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  1. Are you on the Majestic? If so, were you on port or starboard side? Curious because we are in D727 on Nov.6th but so far we haven't heard anything about a change.
  2. Sapphire is our favorite ship. Spent 10 days on her to Mexico and 28 days to Tahiti. However we will be boarding our first Royal Class ship in 3 weeks so we will see how we feel after that.
  3. Just got the same email regarding a cruise for Oct. 2022, no reference to the 2 cruises prior to that. Go figure.
  4. OMG - thank you for this, so helpful. I will be making contact with these people.
  5. Apologies in advance for this question as I know the answer is on this board somewhere, but the Search function is not easy to use. I really need to send an email to Customer Relations and/or higher ups. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Apologies upfront because I know this info is somewhere on this board, but unfortunately the Search function here is horrible. Anyway, need to send email to Customer Relations (or higher level if possible. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  7. People currently on board the Majestic are reporting the Bistro Sur La Mer is operational. We have reservations for our 1st night - Nov.6th. Reservation does not show up any longer, so we will just hope it still exists in the Princess servers and we will have no problem once onboard.
  8. Good to know. Now we will just Ross our fingers that we still have a reservation even though it no longer shows on the app.
  9. Trying to make reservations for weekly pass to Enclave and pay with Princess Gift Card but only gives option to pay with cc or PayPal. Any workarounds?
  10. Someone is doing a "live from" the Majestic now. I asked if she could check on what is going on with Bistro Sur La Mer. We had a reservation for first night (Nov 6th) but it has disappeared and doesn't come up as an option for booking any more.
  11. Can you check out what is going on with Bistro Sur La Mer. It is not showing for any bookings.
  12. Try researching CovidClinic test sites. If you have a car they have a few locations within 20 or so miles of Long Beach/ San Pedro. It is pricey at $129 per person for a Rapid Antigen test but you get results in an hour.
  13. Ummm yummm - I am with you there.
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