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  1. This has probably been discussed before but I am not having any luck finding the answer. We will be doing a b2b on the Regal in March and I have done all the preliminary medallion sign in . Will our medallion have the 14 day dates or do I need to do anything special to make that happen? We will be in the same cabin.
  2. Thank you Shelly and cruiser lady. We have rented equipment from Special Needs many times but first time considering a recliner. Price I was quoted was $285 for 14 days. Worth the price for my husbands comfort. I was told they would need to clear it with Princess but it seems it has been done so shouldn’t be a problem . We always get a HC cabin. Do you remember if they removed the bed to make room? We have an inside cabin on the Regal. Thanks again for the replies. Nancy
  3. Has anyone here ever rented a lift recliner for a Princess cruise from Special needs at Sea?
  4. I am unable to participate in the roll call for my cruise. When I try to write something to post I get a message that says loading and it goes nowhere
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