Melodies of the Danube & all of your info is so appreciated as well as the wonderful pictures. We are doing pre & post on our own & will be going to Prague with a driver via Czesky Krumlov, so glad to hear it is a well worth it stop. You have raised my excitement level with your post, as this is also our 1st river cruise after quite a few ocean ones. Many thanks~
  8. We are doing Melodies of the Danube & I wanted to fly somewhere direct pre cruise & couldn't get to Budapest direct, so....we are going to Belgium for a few days. It is a 90 minute flight (Brussels air has 3-4/day) from Brussels to Budapest. Plan on a day to Bruges & a 1/2 day to Ghent.
  9. We booked AmaLea Melodies of the Danube- it is our 1st river cruise.
  10. Thank you so much Migelito for the daily sheets and the photos. We are on AmaLea Danube in April so our weather will be significantly cooler, for sure! I didn't realize that there were some evening activities off ship, so it was good to see the Vienna choices. Much appreciated :-)
  11. Looking @ Melodies of Danube for April 2019 & I know it will be too chilly to sit on the balcony with my morning coffee. Debating about the french balcony & the smaller of the 2 rooms- the CA vs the CB. The CB is a less $ & 15 sq feet smaller & on the violin deck, which is under the walking track. I don't really think that would be an issue. The room is near the chef's table restaurant, which I also don't believe will be an issue. Any real pros/cons to room type? I don't expect to spend much time in room. Also- for those of you who have done AMA, is it better to be pre & post cruise with them or on your own? Haven't done a river cruise before & liked their itinerary. Thanks:D
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