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  1. Thank you for doing this live review. You did a fantastic job! We too were on this cruise. The one thing we noticed (only because hubby takes photos) is that missing on the Patter was : Temperatures for the day high / low AND sunrise and sunset times. Hubby loves to take photos and it does affect our dinner plans. He had to call down to passenger services to get the information. Why that is no longer in the Patter we do not understand. Royal is a big ship but when on the last day the weather turned cold, it was very crowded inside.
  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We too were also on that cruise. First time on Royal. Not on the top of our preferred ship lists either. The entertainment was very good, the orchestra was phenomenal to say the least. First thing I noticed when on the Royal was how small the elevators were and how slow they were during the whole 7 days. We were in E404 - obstructed deluxe balcony. Could not easily open the sliding door so I did not get to sit out there much. Obviously it was out of alignment. I meant to say something to the steward but I forgot. I plan on doing a review on the observations we had.
  3. Totally agree about the bed. Steward had to put a topper on ours as my back was cramping. I hope Medallion works well on this current cruise.
  4. As far as I know of they are still Beta testing the medallion on the Royal. We will be boarding this Saturday. I put the apps on both mine and hubbys phone, just in case. I am concerned about his saying he lost his OBC and 250 minutes (I am assuming Platinum gift) I carry ALL the paperwork with me just so I can get whatever corrected. So far I have not had a problem. Now that I said it...**eek** 🤐
  5. DH and I downloaded the Medallion apps to our phone. Not sure exactly what to do and when I did try kept getting errors so we will wait until its time to board to do it. Yes!, YEs!, YES!!! Only 3 more work days left 😄
  6. Hmmmm...well he will just have to try something else while I have a calzone 😁
  7. Love that crown!! I might do a drive by on the pub crawl if hubby takes a nap.
  8. Thanks for doing the review! We will be on her this Saturday and I am so looking forward to experiencing this class of ship. Did you happen to try Alfredo's? I am looking forward to trying a calzone as I have not had one in many, many years. If the pizza is not thin crust I think my DH would like to try a good pizza. Neither one of us care for the pizza by the pool. Thin crust and flavor not that good.
  9. I posted that straight off the Princess web site. No where does it say that only some of the mocktails are covered. I got the hubby the soda and more package and if they start not specifying when you purchase the package then that is not right at all! Like all of us, I go on a cruise to unwind and not deal with "office stuff". I do that for in a real job already!!
  10. Indulge yourself with this premium Unlimited Soda & More Package, entitling you to unlimited fountain soft drinks, plus mocktails, juices, and complimentary hot chocolate throughout your cruise. Price includes service charge. Package excludes room service, must be purchased for full length of voyage, cannot be shared, is non-transferable, and is non-refundable within 3 days of sailing.
  11. We will be on Royal April 6th. I try really hard to not let negative or very positive posts affect me and our experiences. I have really been looking forward to being on the Royal. I hope that all the quirks are worked out. Thanks for posting.
  12. Good questions. I am wondering if it is like my car door. I push the unlock button on my key fob but do not open the door. After about 30 seconds the door will lock again without my doing anything.
  13. OP - Glad it all worked out for you. Thank you for taking the time to let us know the circumstances and outcome. I too get irritated by the low cost advertised and then when I get in there to reserve a cruise the $$ is different (usually higher). I believe having the lower cost up front does its job. It gets us interested in that particular cruise. Once we see that price is not available then we see how close we can get to that "offered" price.
  14. Great idea that could be placed next to the elevators or at the end of the halls.
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