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  1. Disney is a great line and I think it is worth the extra money and when we can afford it, we'll do it again. With that said, there has been nothing wrong with Carnival (can't wait to get on another one of their ships)! We enjoy it almost as much Disney! With Disney, we were not able to do all the activities we wanted to do because there was so much to do, until 11 pm, that is. Carnival had the better nightlife. Regardless of what you choose, remember, the best cruise is the one that you are currently on!
  2. We're thinking about those above us and hope they have listened to their State Emergency people. Forecasters said we would not get too much where we live in NC (about 70 miles from the coast), but it has been windy and rainy enough for over 24 hours to cause some power outages and some branches (and trees in some are areas) to come down. Please take this seriously if you are in the path of Irene, as there have been 5 people who have already died.
  3. Thanks for all the info! That's why we love you guys!!!
  4. It has been a while since we have been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman and we cannot remember if we need to take a cab at either port or if the ship docks near the shopping areas. If anyone has been recently please let us know. Thanks.
  5. I was in Charleston a few years ago for a US Women's soccer game and love the city! It really is a nice place!
  6. Maybe Wilmington, NC will try for Carnival if they have to leave SC.
  7. Bernard's Tours is the way to go (we've used them twice). It's the only way to go, IMO! Have fun what ever you chose!
  8. In the summer, we have booked a few days before a ship leaves and have not paid very much at all. We really don't care where the cabin is or it's category (or most of the time, where the ship is going), as we just use it to sleep and shower. I guess we'll ask someone on board our next cruise how they got a last minute call, if we run in to anyone else. (Hope this make sense, as I am starting to get a migraine)
  9. My wife and I are getting ready for our Summer Break and have often wondered how some people get calls from the cruiselines for last minute cruises (i.e., get a call on a Tuesday/Wednesday, on board on Friday). Any answers would be great!
  10. We board our cat and rabbit at our vet ($10 for cat/ $9 for rabbit (they say she's a pocket pet)). The cat knows when we our getting ready to cruise, as she hides the moment she sees the suitcase!
  11. Go with the Buffet! It has everything you would get with the plate. Come to think of it, since I have been here the past 6 years, I can think of no one who has ever just bought a plate! Enjoy!
  12. On WMBFTV.com, have changed the story from last night and now state that everything appears to be OK (Charleston-based cruise ship appears free of virus-http://www.wmbfnews.com/Global/story.asp?S=12194391). I'm sorry for any confusion caused, I was only stating what the News here had said.
  13. Parrothead1, Fuller's BBQ is where you want to go! I have eaten BBQ all over and this is one of my favorites! It's off I95, exit 20, on the west side of the highway. If you hit Kmart, you went the wrong way! They even have a website (http://www.fullersbbq.com).
  14. I haven't heard or read anything else about Mercury today. I know that sometimes, WMBF gets stories wrong, though they had stated twice yesterday afternoon that people were ill again for a 4th sailing. I was only trying to relay what I had saw on the News, just in case someone was getting ready to go this weekend. If they saying anything else on the news tonight, I'll post it.
  15. The 5pm News here is saying that there are passengers that are sick again on the Mercury (WMBFTV.com or www2.counton2.com). I feel bad for the crew and passengers if it's true...
  16. Does anyone know if parking is free at any of the above mentioned hotels?
  17. I'd like to see what the "Big 2" make, esp. on their mega ships.
  18. There's a new cruise show on now. Not sure what ship or line, though.
  19. debkjw, I am a Special Needs teacher at the High School level (self contained, have my kids all year long for all of their High School years) and what you just wrote and did for that couple put a smile not only on their faces (I'm sure it did), but on mine as well! I know that I can speak for those who work with special needs people by saying Thank You for helping them on your cruise!
  20. On DW and mine first cruise (honeymoon), we learned that the toilet sounds like you're firing a torpedo when you flush it. I still remember hearing a loud noise from the restroom and my wife running out, saying we needed to call the "Front Desk" (purser's desk) and let them know that our toilet was broken. We laugh about that now 'till this very day!
  21. They could have showed "Poseidon Adventure"!
  22. As a person who considers Anchorage "home" (can't wait to move back!), I say if you can if you can stay a day or two (or more!) then do so. Try the Sourdough Mining Company,the Peanut Farm, or my favorite, Phyllis's Cafe& Salmon Bake if you want good food! As for flights out of Ted Stevens (ANC), a lot of flights out are red eyes to the to lower 48. I have done the train from Anchorage to Seward (bus back from Seward) before and I know that sometimes the train is not on time due to stopping for wildlife on track. By the way, if you stay in Seward for awhile before heading to Anchorage, try the Sealife Center. Hope no one thinks I hijacked the thread, I just want people to have a good time visiting "home" and want to tell people places the "locals" like. Enjoy your cruise!
  23. In the past, DW and I didn't really figure gas in to our cruise trips. Now we HAVE to add this in to our cruise. All that extra gas money has also made us take a shorter cruise than we would like. We are not complaining, though. We know that we blessed that we are able to do this, as there are many who are struggling to make it day to day.
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