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  1. cruisine21

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    I thought they only honoured price drops before final payment
  2. Thanks. We are on the Majestic in 2 weeks so will definitely visit this cafe.
  3. I heard that there is no excess for missed port claims with Insure & Go
  4. cruisine21

    Hiring a car in Tauranga for the day

    We are also planning on going to the Polyesian spa on the way back from Hobbiton. None of the ship tours do both
  5. cruisine21

    Hiring a car in Tauranga for the day

    I’ve booked a car with Rite Price rentals. They have a shuttle that picks up up from the dock.
  6. cruisine21

    Princess move over offer

    Husband just called Princess but there are no 3 berth cabins available
  7. We are booked on the Majestic Princess sailing to NZ on 25th Jan with 3 adults in the cabin. We received a move from a balcony cabin to an inside plus 100% of the fare back as refundablebe OBC plus dining package for 2. There is no way we would spend that much OBC. I’m guess if you don’t spend it all you don’t get any back as cash or do you? We prefer natural light and it might be squashy with 3 adults.
  8. cruisine21

    No More TA.

    My niece is a TA but when I booked with her a few years ago I discovered she was more expensive than the cruise line.
  9. Agree. I would never drink the 6 drinks a day to make it worthwhile. Some days I don’t drink any
  10. cruisine21

    Ovation of the seas

    We were in 13526 which had clear views. There was no ship movement either even though it was a forward cabin.
  11. cruisine21

    Online hotel booking also folds

    And it’s not just older people people using them. I see a lot of younger people in the agents in my local shopping centre.
  12. I agree the markets at the dock are very good. The handmade jewellery is very popular with the ladies.
  13. cruisine21

    Ovation in Sydney 28 Nov

    The band Let There Be AC/DC posted on FB that they missed the ship because Qantas decided that their guitars and equipment was too heavy to fly to Sydney.
  14. cruisine21

    Ovation in Sydney 28 Nov

    We missed Joff on our Singapore to Sydney cruise.
  15. cruisine21

    Ovation entertainment

    Bon Jovi Experience was on Singapore to Sydney. The same guys departed the ship in Fremantle and got back on in Adelaide as a different band. I’ve forgotten which one.