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  1. We had an August Alaska cruise booked and of course cancelled. I reserved it with our FCD which has not been returned to us as of yet and shows our cruise still live. Princess IT needs to cancel these cruises on line. Sheesh! Not until we get our FCD back from the cancelled cruise and the news is starting to look a bit more positive in the US, we will not be booking a cruise. If I had to guess, I would say that we should know by December where we all stand whether or not cruising will be going back to some kind of normalcy. I would love to book a cruise because that puts me in daydream mode. Right now I'm in the worried mode and do not like it. I do not think cruising will start up again in the US until 2021 early Spring. Just my thoughts.
  2. We too wanted to do this cruise as our retirement cruise but looks like 2022 before we do. Do I think it will happen? Probably with stipulations in place. No, I do not think it will be the same and possibly for the betterment for the customers I think. While they are attacking the COVID-19 it just might tackle the norovirus too. Crossing fingers.
  3. Just finished the series yesterday. I learned a few things I did not know. Totally enjoyable. Hope they do some more.
  4. Ask the CDC. They do not know either.
  5. Let see if I can get this back on subject. Yes, we too really want to cruise as well. Our Alaska cruise that was planned for this August was cancelled. Hubby and I glance at each other the other day and its like he can read my mind. He says, "I know, I want to take a cruise too." Wow. My heart aches to sail. We know that maybe we might be cruising sometime next year if the planets align. Like many, we are in our mid 60's and know its got to be safe for us to go. Let's all hope its soon.
  6. The first time I had Curtis Stone's Chicken and Leek pot pie was a memorable impression indeed. I went online to see if I could find the recipe but alas not. I will try again. The other memorable dish was the first time I had Beef Wellington. I had never tasted it before and it was really good. There has only been one meal in 7 cruises that was not up to par and the waiter was not surprised by my not eating the dish. Other than that, I find the dishes served in the MDR pretty good.
  7. We had a two FCD's expire April 15th. Yesterday they were credited to the credit card. Now, waiting for the FCD we used to reserve Alaska cruise to be put back in the reserves. June 9th was the final payment date which was originally May 9th. They are getting there just taking a bit longer than it should.
  8. Nice post and most avid cruisers totally understand what you are feeling as we all are. I think about cruising daily. We were suppose to go see Alaska this August alas not happening. We are in the group of "wait and see" before booking another cruise in 2021. I have a lot marked that I think we would like to do but right now its just a wish list. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I am currently on Season 3. There are some things I have learned about being on a Princess ship that I did not know. In some its seems its the "Timothy Show". He is a character however more needs to be shown about the ship and what goes on that is no always visible. I do enjoy watching it though because taking a cruise has been shelfed for now 🤨
  10. We are in the wait and see group. This whole situation is new to everyone. A lot of frustration going around on both sides. It breaks my heart to know that I can not even dream about a booked cruise until after next January - March 2021. I am hoping that soon monies will be returned to those who should get it back. We only had a FCD applied to our Alaska cruise however since it was in August we have not seen any difference yet. Patience is being used as I know we are near the bottom of that very long list of customers who want their refund.
  11. We have a FCD on our cancelled cruise. It is what I thought. Do nothing and they will take care of it. I am surprised though that they will not put it back as a FCD instead of FCC. I know it more money for us to apply to our next cruise and that's a good thing. So, I will sit and wait. BTW, never got an email from Princess and I did a direct booking myself. Not worried. What I have not seen is an expired FCD in April sent back as a credit to my CC. I know I need to give them time to sort this all out, just wondering like everyone else, how long?
  12. I can not imagine how I would be having to stay in one place and not go home to see my family and friends during this crisis. With that stated, I wish for all of you that are still on ships, good health. You ( crew) are all being thought of and we do care. Hoping and praying this crisis is resolved soon so you may be relieved of your duties so you may go home even if its just for a short time.
  13. @Steelers36 = I had one FCD that expired April 14th this year. I do not see it on the list anymore and I have as of yet not seen a credit to my credit card. Would you happen to have and idea how long this would take? I know that Princess is busy paddling away taking care of issues but it seems to me that this would be kind of automatic. Have you experienced this situation?
  14. DH and I are just going to wait and see what the future holds. We love cruising and like everyone else I am hurting for a cruise vacation. When I first heard and read about the possibility of not allowing those with chronic conditions on a ship my thoughts were this is just preliminary. The first few months that the cruise lines start up again I would expect a much more stringent boarding process. The reason being is that nobody knows what the limits of this virus is and I agree that those with chronic diseases might just want to wait and see what happens. The form from what I understand should stay current. The old paper forms that we all had to fill out were a joke. Now that they will scan us for fever I feel better that those boarding will be healthier than before - maybe. I do not have a problem with being scanned for a temperature or filling out the health form. I myself am a managed Type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I also have some other issues that have been managed by shots and pills. Because I know that it is very important that I have my medications to keep it managed I make sure I carry and extra 2 weeks past the disembarkation day. I think once this all starts up again it will be acceptable to most everyone.
  15. I just went into my personalizer to see if ours for Aug. 8th on the Golden has not been removed yet. What did change was the final payment date from May to June. I really which they would update all those that have been cancelled so we don't assume its still on. Like you, I only had a FCD deposit applied to the booking. I am thinking that they are working on the cruises that were earlier before they get to ours.
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