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  1. I just found an error on the 1Cover website. On the website it says it’s 90 days for pre existing medical conditions but in the PDS it’s 12 months. Even though you should always read the PDS I find it very misleading.
  2. I went to a Market Research group recently. The NSW State Government are considering doing away with stamp duty on property purchases. They will instead bring in a property tax based on the value of a property which can be paid off in a lump sum or quarterly like council. If quarterly is chosen and the property is sold the buyer will continue to pay property tax.
  3. Cunard provided free shuttle buses into Cairns. Catamarans were used for tendering which made it quite quick.
  4. My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 48. Sadly it spread and she passed away. My uncle had melanoma and had the all clear. 15 years later they discovered a 30cm tumour on his brain and he was gone in less than 2 months.
  5. My neighbour has a caravan. They previously had a motor home. The caravan hasn’t moved from the driveway for a couple of years.
  6. Some car hire places don’t allow their cars on the Bruny Island ferry so taking your own would be an advantage
  7. My parents paid for my brother’s wedding. I have no idea how much it cost.
  8. Was that Tuesday of this week or last week? I applied last Friday and I’m still waiting
  9. Thanks. There’s a TA in Port Mac who has some good prices on packages but I’m hesitant to use an agent.
  10. We are planning to go to Norfolk Island next year. A lot of the accomodation places include car hire and insurance
  11. I’ve just received the refund message. We get back $645. I wouldn’t use them again either.
  12. We took out our Insure and Go annual policy in July last year but we didn’t get an email with an offer of refund
  13. I think a lot of people who have bookings will end up cancelling with these rules.
  14. I think it’s going to be difficult to get travel insurance
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