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  1. Has anybody used Royal Caribbean Travel Protection booked with TA through RCI. This was for a 3/29 cruise and we have not received a refund for the insurance for our cancelled cruise. Anybody else have this problem?
  2. We received our port charges, taxes and fees returned to the credit card last week for a 3/29 Oasis cruise. My TA cancelled 2 hours before RC announced the shut down and they will not give us the 125% FCC because we cancelled 2 hours early. All I want is my $ back before that becomes an issue. Has anybody been refunded the Royal Vacation Protection Plan? This wasn't our first RC cruise but it well may be our last.
  3. We paid for our cruise and the travel insurance at the same time with RCI, we asked for a FCC which they messed up. My sister asked for a refund and I asked for FCC, they gave her the FCC and me the refund but I have not received any money and neither have received the insurance, port charges, taxes and fees either. Kind of sorry I asked for FCC at this point since it is in her name and who knows if they will ever get it corrected.
  4. Spoke with my TA and she said 60-90 days for refunds to start coming in. I chose FCC and when they sent me a confirmation they only were giving back 100% so she was trying to get through to them to change it to 125%. She also said the taxes and fees, port charges should be returned in a check. Who knows, nothing like this has happened before, very sad situation for all of us.😢
  5. We were on the 29th Oasis cruise but have cancelled. We also purchased the RCI insurance and have not heard from TA anything about not getting a refund or at least a credit for the policy. Orville99 do you know this from RCI directly or it is just your opinion?
  6. I kind of remember that there is a website that tells you where your ship will dock at each port, and how many ships will be in port that day. Am I dreaming this?
  7. We have been to PR before but never the Bacardi factory, is it worth the $52 pp with the ship or should we try and find another group to go with. Not to adventurous a group of 4 so we wouldn't do it on our own to save $. Any other suggestions for things to do around the port, have been to the fort, rainforest and toured the city.
  8. I am sure this has been asked and answered but here goes again, are there porters in the RCI terminal that will take your luggage from the garage? I read somewhere on this forum that there are no porters and you will have to take your luggage into the terminal yourself. My brother in law has some stability issues and might not be able to take his own bag without help.
  9. I am sure this has been addressed but felt the need to ask again. Cruising on Oasis 3/29 out of Miami and would like to park at the garage closest to the ship. My sister went on website for the port and it said only 10 spaces left for that cruise date. I thought you could not make a reservation to park at the garage and that there is plenty of space for anybody that needs it. We have a 12:30 embarkation time and I think maybe we should arrive earlier just to be sure we get a space. Am I getting to anxious or will the parking at the port be available. We need a handicap space if that is possible too. Thanks
  10. Had the same problem trying to make reservations for 2 parties on Oasis. Gave up and called RCI customer service and spoke with Pablo who was very helpful. What I found was we chose my time dining and we have reservations for 2 and the other 2 will just show up at the same time. The earliest I could make a reservation for was 8:15 so hope we can show up early, maybe have to wait a bit and then get in. Hope this helps.
  11. Has anybody been in this cabin? I have a CPAP and need an outlet close to the bed and wondering if there are refrigerators in the rooms. Pix would be great, thanks in advance.
  12. So I guess from what everybody is saying you should bring your own if that is what you like in your coffee🤣
  13. We were on Brilliance last year out of Tampa and used park connect and it was great, $35.00 for a week no problems. Husband dropped 3 of us off with bags and he went to park, we got in line and he walked across street and met us, couldn't be easier.
  14. Is the $25.00 per day parking closer than the $22.00 day parking, is this special parking for RCI ship cruisers?
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