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  1. I printed the completed screen and the To Do List with a line through it, just in case. Never know what kind of gremlins could mess with Carnival's website.
  2. I went to see my offers for Carnival and saw that they are still showing me sailing for tomorrow (I would love to get out of the house and do, under different circumstances). Anyone else have cancelled cruises still showing?
  3. My wife, DD and I are suppose to be on the Liberty 4/10, but I saw that all of April's cruises have been pulled. Yet, my cruise countdown shows 16 days. I keep checking my email, but nothing yet. I wonder if Carnival is getting their ships ready to be used as hospital spaces (per their offer to assist).
  4. I'm wondering if anyone else was going to be sailing on Carnival's first day back (hopefully). On a side note, does anyone know what the cruise lines are doing for their crews while the ships are idle? Stay safe everyone!
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