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  1. greenie082756

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    I do believe that this is going to take awhile to get used to again. Change is hard.. 🙂 I'm patiently waiting for the end of this week. Hubby and I are going to San Diego (we started our married life there) for our 40th anniversary and we plan on going to Sea World and of course the zoo. Leave Friday and come back on Monday. We spent many years in San Diego because he was in the Navy and I look forward to seeing how much as changed since we were last there which was 1994. We will be staying in Mission Valley which is where I use to work BC (before children) in a family owned restaurant. Its been awhile since we did a road trip and this should be very relaxing for us. Its nice not to have to wake up at 4am to catch a 7am flight to LA to get on a cruise ship <grin>. As far as Princess food, and it is a personal taste bud adventure, I hope that when we go on the Royal next September it is not as bad as others have stated. Our last cruise with them, the food was good to fair. I do not think that there was any one dish that was outstanding. We are thinking of trying a different cruise line ~ either NCL or RC. Later..
  2. greenie082756

    Arizona Cruisers 2018

    Hello all, Like everyone else who is experiencing the new CC, I'm not sure if I like it either. I do not do well with change and that is a personality flaw for sure. I did no through CC withdrawals not being able to read cruising subjects. Well time to click away and see if I can set this up to be easier to read.