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    Vista any time dining for diamond

    Off the Vista yesterday. Saw none of this, and had nothing in the cabin that indicated I could skip the regular check-in process for YTD. Went to Java Blue at about 7:45 to eat dinner. Was given a pager and had to wait in line just like everyone else. There were only 17 diamonds on the ship. FYI - NOT complaining. Just stating my experience.
  2. aggieastrosfan

    Sail and Sign Cards Defined

    You'll be gold the entire cruise. Congrats! :) Meredith Sent from my iPad
  3. Make the final payment with your card and get the 3,200 points. That'll give you about 23,200 points. Then go online and apply the points as a partial redemption to that transaction. (You can use the 3,200 points you just earned on the transaction, and turn around and apply them to the same transaction as a reward.) That should give you a $348 statement credit. Best use of your points on this card! Meredith Sent from my iPad
  4. My apologies, didn't mean to try and save you any money by presenting a better alternative. Won't happen again. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  5. When you redeem your points towards a Carnival transaction of at least $1,500, your redemption rate is 1.5% - i.e., those 100,000 points are now worth $1,500. If you redeem those same points towards a transaction under $1,500, the redemption rate is only 1%. The best rate of return on the Carnival card is to redeem points towards a transaction of at least $1,500. And you can do partial redemption - if your S&S bill was for $1,700, and you have 20,000 points, you can redeem those points towards a $300 statement credit against that $1,700 transaction. Those same points are only worth $200 against a $1,400 transaction. Wait for the $1,500 transaction to redeem points! And don't cash in for OBC - redeem against the purchase after the fact instead, you have six months after the transaction date to redeem them. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  6. Redeem them against a Carnival transaction of at least $1,500. Then your points will be worth $300 instead of $200. ETA - you can do partial redemptions, you don't have to wait until you can redeem for the entire $1,500. Just redeem them against a single transaction of at least $1,500. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  7. I do this all the time. I don't take any cash with me for the casino, I just use the player's bank. Of course, I play slots and tables, so I've never had a problem with my account getting locked. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  8. aggieastrosfan

    Steakhouse reservations

    Got a response the next day when I booked the Magic steakhouse earlier this week. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  9. aggieastrosfan

    Carnival Gift Card - 10% Bonus Offer

    [quote name='Cruise-Crazy']I wonder if you get double points on the Carnival CC like other Carnival purchases?[/QUOTE] Sure do! Done this several times in the past. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  10. aggieastrosfan

    Port of Galveston closed

    [quote name='cdamion']I have not cruised out of Texas before. Somebody told me they couldn't start serving liquor until you were out of Texas waters because of some state law. Same with gambling in state waters.[/QUOTE] Only liquor bought from a Texas distributor can be used in Texas for making drinks. So my guess is they buy just enough too keep everyone happy until in international waters. But there is most definitely liquor served in Galveston. Before noon. The noon rule on Sundays applies to beer and wine sales at grocery stores, but not individual drinks. Those have always been available before noon in restaurants, and on cruise ships. Meredith Sent from my iPad
  11. I'm surprised no one's commented on the potential big issue here, that this also now gives them a way to enforce the stricter Texas laws on the amount of liquor you can bring in. Per federal government, you can only bring in one liter per person duty free, and pay duty tax on the rest (should they choose to, of course), but in Texas it's one liter PERIOD. You can't just pay the extra taxes to bring more home. Sent from my iPad
  12. I used to be amazed that this never happened to me. I always searched cruise prices, and put my PG# in the box when searching. I've booked 1 cruise through a PVP, and the other 20 are probably split between TA and online/on board booking (no longer use TAs). A couple of years ago, when I went to look at my profile, I noticed that for some reason they have me living somewhere in MN, and the phone number in my profile is one I've never seen before. It used to be correct, but seeing as how I never get snail mail from them (I do get emails), and I NEVER get phone calls, the only thing I could conclude is that this incorrect info in my profile is preventing them from contacting me. I've actually changed it twice, but it never stuck so I gave up trying to change it. The upside is being able to browse at will and never get those annoying phone calls. The point to my story is - maybe put a dummy phone number in your profile? What else would they need your number for? You have a chance to change it during online check-in - sure, I have to change it every time, but once I change it for check-in, it does stay. Never once had a sales phone call from Carnival, ever - after 21 cruises. I recommend changing the phone number on your profile and see if that stops the calls. Sent from my iPad
  13. aggieastrosfan

    Balcony door slammers! Argh u raised in a barn?

    On the Magic in August our cabin door had actually been modified to not slam shut. We loved it as we didn't have to constantly worry about accidentally slamming the door. Unfortunately, not all of the doors around us had the same feature, though there were others that did. Meredith Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. aggieastrosfan

    Here is NEW Dining Info.

    I need to see the menus before I decide whether these are good changes or not. JH posted on FB that WCMC will still be around. Sent from my iPad
  15. aggieastrosfan

    Possibly Helpful Player's Club Info

    This matches what I was told also. The 1000 is only for shorter cruises though. For 7 day cruises, you need 1500. Sent from my iPad