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  1. I know I will have to email my PVP about this. We originally started by using one of our FCD's for an Alaska cruise in 2020. That, of course, was cancelled. We then were offered to transfer our FCD to the Sun that was sailing to Alaska in 2021 and we did. That cruise, of course, was cancelled. Then we were offered to transfer it to the Crown for July 2021 to Alaska. Okay, that it would be just a movement of an FCD to that cruise. Nope. For some unknown reason they made it in to an FCC. Now I want it put back in my FCD account as such. None of this gotta use this
  2. Well this was expected considering all the bad news lately in the US with covid risings. I was hoping the 3rd time would be the charm to go to Alaska but alas not. Guess we will have to find somewhere local to go to for a get away.
  3. I am a diabetic and there is quite a variety of foods for a vegetarian. Even on the main menu there are vegetarian options. The selections in the buffet is also pretty good. I have no problem doing a low carb diet while cruising.
  4. I am so confused by CDC's rulings. I am unable to do a 14 day cruise but if I would like to do a B2B for 14 days total well that's okay. Do I understand this correctly?? 🥺
  5. Well it looks like this information was not passed down to their PVP's. My PVP just let me know on Monday that our 14 day cruise on July 17, 2021 was good to go from the transfer of the cancelled Sun cruise. Oh...I guess I will just wait it out. Final payment not due until sometime in April 2021 and hoping by then this itinerary is good to go. Crossing fingers.
  6. Wish we could limit the amount of college students and snowbirds where we live but that would really impact our businesses. Would not want to see that happen anymore than Covid already has. If this becomes solid then they will have to adjust to the smaller income. I am okay with that if this is what they really want. I probably won't get to go there anyways unless its by cruise ship. I was a child the only time I visited the Keys back in the early 60's. We lived in Homestead and went down for a weekend as a family. I was a very quaint and peaceful place back t
  7. There are interactive boards around the ship that are for those who want to use them instead of a cell phone or tablet. Watch the video on the Princess website. It has good information about the Medallion and how it is used.
  8. Since we side tracked the original posters subject line about the Medallion, who thinks that in the next 20 years or so the Medallion would seem as absolute as the 10 cent pay phone? I have only take one Medallion cruise and it was a beta test on the Royal. As someone who is not afraid of technology I did not find it anymore intrusive than anything else technologic. Even if you do not want to carry your cell phone with you, there are "Medallion boards" that have what you need. I kind of found that interesting. I, for one, will be using my cell phone on the ship if not my table
  9. Interesting as my PVP said it would get transferred once the "credit department" take care of it. Hard to know who to believe.
  10. I really do not think that CCL forgot about that judge and the requirements that she would want. I am hoping that they are somewhat prepared for these requirements if not, then heads should roll if they thought this would be buried. While we are all on the latest news from Florida's judge, as I said, I am sure these issues have not been forgotten. Let's all hope that they abide by the ruling and take care of it correctly.
  11. When I would travel from home to college I would do the same type of call to my Mom so that she would know I got to my destination safely. She would then call me later to chat.
  12. I just tried it. 3 times. first answer was try again, second answer was try again and third answer was no. 🤨 Cruising in July was the question. Might as well flip a coin eh?
  13. The only time we experienced the Medallion was when it was in Beta mode on the Royal. We were given a card and the medallion. Never had to use the card. Some of the options of the medallion was not available to use. We could open our door and make purchases. That was about it. There was a lot of tweaking of the medallion while we were on that cruise. You could see the IT team with their heads together in the Horizon court at lunch time talking about work with their pads. I felt kind of sorry for them. What is funny, is that my husband who is much more into computers t
  14. Found it. Just had to click the right tab. It is under Captain's Circle - Circle Savings account. This is where your FCD's are listed. His expires 12/21. Oh well.
  15. I have gone to my husbands profile page and I do not see anything about his military status. They did give it to us on the last time we booked but as far as a expiration date I do not see it.
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