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  1. Looking forward to hearing how this is going on. We have never been on the Grand. We will be hopefully in April to Hawaii. I will be following! Thank you for doing this.
  2. We had a suitcase damaged. Handle was broken off. We had to hunt for out suitcase as well which should of made me aware that it got pulled out of line for that reason. We spoke with someone, filled out the paperwork and by the time I got home I said it wasn't worth the trouble even though I had Princess insurance. The suitcase is still usable.
  3. Well I just think they went about this backwards. Should of updated and improved the online Personalizer and then worked on all the sections of the Medallion Class. Even though we were all aware of what the Medallion would / could possible do to your experience in cruising, I don't think we were expecting these changes. Lets hope that those that do not want to deal with the app on their phone will be happier once the personalizer goes back to what it was.
  4. Trying to enlarge photo of ingredients. Not able to. Malibu coconut rum, midori and what else? Having difficult reading ~ does look appetizing!
  5. @geoherb Your live experience and reporting was very nice! Thank you for doing this. I have been following all the live reporting in hopes as time goes by things will get better by the time DH and I finally (after 27 months) get to cruise again.
  6. Because of possible allergic reactions, I always carry Benadryl with me. I take it with me in my cruises as well. I do not have any food allergies (yet) but have had reactions to medications. I have met many with severe food allergies and I honestly do not know how they do it on a cruise other than to go over the menu with the manager of the restaurant.
  7. @HaveDogWillTraveland the other contributors that were on this cruise. THANK YOU! Some of my questions were answered and even though we are not cruising until next April I will be watching (reading) all the lives until then. I am sure the MC is going to evolve and grow. Again, this was a wonderful read and thank you 🙂
  8. I've done it as well. Called Princess customer service and explained that I only want to do the deposit and voila no problem. Charges reversed.
  9. What I found interesting on one of their Medallion Mondays on YouTube was that they said if there was something you wanted or needed an employee would be happy to assist you. So, lets say you want a cocktail and don't want to use your phone or one of the many big interactive screens to order it, you can ask an employee to do that for you. Hmmm... We are not cruising again until next Spring so I will continue to read the comments here as time goes on and people are actually on board and their experiences.
  10. In this instance I can see why it would not be logical to do it this way. If I remember correctly, when a passenger travel solo their fare is doubled?
  11. As far as the specialty coffee card (added to your medallion) the issue for me is having to count how many I have left or asking how many do I have left? This I have done and I do not want to leave money on the table (so to speak) and buy and extra card only to use 1/2 of it. It does not carry over to the next cruise like the old coffee cards. Its one and done.
  12. I am so glad they had this option of the Plus fare. Seems logical to prepay in the fare and have a more relaxing cruise. I do not have to worry so much about how much each soda, specialty coffee, glass of wine(or 2), margarita is going to cost. I figured it out that my daily drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) came to about $40 a day. We would get the coffee card and would have to figure out how many a day we could use without using them all up before the cruise was over (we take longer cruises). We use to always get cases of bottled water and now we do not have to. Gratuities are usually taken out of our OBC and now we can use that money for Princess overpriced excursions. 😏WIFI was 250 minutes for each of us as Platinum cruisers and I usually bought extra because I like to play games online. Our first cruise is not until April 2022 to Hawaii using the Plus option. Looking forward to using it and hopefully by then cruising will be back to normal.
  13. I personally like the Plus package ($40 daily chg). I drink specialty coffees (3-4 a day), sometimes an afternoon cocktail by the pool, bottled water or soda, an evening cocktail before dinner and a glass or 2 of wine with dinner. That alone is about $30 - 40 a day. Even if I did not have cocktails and just coffee, water and sodas that would be about $20 in beverages. Gratuities and wifi included would be about $25 a day. I like playing certain games online because it relaxes me. So I like the unlimited internet so I don't have to pay extra. So not having the 250 free minutes as a platinum member to me has never been a big deal. I can use that up rather quickly in a few days. Having the gratuities in the package as well is a good thing. Three things that are extra charges that have been applied against our OBC that are wrapped up in a package works for us. We can now use that OBC for excursion and any purchases that fancies my eyes. JMHO
  14. This might become a possibility. They create tags at the airport when checking luggage so I do not see why not at the port? It is a possibility.
  15. Oh my! What a poor response about luggage tags. Someone needs to listen before speaking. Luggage tags = paper print out to attach to luggage.
  16. We love the longer cruises. We find that doing nothing is just as good as doing something on this cruise to Hawaii. We have done this cruise twice and plan on it again next April on the Grand. You will enjoy it as everyone is so happy and relaxed.
  17. You have the option of either charging it to your cabin or putting in cash. I personally take cash and if I run out and want to play a bit more I charge it to the room. Then later, I will take the cash I have brought with me and pay the charged amount because I really do not like having a balance on our account. It is so easy to spend it in the casino when all you have to do is push the right buttons and its charged to your account. Be careful!
  18. I do put comments on their YouTube and Facebook page. I think they are listening but they are being so politically correct the answers are soft.
  19. I am one of those that does not do to well with changes. This is a change that we all have to find our way through and Princess needs to do more videos and dummy them down to help those who feel lost. My old boss had me read a book called: Who moved my cheese? It is an excellent explanation on how we deal with changes with our different personalities. I think that this is how a lot of us feel even though Princess for the last 2+ years has told us this was coming. Chees has been moved again and we must find our way together 🙂
  20. I have been watching these "info" videos about the Medallion. Last one was a fluff show. BTW, first subject out ~ you do not have to have your phones or tablets with you to navigate Medallion. You can use the big screens OR (I laughed at this one) get an employee to assist you if you want to lets say order something from the store onboard. Sigh. I am just wondering how many extra crew they have to have in order to fulfill their promises? Or are the crew going to be doing so much extra "stuff" to help the customers? I do hope this works out but I doubt it. Our cruise is not until April 2022 so by then I am sure there will be updates and changes to Medallion with "improvements". Just my 2 cents.
  21. That is what I was thinking when I heard that.
  22. I have been watching the videos and they make it look too easy. For all of us who have not done a medallion cruise this will be a learning lesson. Its nice the show the comforts of this but I am one of those who says "I will believe it when I see it". I downloaded the app onto my phone and it has listed a cruise that was cancelled a long time ago. If that is any example of how well this programming is going to work, I am not impressed yet.
  23. Well I just tried again since 2 days ago and now they have a notification stating they are having issues and to please be patient. At least they put in on their web page.
  24. Well I downloaded the app and well imagine that! I could log in to the Princess website. I think this is what they are trying to get everyone to do.
  25. Well lets hope the electronic version will have improved. Seems Princess is having all kinds of issues right now 😞
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