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  1. Kiwi_mum

    "I wish I knew before..."

    Also FREE on the Celebrity Solstice two weeks ago.:)
  2. Kiwi_mum

    Sky Suites and Michaels Lounge

    This is what I received when conversing with Christina from Celebrity. Sky Suites still receive specialty dining if the cruise booked before 1st January 2016. Welcome bottle of Blanc de Blanc wine. Michaels' Club facilities and concierge. Christina sent me through a full list which I can e-mail to you if you like, or if you are on Facebook - feel free to add me as a friend. Cheers, Marita:)
  3. Kiwi_mum

    Is Luminae worth the jump from Aqua?

    Thank you so much. We are cruising from Vancouver to Honolulu on 9th September 2016. On the night of our anniversary we are going to a Luau at Old Lahaina (we overnight there), might have to have a special lunch on the cruise:) Love the idea of having a gift presented on a serving tray - will have to do that. Funny that you should mention the spa, as we have decided that this time we would like to do the couples massage and spa. Cheers, Marita
  4. Kiwi_mum

    Is Luminae worth the jump from Aqua?

    Hi We are first time cruisers with Celebrity and have booked a Sky Suite for our September cruise. We would love to do and engine room and bridge tour - without sounding stupid, are these tours that you have to pay for? On Royal we had to pay for these tours. The butler for the suite is making the extra price seem worth it :) We will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary whilst on the cruise and I would like to organize something special for my husband on the day, do I organize this through the butler or the concierge at Michael's? Thanks in advance, Marita
  5. Kiwi_mum

    Sky Suites and Michaels Lounge

    Hi Gordon, Thank you for the information... I will go onto the Facebook page and take a screenshot of it. Looking forward to our cruise - albeit a few months away. (In the interim have two lots of surgery due so hopefully fully recovered before we go on holiday). With best wishes, Marita:)
  6. Kiwi_mum

    Sky Suites and Michaels Lounge

    Hi Like yourself, my husband and I booked our upcoming cruise on the Celebrity Solstice prior to December 2015 (I think we booked it in April 2015). We were disappointed to read that the specialty dinners had been removed from Sky Suites (this is our first cruise with Celebrity and opted to have a Sky Suite). Upon reading your post it has given us faith that they will honor the deals that were on offer when we reserved our suite. Do we need to confirm this with our travel agent or when we board the Solstice? With many thanks, Marita
  7. Recently we held my oldest son's 21st birthday party and the theme he set for it was "Formal". A few of his friends balked at the idea of dressing in formal attire at first, but out of respect to our son and ourselves, they dressed accordingly. These same boys came to us during the night and said that they felt quite good about themselves in their nice clothes and had gained the confidence to speak with older people in attendance, knowing that they would not be frowned upon for wearing jeans to such a special occasion. It set the tone for a fantastic night, with people of all age groups mingling together.. without the older generation worrying about young ones in their rough looking clothes and giving the wrong impression. We certainly appreciated the effort that these young men went to and it showed to us the respect that they have for our son. I realize that still some will think that they do not have to show respect for the event that they are going to and can turn up to a formal event dressed like they are ready for a barn dance. But that is their choice.... to have respect or not. Really how hard is it to do something different for a change, out of respect to your fellow cruisers and for the rules/guidelines put forth by the cruise line? They are only there to enhance the experience and if you do not want to take part -go to the buffet.. simple.
  8. Hi Is it only the American currency cards that can be used on the Allure or can cards purchased in Canada also be used? With thanks:)
  9. That is sad - as formal dining should be just that. Sadly it is happening on the lesser star cruises too. Our last cruise with P&O was in December 2011 and people were turning up to formal dining in very casual attire. Made you wonder if it was worth adhering to the guidelines for the dress code asked for.
  10. Kiwi_mum

    Meet & Mingle Door Signs

    Have been reading through this really interesting thread - and would like to thank all those who have offered fantastic advice. I am a first time cruiser to Royal Caribbean (but have cruised before with Holland American and P&O), we never were involved with Cruise Critic before - wish now that we had been. I thought I would share with you our door sign - it features where we live and our travelling Kiwi "Goldie" With best wishes and many thanks again to all those who have offered their wonderful advice and ideas, Marita (Kiwi_mum)
  11. Kiwi_mum

    Allure of the Seas

    Hi My husband and I are doing back to back cruises on the Allure this September. The first cruises on the 22nd of Sept and the second on the 29th of Sept. We have five weeks away in total - starting off with a week in Canada before the cruises, Orlando, Las Vegas and Los Angeles following the cruises. Pre cruise we are staying at the Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina for two nights, the night before the cruise we are doing the Jungle Queen River Cruise - a bbq dinner and show, there are a few from our cruise critic group joining us - should be a fantastic night. I know how excited you must be looking forward to your cruises - ours are in another 89 days and I am super excited. With best wishes, :D
  12. Great idea about having a photo near the car - my husband and I have the Prohibition Event booked/reserved for both cruises that we are on in September.:)
  13. Kiwi_mum

    What Do You Like To Pre-Pay and Why

    Gisborne is a very small place and most people know each other... what is your sister's name? We are looking forward to our back to back cruises on the Allure in September :) --Marita
  14. Kiwi_mum

    What Do You Like To Pre-Pay and Why

    Like others, we like to pay for as much as we can before going on holiday - we have loved that you can prepay everything on RCCL, with some other ships you cannot do this. We have prepaid: Shore Tours Soda Cards Water Package Specialty Restaurants and Tips
  15. Kiwi_mum


    It is great to read so many positive replies for Labadee - Sandbar excursion... my husband and I have booked this one to do in September. Looking forward to it even more now.:)